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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

when september ends...

Songtext from green day here
photos by myself: the cobwebs in the morning dew, the clouds that are clipped behind the text (font brush up too)
the framing texture from shadowhouse makes it a bit dull, but that was apt to the theme, i think.
the challenge this week at 3-muses is "Music"

Monday, September 28, 2015

the moon this past night...

(4.11 - 5.24 o´clock - total eclipse in northern europe)
harvest moon is the term for full moon closest to the autumnal equinox;
 this year’s Harvest Moon will present the closest and largest full moon of the year;
This year’s Harvest Moon qualifies as a supermoon because the moon turns full about one hour after reaching lunar perigee – the moon’s closest point to Earth for the month
if living near the coastline you could watch an extra high/low Tide
(i regret i don´t)
and if you want to know more about the term blood moon lunar eclipse, click here.
writing this post i don´t know if my Alarm clock will ring in time and i will bring up the energy to get up... but anyway my camera is not good enough to take the Event properly.
so i´m glad the german Astronauts´ page provides a photo to download, which i took for my creation:

harvest moon... here in this hot year especially the harvest of the Grapes was extra fine...
something we can be grateful for - so i replaced the P with a T...
and in case you are thinking in Christian Terms: here we celebrate a harvest Festival in churches in early october, giving thanks to god for the fruit of the earth... thus the P with the X can also be seen as the monogram of Christ
Background: deviant "out of this world" freebie set; Grapes: itkupilli; font: Wanderlust; texture Black Magick-10 by shadowhouse
take a word has the moon as challenge theme for this week.

edit: no, i was not out to see the eclipse. regretfully. but i caught a Little cold These days and just couldn´t bear the thought to get out of my warm bed and Dress for outside (too many trees to see it through the Windows).

Friday, September 25, 2015

guldusi project

i never heard of guldusi until i visited the textile Exhibition on sunday (of which i reported in my previous post)
you can read about this initiative on their Website in german/French/english
it is about Connecting the Afghan culture with the world.
many women there are highly skilled embroiderers and selling their products should help them and their families.
i was immediately drawn to the Little patches the embroidering women make. most are sized about 8cm-square; there are some triangles, too.
they are telling about the life of These women by showing their animals, houses, gardening etc.

there was the opportunity to buy some of These patches, so i took the Chance:

and i decided to sew one of them onto a book wrapper i Handsewed with the linen fabric i bought at Ikea last week.

(linking it to ajj, the windows-theme)
there also were exhibited the results from a guldusi collaboration Project (europe/Afghan) themed:
‘Out of the Kitchen: jars, bowls and utensils’
lots of participants´ works hanging at the walls or laying on a desk to flip through (with gloves for protection)

two of my faves:
this one (i don´t know how the Background is made, Screen printing maybe?), dancing  spoons on a White handkerchief:

and this grungy one, milk bottle:
you can find more detailed Information on the guldusi Website in the catalog of this collaboration
 again my stamp on These pictures is only to prevent from stealing These photos by others)

Wednesday, September 23, 2015

textile exhibition

on sunday i got the Chance to visit an extraordinary Exhibition of textile artwork,
there was a broad variety of textile art, as i will Show you. it was allowed to take photos - at home i wanted to look up some of the artists in the web, but unfortunately most of them do not have a site.
but in case any of them is bothered to see her work here, just tell me and i will remove it instantly.
i gave credits to every Piece (and my watermark is added solely as i don´t want the photos to be stolen by others).
the Exhibition runs until sunday, and if anybody living nearby is tempted to visit: DO IT!!
it was fun to climb the Tower and look to the Windows (>ajj) along the stairway, which were beautifully decorated: (you know, These Windows with the deep sills, because of the thick walls)

 [the window Pictures are layered with kim klassen´s texture charmed; i left the other photos "pure")
as the Tower is narrow, the Exhibition was spread on 4 floors...
actually we spent almost 3 and a half hours there, time was flying... we also had a very interesting presentation of textile art and Yurt making in kirghizia - there is a Group of women among These artists who makes a journey every second year to various places in the world.
this year their travel lead them to France / Bretagne, as the stitching at the entry Shows, a Homage to the bayeux tapestry:
and here you see a textile Approach to mimic the Stones of Gavrinis by couching some strings
(couching in this case is an embroidery term)
there was a lot of free stitchin, (which you know i admire...):
(regrettably hard to photograph because of the glass protection)

[oh, i think there should be an "f" here: Fantasy... too late...]


here you can see how the same Artist is approaching a theme with different methods:
above free stitching, below felted Patchwork:
some more felt:

some textile books were displayed (and Cotton gloves were laid out so you could page through them):
above you see a book made by samples the Artist created in various Workshops.
the binding Looks also wonderful for me [but how can i drill so tiny holes into the wooden sticks?]
a mixed media Piece,
and quite some quilts /Patchwork pieces (way too many to Show here)

a Group of flags (bobin lacemaking by a local Group)
wonderful knitted socks with Patterns from all over the world
(and not too pricey at all)

some doll sculptures
well, as a mailart fan i particularly loved this one of course, gathering the stamps from all over the world...

and one of my absolute favorites:
this Magic cube (with foam inside):
the Artist (very friendly) was present, too and showed us how it works
(oh my god, beyond my Imagination to get this all into the right place during the making...)

up under the Roof there hung some big traditional pieces, like this suzani:
there was another stitching Exhibition going on, but that´s a theme for another blogpost.
hope you became not too tired, but actually i had a blast!!