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Tuesday, February 16, 2016


i love how the days are becoming visibly longer meanwhile...
and i had another week of stitching.
in my enthusiasm of adding patches around this woven Piece, i did not realize that it... 

... well, lost its Image, its face, so to say...
i had sewn one row of squares around it (and even two rows on the right side),
then i noticed: the "Picture Scene" vanished...
too unresting surroundings...
i bent the squares backward... see the difference!

and i noticed there was no other help than deconstructing the patches and make a "quieter" Frame around the scene.
i Chose to use blue squares only.
that took me two evenings...
but there is no Deadline, so no Problem.
better, but the Frame was a bit too broad for my Feeling now,
so i considered to make some kantha stitches to connect the Scene with the Frame.

and from there on i started to add the other patches again...

i left the newspaper as a reference of size...
(there is an Exhibition about Hieronymus bosch announced at the title...
it is in the netherlands, so sad i can´t go there...)
 on thursday we had one of our Meetings of "the usual suspects" (three ex-collegues and me, the Group who also makes a City visit each year... we were in prag, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Edinburgh, dresden before, and in may we want to go to copenhagen)
there always is good Food and talk at our alternating Meetings:
cheese cake with cherries in the afternoon,
in the evening flatbread... and we tried the pale ale (had been a gift from somebody else),
but actually i don´t understand why These are all the rage everywhere, we all decided to prefer a good pils... (>t/tuesday)
the only really sunny day was friday, so out into the nature...
a jaybird fobbed me all the time, but i could not come Close enough to get a photo...
i enjoyed the walk anyway, as most days were rather dreary.


  1. Your quilt is coming along nicely with the alterations. Happy T Day, have a good week, Valerie

  2. At first I didn't understand the problem with the quilt, but after you deconstructed it, I understood. The added stitches on the paler blue really sets the frame off nicely.

    You and your friends get the BEST meals, and that cheesecake looks divine.

    I have to be honest. I've never cared for beer. It tastes nasty to me. Then I visited a microbrewery and learned about the different beers. Granted, I'd been to the Budweiser and Coors breweries, but never consumed their nasty beers at the end of the tour. However, as we walked through the microbrewery, the explained a few things, then gave us each a cup of the lightest beer they made. Not sure what it was, since I didn't keep notes. Next came three more tastings, with each cup producing a darker (and seemingly stronger) beer. The guide explained if he had started with a strong beer, it would have dulled our pallets. The final beer was a STOUT. I remember that one, because I finally found a beer I LIKED. Yes, give me a stout any day and I'll drink one. But none of those sissy, weaker beers will do for me.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely quilt, as well as your incredible food, coffee, and beer with us for T this Tuesday. I look forward to your upcoming trip in May, too!

  3. Oh, was hast du dir für eine Mühe gemacht, alles wieder aufzutrennen, um den Rahmen einzufügen, den ich tatsächlich auch etwas zu dominant halte. Aber durch die Verbindungs-Stickstiche hast du es gut auflösen können!
    Da habt ihr ja wieder ein tolles Reiseziel im Mai - wird bestimmt wieder toll.
    ... und ja, ich finde es auch so schön, dass es länger wieder hell ist.
    Liebe Grüße von Ulrike

  4. Yes, you are right. The quilt had become too busy. I like it with the blue around it.
    You had a good time with the Usual Suspects, I can see. The food looks great. And Pale Ale, I don't care for it much either.
    When are you going to Copenhagen? I have been recently and loved it.
    As you might have noticed,I haven't linked up yet for the simple reason I have not written anything yet. I will soon. We are in a bit of a situation here, which is will be resolved but you will read about it in my blog later on.
    Happy T day

  5. Gorgeous quilt, and how nice to have a group of like minds to travel with.I am jealous. Happy T day!

  6. what a difference changing your border made to the center piece-it doesn't look lost anymore and I love the redo! Your sky scene photo at the beginning of the post is breathtaking-wow! I'd love some of that flatbread but you can have the pale ale all to yourself:) Here's to more sunny days and a happy T day!

  7. You did a good job of reworking your square to highlight the focal piece. I didn't finish my quilt up yet but hope to today. I had a quick look at some of your photo gallery--what a talented artist you are!
    Happy T Day!

  8. I love how you reworked the piece to keep the story showing. It's so frustration when you have to tear out all of that work. It looks great now ♥

  9. You had me with cheesecake...yum. I can see why you pulled that quilt piece did get lost...much better with the blue border.
    Happy T day!

  10. I agree, pulling the pieces back off made the face come to life. Love the blue boarder too.

    Cheese cake with cherries....oh my!

    Happy T-day

  11. The days may be dreary this time of year, but a jay and those bright berries would perk up a walk. Your city-visiting group sounds wonderful, and you can't go wrong with cherry cheesecake :) Happy T Tuesday!

  12. What you did with the quilt really made a difference! Fantastic! Hubs and i got married in Denmark in a little town called Lyngby..i think i spelled that right... 26 years ago! Happy happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  13. Love the way you changed up the quilt, but deconstructing it must have been difficult. Looking good in the changed progress. xox

  14. The quilt does look so much better now, so well done for taking the time to change it! It's good to get together with friends - I meet up with a group of friends every 4-6 weeks -we have known each other since our children were just babies - they are all in their 30's now! Not a beer lover, but the food looks yummy! Hugs, Chrisx

  15. I'm not a quilter so they all looked good to me--LOL!
    You have to be careful of jays. A bluejay dive bombed my uncle one time and cut his forehead open with it's beak! Scared the heck out of my aunt when he walked in with blood dripping down his face--LOL! Happy T-Day! :)

  16. If something is not right, even just to us, then we must repair it. The little owl person was looking a bit cross, but now he is happier, I think (imagination?).
    Your meal looks delicious, and what a gift to share it with good friends.

  17. Beautiful! I keep saying I am going to learn to quilt one day. I hope I get to do that sooner rather than later. Belated Happy T Day, Johanna!

  18. The blue frame made the images pop, lovely stitching too Johanna. The cherry cheese cake sure looks scrummy.

    Love and hugs


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