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Tuesday, January 05, 2016

a smooth start

here we are... the font hiccups seemed appropriate for the drink (>t/tuesday) starting new year´s eve, which we celebrated with friends (as the Young Generation occupied our own house;))...
we had Raclette for 7 People (everybody brought something) and spent a chatty evening.
at midnight we packed a basket with glasses and champagne to toast out on the street...

of course i tried to get some photo shots - but it became very foggy and i could not achieve good results...
the best one i use to wish you a...
coming home we found this in our letter box :)
we had a bit of snow the last days, but it is not going to stay - temperatures are too mild...
for the new challenge at ajj i have a hybrid:

Background is a stitched patch i scanned; Silhouette couple and font (bleeding Cowboys; often used;)) are underlaid with a gesso texture (tangie baxter) to make them a bit off-White; framing snowflake layer from siennaphotodesigns
what´s in the making?
well, the squares...
6cm each one
so far almost 6 patches ready... one patch has 9x5=45 squares...
so push your math skills;)
i climbed a chair to get a photo of all together...

focussing Details...

now, so far i thought this would go on and on until i have a blanket / quilt...
but you know i get bored easily if i make too much of the same...
i started thinking... what if (as jude hill would say... she´s my fabric Heroine)...
i could Interrupt the Patterns i made so far with other elements...
i kept some of the pockets of the cut up cloths i used for this project - i could sew them in between... imagine a blanket with pockets (zippered and buttoned ones)... i love pockets!
or... (additional...) one of the Cloths i use in this Project is from (about 20+ year) old trousers.
i had bought TWO of them because i loved them so much... very lightweight, perfect summer trousers... i loved the look...
they actually were so thin, they soon got rips on the knees...
but i couldn´t throw them out...

they have those capricorns on their print.
and there is also one pocket left, which is closed with a velcro Strip
maybe i should not cut up the rests i have into squares, but cut out the capricorns and integrate them somehow... (not thought to the end...)
thoughts are meandering...
(maybe i should pause to let them soak in...)


  1. Ganz viele tolle Fotos und Werke heute. Dir ein gutes neues Jahr, und viel Spaß beim Nähen. Happy T Day und danke fürs Mitmachen bei Art Journal Journey, LG, Valerie

  2. Happy New Year und Happy T -Day Johanna!
    Super kreativ startet hier das neu Kahr bei Dir!
    Danke für's Mitmachen bei Art Journal Journey!
    Liebe Grüße

  3. Looks like you brought the New Year in right! Hope 2016 will be kind to you. You certainly are a busy lady. Love your piece for Art Journal Journey .. lovely and cold and wintery. hugs, Donna

  4. such a fabulous way to ring in the new year-cheers! Beautiful hybrid piece. And how clever of you to incorporate pockets into your quilt! Happy T day!

  5. Happy New Years! Seams you had a good time with your friends :) Love what you'r e doing with the quilt and love the pocket idea ♥ A fun quilt ♥♥♥

  6. What a beautiful way to toast the new year--outside and with friends!

    The fabrics in your patches are gorgeous-love the little angelfish! Pockets would be amazing in a quilt--especially one for a child to "hide" their treasures!

  7. It is really great that you have hung on to clothing with fabrics that you love and extra cool that you are finding new ways to enjoy them!
    Your welcome to the new year looks special and yummy.
    Your winter wonderland looks enchanted.
    Happy T Day dear Johanna oxo

  8. Very happy post with wonderful projects.

    Thank you for joining us at Art Journal journey with your beautiful page

    Love Chrissie xx

  9. I was tickled to read that you planned to use T day as the day of sharing your drink AND your art each week. I am truly honored.

    What a beautiful way to celebrate the new year, first with friends and food inside, then drinks and fireworks outside. Wonderful.

    I also really enjoyed your AJJ entry. It is gorgeous and I like all the layers you created digitally.

    But that quilt with all those patches made me sit up and pay very close attention. It is turning into a real and rare beauty. I am truly impressed and like the idea of the pockets, as well as the Capricorns. I'm sure whatever you finally decide, it will be out of this world, because it's already a true beauty.

    Thanks for joining us for T this Tuesday, with your art, your photos of the new year's celebration, your gorgeous quilt squares, and your food and drink. I hope this new year brings you much enjoyment, good health, and lots of ART, as well as many drinks. Cheers to you, too, dear Johanna.

  10. Auch für dich ein ganz wunderbares neues Jahr! Du hast es, wie man hier sieht auch richtig gut begonnen! Wir sind früher auch immer um 12 raus auf die Straße, doch nachdem mir einmal ein Knaller in die Haare geflogen ist - habe noch Riesenglück gehabt - bleib ich lieber drinnen.
    Oh, mit den Squares bist du ja schon weit gekommen, es sieht super aus in dieser Farb-Kombi...aber puh, alles von Hand genäht... da würde ich ja irre werden!
    Diese alte bunte Tierhose ist ja der Hit, großartig, was du alles im Fundus hast!
    Ganz lieben Gruß von Ulrike

  11. the cold weather makes me yearn to be stitching on a quilt...and lo and behold you provide additional inspiration!! truly lovely, and excellent use of recycled materials...happy T day, and Happy New Year!

  12. Wonderful Post...Happy New Year!
    I LOVED all your ideas for the quilt. I'm really bad at thinking "what if??"and usually get led astray by it.....but it is so much fun. How else will you know if it works or not???
    Happy T-day, thanks for the visit and the comment.

  13. I think your night-time photos turned out well. :) Happy T Tuesday!

  14. You've alot to soak in. Sounds like New Year's was about perfect. So many projects. The square are quite fun, looking forward to more. Don't forget to bookmark me at my new site xox

  15. That looks like a wonder time and meal with friends.
    Your quilt project will evolve as it is meant to, I think. Pockets sound fun! I didn't make the rounds last week even though I posted, but this week here I am. Happy T-Day! :)

  16. Happy New Year Johanna! Where you live they obviously do lots of fireworks. Here in Holland too. Racletten is also very popular here. I bet you had a great time.
    Your quilt is coming on nicely. I love the colour combinations.
    Yes, I will tell you all about Denmark when I come back. Our friends don't live in Copenhagen but have told us that we will visit Copenhagen one day.
    Thank you for visiting earlier,
    Happy T-day,

  17. Looks like you've been busy and having some fun too! Your foggy tree photos are from new Years Eve are great! Great quilting project too!

  18. Hallo Johanna, tolle Werke und Fotos sehe ich hier wieder bei dir.
    Ich wünsche dir ein frohes neues Jahr.
    LG Carola

  19. Alles Gute fürs neue Jahr, liebe Johanna! Besonders nett finde ich das Hufeisen vom Glücksboten, welch schöne Idee ...

  20. Your New Years celebration looks like it was wonderful! Loving the progress on the quilt.
    Happy T day...way late!

  21. I loved reading your wonderful post and seeing your amazing works of art! Happy new Year to you, too! I can't wait to see your finished quilt, too!

  22. The font "hiccup", so brilliant a choice.
    I like very much your AJJ with the restricted colours palette, always difficult for me, yours looks so good.
    Sometimes we just want to make patchwork because we want to make patchwork. I'm sure your little squares will find their own home somewhere some day. Some of the individual patches are fascinating too.
    Happy New Year, now 10 days old.

  23. You've been busy my friend!What a lovely post!I am eager to see your quilt!Happy T day:)!

  24. Hallo Johanna, ich bin etwas später mit meinen guten Wünschen für 2016. Aber jetzt :) Ich wünsche dir ein schönes, gesundes und kreatives Jahr.
    Du bist ja schon mega aktiv, so eine herrliche Vielfalt, da lasse ich mich überraschen, was du noch so alles zaubern wirst.

  25. Hallo Johanna, ich bin etwas später mit meinen guten Wünschen für 2016. Aber jetzt :) Ich wünsche dir ein schönes, gesundes und kreatives Jahr.
    Du bist ja schon mega aktiv, so eine herrliche Vielfalt, da lasse ich mich überraschen, was du noch so alles zaubern wirst.


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