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Tuesday, January 12, 2016

sNOw --- stitching of mitosis

tuesday seems to turn out becoming my "jour fixe" of the week for posting... when i started Blogging almost 10 years ago it was my aim to post once a week - and i fulfilled this quite consistently (except some surgery times in Hospital). often i posted on more days of the week, but at the Moment things are going slower (a matter of my current Cloth addiction).
i thought i might stick to elizabeth´s t/tuesday and Show you some pieces of my mug collection in the next weeks...
starting with this one that is good for cheering me up in this dreary weather...
(though boiling some cystitis tea is not so fun)
my wintery entry for ajj is digital - i loved that Quote (font: pea devon Cups). as there is absolutely no sNOw here (all cold, wet... aweful...) i had to grab one from the net and put him onto a Background of a photo i made from the Indigo pillow i bought recently. Framing flakes are from siennaphotodesigns.
normally i´m not eager for snow really (as it often is accompanied either with mud or Glace ice...), but this dreary darkness can cause Depression...recently so many People seem to die of cancer...
(Background: holliewood; wordle of some of his lyrics)
not to talk about the other sh** that is going on in the world...
well, depressive thoughts... i Need some distraction...
you might remember my embroidered DNA patch from a few weeks ago.
well, i thought i would also put my transparencies from the biology lesson about mitosis into a stitched Version... the diagrams as well as the description, and make it into a fabric booklet eventually.
i stitched the Terms of the DNA-bases onto colored ribbons and will sew them around the patches.
some Pictures of the Status quo:

i could not get a yellow ribbon matching to the other Colors, so i bought a White one and colored it myself with derwent inktense blocks.
[clever Johanna did this before looking up the Color number of this yellow i used... in case i will have to restock it by a new one some day. only when pieces of the block were washed up i thought about it...]
the text on the ribbons was stitched with two strands of dcm floss.
some sewing still to be done, and i have misplaced the writing on one of the pages (put it too far on the left), so i will have to find a solution for that. i´m sure i will.


  1. I feel honored that you pick my Tuesday T to post all your art. This is a fun mug, that's for sure.

    You blew me over when I saw David Bowie was dead. I must live in a very limited world because I had not heard of it. Thanks for that and the wonderful tribute you paid him.

    I really LOVE the sewing. The DNA and mitosis are simply incredible. You create some truly beautiful pieces, and dyeing your own ribbons sounds like something I would do.

    Thanks for sharing the first of your fun mugs, your beautiful piece on Bowie, and your wonderful hand sew ART with us for T this week.

  2. fabulous cloth art -and a clever way to get the color ribbon you wanted too:) Sad about such a music icon...
    That is a fun mug-enough to brighten any dreary day for sure. We may be getting some snow for the first time this season and although it LOKS so beautiful, I do NOT like having to go out into the cold and snowy roads! LOVE your digital snowman art though! Happy T day!

  3. Love that M Atwood quote.
    It was shocking to hear of David Bowie's passing...he seemed immortal and I guess he is in a way through all he leaves behind.
    Thanks for cheering us with that fun mug and your endless creativity.
    Take Care Johanna

  4. Lots to see in your post today. Thanks for joining us at at Art Journal Journey, happy T Day, Valerie

  5. Ja, das trübe Wetter ist wirklich nicht gut für die Psyche. Ich bin nur froh, dass wir immer sonnige Tage dazwischen haben. Schnee hatten wir auch, natürlich genug um bis zu viermal am Tag zu schieben bzw. schaufeln. Muss ich alles nicht haben.
    Deine Hommage an David Bowie gefällt mir sehr, ich habe auch eine Journalseite geplant, der Zeitungsartikel liegt bereits im Bastelzimmer.
    Dein gestickten Patchworkwerke sind toll.

    1. Ach ja.. Und dann deine Tasse.... Soooooooooo schön. Ich liebe Tassen.

  6. Love all of your work and the special tribute to Bowie who was one of the greats.

    Love the page for Art Journal Journey and the wonderful quote which made me smile and feel sad all at the same time.

    Thank you for joining again with my Winter Wonderland

    Love Chrissie xx

  7. Your fluffy snowman is lovely on his comfortable indigo pillow, and you have found another great font, I would almost come here just for your (sometimes crazily named) fonts.
    Your stitching, as ever, is unique and unusual, colouring your own tape is the way to go, and of course we don't make a note of what we are doing before we do it, and then afterwards we can say "that's very clever, I wonder how I did that".
    Love your mug too, nice idea to show Tuesday mugs.

  8. I love all your pieces but I must say the mitosis stitching is my favorite. I am teaching that in school right now! You've inspired me to do some of my own science stitching, or painting or some kind of art!

  9. You have been a busy lady! The mug is delightful! I adore piggies. The piece of AJJ is very 'wintery' indeed .. the sentiment touched my heart. Very sad about DB, so much to offer, gone too soon. RIP. hugs, Donna

  10. Your DNA stitching is awesome! What a cool unlike anything I've ever seen before. I also love you digi art piece for AJJ.
    Happy T day!

  11. Das hatte ich erwartet, dass du unserem David Bowie auch ein Bild widmest und wie toll, seine großen Songs hier zu sehen!
    ... aber ich hätte wohl lieber vor meiner Mail an dich in deinen Blog schauen sollen...aber deine Erinnerung an die 52 Worte für Schnee gefällt mir sehr gut!
    Stickst du denn auch immer eine Jahreszahl in deine Arbeiten? Das DNA-Projekt finde ich obercool!
    Liebe Grüße von Ulrike

  12. Such a fun mug and beautiful entry for AJJ. I was saddened to hear of Bowie's passing--I saw him in concert back in the 1980s--enjoyed his music.

    Thank you so much for your input about my quilt. I was hoping you would weigh in as you do such amazing work--the mitosis project is so so cool-well done!
    I liked your suggestion and will probably just do a little stitching to make sure the T shirt doesn't separate from the stablizing material.

    Happy T Day!

  13. such unique stitching and art!! sad to hear of Bowie's passing, but a brilliant legacy of music he's left the world. wonder what bit of DNA gave him that talent! happy T day!

  14. Eine lustige Tasse und Deine DNA Stickerei ist echt der Hammer! Eine tolle Seite für AJJ - danke Johanna! Schade um DB!
    Bei uns ist auch der Schnee fast weg .. und jetzt regnet es ... irgendwie ist es Trübsalwetter ..aber was soll's?!
    Happy T-Day!

    Lieben Gruß von

  15. I think the mug is great! And I love that you colored the ribbon with Inktense to get it to match.

  16. If I don't blog on any other day I try to blog on Tuesdays, too! I must say--this is my kind of homework! How beautiful and colorful!!
    Happy T-Day! :)

  17. I love your mug - so cheerful! I love the dig page too! So sad to hear of David Bowie's death too - there were tribute programmes on TV last night. Your DNA sewing is most impressive Johanna. Happy T day! Chrisx

  18. Look at that stitched piece so clever!! I was saddened to hear about David Bowie too... For me he'll always be the Goblin King...Happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  19. Happy t day to you and love your mug. I feel the same about snow... love the initial downfall when everything is crisp and white but them it all gets muddy and dirty and a pain to have it around! Love your DNA embroidery work with the dyed ribbons. Annette

  20. Oh die Tasse ist ja lustig. Deine Stickerei und die Seite sind ganz klasse.
    Ja, der Tod von David Bowie ist echt traurig.
    LG Carola

  21. Hallo Johanna, es ist als würde ich das Tagebuch einer anderen lesen, wenn ich Deine Seite besuche. Jedes Mal freue ich mich über Deine so unterschiedlichen, interessanten Einträge und bin erstaunt, welche unterschiedlichen Arbeiten Du kreativ umsetzt. Dabei geht mir das Herz auf. Dein David Bowie- Beitrag gefällt mir außerordentlich gut. Mit ihm hat die Welt wieder einen sehr kreativen, tollen Künstler viel zu früh verloren. Auch Deine Chromosomen- Stickerei finde ich irre cool. Der Snow- Beitrag für AJJ ist ja entzückend und auch die Tasse ist witzig! Daraus schmeckt der Tee/ Kaffee natürlich noch viel besser. Ich wünsche Dir ein schönes, kreatives Wochenende liebe Johanna und erwarte sehnsuchtsvoll Deine nächsten Beiträge. ;)


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