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Monday, November 23, 2015

winTer is here, finally

yesterday we had the first snowfall of  this winter...
that somehow guided me to work on my recently "woven" Piece of Cloth strips...
(the size of the single strips is about 5-6 cm in width)
i learned how to do this from jude hill´s blog, here
i pinned them with small safety Pins until i secured them with the small basting stitch
(also taught by jude)
[i really love the way she teaches, and she deserves a donation... as soon as i´ll get my Christmas gratification...]

i added a thin base layer for better handling after the weaving...
next time i will make it before, makes the process easier.

the blue tones just cried for winter motifs...
so i took the creature from my last post and placed it here,
surrounded by a little snow embroidery.

more stitching will go on here, on this Piece of old cloths
(recycled from dish towels, torn Shirts and blouses, bed-linen etc)
as said: first snow on sunday.
when i visited a textile market (at the textile Museum in Augsburg)
just a few impressions:
of course, drawn to the things i love to do myself,
as for example embroidery:

you can find more from Gina ballinger at
the Details of ruth feile´s stitchings are incredible.
i could spend hours looking at their bears and pigs...
made with so much love...
i had to buy one of Bettina zwirner´s pouches.
stamped and Screen printed, then foiled with lamifix.

there were a lot of felted items, this and that, small and big...
and many hats and clothes (not so interesting for me really),
bags (very exclusive, thus pricey...), carpets... well, anything you can imagine to be made of fabrics, leather etc..
there also were some sculptures of handmade paper,
here tinted in wonderful Colors:
and after two hours you are...
yes: hungry.
a beautiful and tasty Restaurant is at the base floor:
i had kashmircurry and, of course, a pils;)
enough for today.
i´m expecting a parcel with Cloth the next week...
ordered at the market...
i will Show you the surprise then.
it is wonderful!!!
(and i can´t believe i missed making photos of this booth...
must have been my excitement;))

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

auTumn glory

well, we had the sunniest and warmest autumn since temperatures are recorded
(see diagram below, daily max of the last 4 weeks)
of course most leaves have fallen now, we had wind in the last few days.
but sun anyway.
i edited this photo with an element from cvisions and a framing layer from shadowhouse (gbox1).
the letters i added are from font brush up too and adjusted to the Colors of the photo.
i link this to ajj´s autumn Colors theme this month.
one of my favorite Food in autumn are hokkaido Squash. 

on saturday i made a Squash Pizza
(diced hokkaido, steamed al dente; added a mix of creme fraiche and sour cream - nutmegged; everything spread on a thin yeast dough, salt and pepper added plus Gorgonzola and some grated cheese and into the oven - 200°, 25 min - and finally sprinkled with parsley)


my favorite cold drink (> T stands for tuesday) to accompany my meal is non-alcoholic pils.
(i like it a Little bitter...)
once in a while... it happens... i hate it when it does, but the instinct of a cat is stronger than my Feelings...
then... some stitching...
it began very joyful à la ivan semesyuk
but it ended in incredible sadness at the Weekend...

("peace for paris" Symbol by Jean Jullien)

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

sew whaT ... is going on?

another week went by with lots of Walking (alone and with friends) and taking photos...
(fodder for a Long winter... which i don´t wish for...)
the weather is unusual mild with temperatures around 20°c.
so nice (but too dry for nature)
the Woods were glowing ... i always wished i could see the famous "Indian summer" in northern america, but actually: we have it here, too!
just open your eyes!!
(linked to ajj)
i loved the curved branches of this larch and was immediately reminded of an eye...
(original photo below:)
i added a Frame from tangie/scrapbookgraphics,
font is daft brush (enlongated in width)
a few sooc (straight out of camera) photos:


and after a Long walk we were spoilt with apple cake and coffee:
(linked to T/tuesday)
what else is going on?
fabrics... sewing and embroidery...
meanwhile i have quite some small fabric scraps here, some with an idea for further Destination, others with no clue at all...
i decided to make a temporary "home" for them: a fabric book where they only are loosely basted in (to be removed easily)
i made an embroidered Piece of Cloth - thinking "sew what" would be a good title for;)

letters stencilled with acrylics, stitches free embroidered

interested how to make the Little 5-point-stars? look here

then i sewed the embroidered Piece to a handsewn cover and made 3 inlay spreads:
sewing all layers to make a book (just eyeballing, no exact science here...)

(above my needlebook i made in summer)
now i can baste some of my fabric scraps into the book... 
saying goodbye for today with my Little silvery needle bird...
i love him (bought at ebay Long ago), but actually he is too small and a bit unsteady for working with... so more a Piece of decoration;)

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

auTumn mist

i´m sooo behind Blogging  - my apologies... i will visit asap, when i will find more time...
i spent much time outside - fantastic autumn days we had recently.
decided to not only shoot glorious sunny photos (i have a lot of them, too - but that´s for another post...), but i also wanted to catch the mist in the morning. i love that also!
the photo on the top (linked to art Journal journey) originally looked this way:

 actually i don´t remember all Treatments on this... started with inverting, clipped a colorful layer on top & i can´t remember what else. a lot of Trial here...
font pea amy g - framing texture shadowhouse

simply layered with a katie pertiet texture

filmstrip texture from shadowhouse

only songline from Nazareth added with font pea Hilary marie
when i went out we had 1°celsius.
no Chance to take photos without gloves
(though i hate the handling of the camera this way...)
so coming home i needed some warm-up...
with yummy Cappuccino!! (link to elizabeth´s T/Tuesday)