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Tuesday, December 29, 2015

2015 / 2016

collaged art journaling (>ajj) with cut outs from art magazines, postal stamps from Donald Evans and a custom made Label - thanks to the hostesses of this wonderful challenge all year through...
considering my blog to be sort of my artistic diary, and meanwhile collecting the results on a pinterest board (my work in 2015), i can reflect what i made in the outgoing year.
my profile says i´m a paper and fabric junkie, and i think the year 2015 definitely had an emphasis on fabric. seems i felt stuck in always making similar things and needed a turn, at least for a while...
i frequently recognize such turning points (i had a long phase of digital focus, which totally is in the background now... actually i seem to forget a lot of the things i learned...).
prevents me from getting bored, i suppose.
stamps from claudine hellmuth

but then: it is always a pleasure to mix things, as with this simple piece:
stamping (the starting point of my creativity two decades ago), in this case onto fabric, which i put onto a rusted base (2015 was a big year of cloth rusting for me!) - and then stitching with the running stitch.

very often i just make pieces without having a clue of further destination... would be good to finish more of my works in the new year. but no resolutions actually, i don´t want to feel guilty in not-fulfilling, i just want to play on... well, sometimes "useful" results (as blankets etc) would be good, but we will see...

as for a reference of my older work i still have my picturetrail, but it wasn´t updated for a very long time, and almost nobody visits there. so i will not renew when the annual fee will be due in spring. it was good for sorting, but i can look in my data files and nobody else seems to be interested. it is a relict of former times...

what will 2016 bring? of course i have wishes and hopes, but then: at the moment my life is at a good point, which i enjoy and am grateful for.
recently i was spoilt with this Dessert: cake with a hot melted chocolate core... heavenly!
(with thanks to elizabeth for Hosting t/tuesday)
i´m wishing for a good year for all my visitors here,
and i hope blogging will go on (i will have my 10th anniversary in march) - it is so much more filled with quality compared with the social (and sometimes asocial) media around... i could not recap my work on facebook (often superficial and fast moving; i´m not registered there), but i can at my blog any time (via archive and labels).

a big thank you to all of you for visiting and commenting.

and finally a photo of a patch i made a while ago: the spiral - does it move inward to a focal point, or outward to expand... either way, i suppose... trying to find my center and always on the lookout for new things...
woolen yarn laid to form a spiral and couched with narrow stitches,
space filled with buttonhole stitches in various blue tones

so up into a new year! (may it be healthy...)

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

solstice & christmas week

solstice is over... celebrating the light...
three Young men in the snow (old ebay photo) are adoring the sun (sunrise photo i shot last week), Frame is a snowflake texture from siennaphotodesigns. Fonts bleeding Cowboys and arial.

the same snowflake texture ("jack frost") is framing my drink of the week (t/tuesday),
not a single snowflake in sight here... but
i wish you a very calm and peaceful Christmas week
(or whatever you celebrate).
if you are a sky gazer: 
the only Christmas Cards i made were for the munich stamping Crew:
(15 x 15 cm)
  moose is from a napkin, the embossed snowflakes (in three different sizes and powders) from Flamingo artstamps.
glimmer mist spray doesn´t shine in the scan...
(Card fits the mm&m theme "Christmas")
we were 17 participants in the Project this year, so i got 16 Cards in return and here you see the wonderful variety of all Cards together:
the Colors of my newest Journal spread are a bit contrasting to the winter season,
and the tree is not a Christmas tree, but reminds more to the garden of eden:
(linked to the Collage theme at ajj)
no Christmas tree this year? ... wait...
i have one:
it is 6x6 cm in size...
and part of a work in Progress i started about two weeks ago
[i should dedicate the year 2016 to all my UFOs...!!!]
well, i went through my old cloths on the attic (some fabrics i just can`t throw out, no matter how big the rips are or how oldfashioned the design... they all will revive in some way - if i live Long enough;))
i cut 6x6cm squares (+ seam allowance) and will Hand-Piece them to a blanket.
the blanket will be thin, with just a blue sheet on  the back, no battings...
(at least that is the plan now)
i already started sewing some blocks
and that is how the backside Looks:

i do this the way i learnt by jude hill:

Tuesday, December 15, 2015


well, at the back of my mind i´m obviously still the biology teacher;)
when i started my genetic lessons i always made my pupils repeat the long scientific term for DNA (DNS in german) ten times in a loud Chorus. they knew the word quite quickly;)
i found old black trousers of my sons´ youth on the attic and cut them to patches...
black always provides a good foundation...
oh, and we learned at School:
the base adenine matches up with thymine, guanine with cytosine.
and These bases are built with amino acids,
which i added by very thin stitches (split up yarn) in between:

i loved stitching this colorful patch:)
and the lesson about mitosis already started to be stitched... stay tuned.

on friday i enjoyed the Exhibition about klee and kandinsky in the lenbachhouse in munich. one of my favorite Museums.
in advance i had watched two Videos about the artists, which was very helpful (because the amount of the Pictures was overwhelming. actually, if there is time, one should visit this Exhibition twice or three times...). the Video about klee is here (english), the one about kandinsky here (german).
i got lots of Inspiration, especially as i think i can Transfer many components - esp of klee - into my fabric work (if you are familiar with jude hill: i often saw her 9patches in klee´s work... i would not be surprised if she also found much Inspiration in this artist´s work...)
(klee, rosengarten)
exhausted from 2½ hours in the Museum we (i was accompanied by 3 colleagues, all retired, what fun!) went to the literaturhaus to have lunch.
i had cesar´s salad and a pils (>t/tuesday),
and it is always fun that a Quote from oskar Maria graf shines up at the bottom of the plates.
(here [in a bit of rough language]: "let´s eat and drink... we are on the way to the gallows anyway...")
the literaturhouse is quite central in munich and a bit upmarket, but once in a while i indulge in visiting this Restaurant.
"now i surely must be famous soon" at the bottom of the cake plate, and "more erotics, please" in the  coffee Cup (and i won´t comment how far this fits the presence of pep guardiola... i only took photos very secretly of his table downstairs)
not to Forget, after two hours of rest we were relaxed enough to go to the photo Exhibition "Genesis" of Sebastiao salgado, who made a wonderful film with wim Wenders (acadamy Award nominated in category documentary)
well, salgado´s highly impressive photographs are black&white,
but i think my Collage (>ajj) in the gelliprints-journal at least fits the same theme:
various washi tape and a few rubber stamps involved...
and i have one more, due to actuality - a quick digital one:
seems somebody made him/herself a wonderful xmas present:
credits: Background - holliewood, moon - excerpt from a Background of Martha van eck, texture shadowhouse creations, pics www, font brush up too

Tuesday, December 08, 2015

indigo Treasures and heaps of fabric

another Collage (>ajj) page in my gelliprint Journal (Background Patterns made with embossing Folders).
Quote and weeds are stamps from tim holtz. "flygpost" custom made. "arabic air mail" stampinks unlimited
stars cemerony via etsy.
this week my drink (T/Tuesday) actually Comes from a postcard...
i owe you the Pictures of a parcel i promised to Show two weeks ago...
at the textile Exhibition in Augsburg i got in contact with a lovely woman, Petra Hassan, who dyes Indigo Cloth...
that´s what i was looking for: she is from Germany, so i can avoid all the fuss of international shipping... (you can find her etsy store here)
i fell in love with These two large cloths (above: 160 cm square, below about 140x220 cm);
so far i have no clue what i will do with them.

the shibori dyed pillow found its place on my Sofa immediately...

i suppose it will be easier to use These smaller pieces...
 at this one i see trees, a jungle maybe...
a "stray-tiger" à la jude hill would find a good home here.
but so far i never constructed such animals. will i dare?
what else is brewing?
i made some bases of woven fabric strips...

the one on the left like a checkerboard of rusted and red strips; and two blue toned ones.
waiting for... ??

and i started to do some (well, boring... something to make in front of the tv) work...

confessions: i was an avid buyer of fabrics ( mostly) between 2004 and june 2012
[then i stopped because us-shipping costs raised too much, i always had to pay custom fees - with the stress to release the parcel from the customs Office each time... and besides that: i realized i had enough fabrics for a lifetime and used it too rarely...]

now, i don´t want to go into math calculations, but i ordered once or twice each month, filling the flat rate envelope up to the brim - which means 3-4 Yards each post...
you get the Picture...
i sorted the fabrics into categories (batics, script patterned, egypt, mexican, Holidays... blabla...).

now i decided to bring things Forward.
actually more interested in other fabrics now (old, worn ones, dyed...), but i have to use the others as well.
my Task: i want to get rid of that certain "stiffness" new fabric has, and i wanted to go behind the shrinking process (in case i will wash the things i produce) before sewing the Cloth.

having mostly bought only half-Yard pieces i also wanted to reduce the fraying of the fabrics.
that means: i have to roll in and baste the edges before washing.

crazy work. will see how Long i can persevere;)

Tuesday, December 01, 2015

review of last week

you are invited to grab a Cup of coffee (or tea) and follow me through the last week...
Cappuccino and panna cotta with apricots
my elder son is the "Minister of health" in our household, so when he visits at the Weekend he often brings up new recipes (he loves to cook) and new Food.
this time it was the horned melon or kiwano, which i never tried before:
i´m glad i photographed it, because i really liked its look,
but: not my taste. somehow like unripe bananas...
i think i´ll get my vitamins from elsewhere...
after quite a pause i took up my Journal again, the one with the gelliprint Backgrounds.
back in 2010 the swedish post released these awesome stamps with the candy cane sucking Girl. i had to buy them... and my custom made swedish cancellation stamps fits there perfectly.
text from a Magazine/Advertising, translates: tested and found to be good.
as this month´s ajj theme is Collage, i link it to this challenge.
i suppose i will be able to make more journaling this month, as the weather currently is not inviting to go outside...
i went on stitchin´ at the woven Piece from last week:
after several times of stitching inadvertently into the Cloth at the edges, i turned the exterior part down with  safetyPins for the Moment.
i stenciled a raven (umr-design) and a tree (tim holtz) onto the fabric and filled Them with stitches.

also appliqued a pale moon in a very light yellow (old blouse of mine) above the raven. 

the sun got some pale yellow stitching, too...
and the snowflakes were embroidered in various shades of blue

this last pic Shows the finished Piece. the red line (marked with photoshop) is the outline of  the woven 6x6 stripes and thus everything beyond is not embroidered.
what will it become?
a Picture on the wall? a pillow? part of a larger something?
who knows...

for example pieces like this - a snow embroidered patch - could be taken to enlarge it sideward.
not sure though.