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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

stitching graphics

this is a graphic i showed you in this previous post (recent Album of Robert plant)...
i thought i would choose one of my walnut dyes as Background.
size of the patch is about 15x15cm

Friday, August 21, 2015


another Jeans Piece is ready
(well, except filling some of the circles/spaces with fabric, later...)
it is the one with the moose:

and after the ravens, the bears and the moose will come:
the wolves
already stenciled and started stitching...

Thursday, August 20, 2015

robert plant celebrating his 67th birthday today.
but his stage acts show everything but a man in advanced years.
i only can relate to the write-ups of music journalists - i had not the fortune to visit his live Performances personally... but they all write in the same Tenor: he still has incredible energy, is not stuck to the old times when he started at led Zeppelin (though These Songs still Play an important role in his acts), still has a wonderful voice and is very charismatic. he is one of my favorite singers and one of the best in the rolling Stone Magazine best-of-alltime leadsingers´ list.
in led zep times he created his Symbol, the encircled feather:
"Robert Plant's symbol uses the feather of Ma'at, the Egyptian goddess of justice and fairness. It is the emblem of a writer. In the past Plant has said that it comes from the ancient Mu civilization."
(info from here)
i stitched this Symbol onto one of my rusted cotton patches (do no ask what i will use it for ... time will show...)
one of plant´s Advantages is that he doesn´t like standstill. he is always looking for new musical experiences and has an incredible flexibility. i totally loved his collaboration with alison krauss "raising sand", which is in my cd-player frequently (and visiting friends often ask: what do we hear now?)
and his newest cd "lullaby and... the ceaseless roar" (with the band sensational space shifters) is the one i got from my sons for my birthday - and i really like it, too.
and hey, just look at the phantastic graphics of this cd, swooning...

now i wish you a happy birthday, Robert Plant, so young at heart! 

Sunday, August 16, 2015

3 in a row

the three rows were made by brayering leftover acrylic paints on a Piece of Cotton.
then i started stitching to my hearts desire.
i thought i might make it a wall hanging and include some photos of my children.
so far you see only placeholders (old ebay photos), as i want to turn some old ones from my sons into black and White and add them here with buttonhole stitches.

some closer Details of the stitches:

i think about hanging the fabric from a twig cut off our apple tree.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

audrey hepburn

our "leader of the gang" (i.e. our stamping Group) is a big fan of Audrey Hepburn.
for her round birthday i made her two flags. the stencils (about a5 size) are from the stencil Studio.
ATC: sitting Audrey_the stampsmith, compass rose_stempelmine
and what the current heatwave is good for:
dyed things dry very fast outside, so i rusted some glasses-cleaning-papers and i took some walnut Shells (the dryed outer Shell, to be exact - the one that was green before)... boiled them with a Little water and let White Cotton soak it up:

the rusted papers were ironed in the laminator.

the walnut Cloth becomes lighter with every Charge, but i like the dark toned first ones as well as the lighter ones... each will find its Destination...

Monday, August 10, 2015

just in time

so many things happen "just in time"...
delipaper scraps and stamping

ripped this one out of a kalle anka (swedish Donald duck) booklet: the nephews just escaped the Headhunters;)
[Translation: Headhunters: they did not go into our trap! now we will round them up! --- nephews: they look bloodthirsty. shush! not that loud! ... my swedish is from the 70ies and i hope i translated right;)]
who/which are your Headhunters, trying to catch you??
[know i recently escaped one. just in time!]
linked to ajj

Sunday, August 09, 2015

...and it never stops

i scribbled a lot of thoughts about time on this page, varying the directions, it was not intended to be read by others (and as half of it is covered by the Picture it is illegible anyway).
the word "time" is stamped with an Alpha from ma Vinci.
(btw, ma Vinci is back with its wonderful stamps. the new address is:
for the Picture i took a photo i made last September, altered it to almost b/w and wrote words onto it which i stiched with red yarn.
now, what is it that never stops for you?
put your own thinking cap on;)
linked to ajj´s theme "time" 

Friday, August 07, 2015

time 4 me

i suppose there are not many other words that are part of quotes as "time" is...
so i´m making a new Journal for this theme especially,
and having joy filling it i call it "time 4 me".
on the craftpaper cover i stenciled some clocks and used old leftover and stamped deli-paper to glue on the upper part. then printed ledger paper for the title (the number was already in the stencil).
and i want to Show you the present i got from my collegues for my retirement:
isn´t it gorgeous??!! the farewell Party was very emotional...

i´m linking this cover to ajj and hope to get some pages in it filled along the month.

Wednesday, August 05, 2015

sewing and stitching retreat

i spent four wonderful days in bad aibling - the weather was a bit rainy on the first two days, but really hot then. too hot for me to go outside (more than 30°c)
my sewing pals are way better than i am with the machine, so i decided not to take my machine with me and concentrate on my stitching stuff - this way i could avoid lots of packing.
mainly i took two sorts of Cloth with me: rusted pieces and an old blue/white tablecloth, which one day had gotten a large rip and was stored away on the attic. now i rediscovered it and thought it might be a good matching Partner for the rust Color.
i had stenciled (and some of them stitched) patches before at home,
and one of them found its place on the cover of a needle book
(handstitched only):
my next handsewing Projects are unfinished:
the cuff with the blue cheesecloth will get some more things added, which i didn´t have with me...
and this will become a camera-band to Hang around the neck.
stiched round elements in various blues and then red stars and knots (all together a bit cosmos-like) onto the rusted fabric.
now i must pad it and sew it together:
this Little bag also is sewn with the same Cloth, but here a Zipper is added by machine sewing (which dear Sarah ♥♥♥ made for me).
i will add a stripe of something at the staggered bottom.

on monday we went to a fabric shop and i couldn´t resist this Jersey... had to buy it for a Loop. being not sure my machine at home can handle this streching Cloth Edith helped me out sewing along for me.
(big hugs to my helpers! ♥♥♥)
in between i sometimes just stitched on my bears-jeans. which i almost finished (some more Little Details at the Color elements might be added)

not to Forget the wonderful meals we had... swooning...
 i should have photographed from the beginning, but i can only Show you the dinner i Chose on tuesday, which was
"alpine cuisine" (roasted Zucchini, melanzane [eggplant], potatoes, vine tomatoes - wonderfully spiced)
and as Dessert:
diced strawberries with coconut icecream, poppy seed mousse, White rolled chocolate, pepper...