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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

geTTing a face

good morning to my weekly Review,
right in time to grab a Cup of coffee or whatever...

i suppose for the time being this will be my last post about the winter blanket
(which i started in nov/dec).
i thought i might lay out all the elements i made so far on a duvet cover of regular size 135cm x 200cm
(and maybe use this one even as the backside of the blanket, as its blue Color fits perfectly)
it turned out i can completely fill the sheet meanwhile, so all should be prepared...
it is only laid loosely here (will become some puzzle work to find the final place for each Piece, but i also have some leftovers of single squares for filling up the gaps).
here are two more pockets (from old Shirts) i want to incorporate.
all in all the Patchwork pieces are filling a small parcel only...
(it will be lightweight, no batting)
... and it will rest now.
just in case i want to add something here or there (which is easier if the pieces are smaller).
and, maybe i will take it to our summer sewing retreat (in august) and finish it there.
more space there to spread things out for a few days, and Bonus: i can travel with lightweight package and a Thing to concentrate on.
another one became sewed together this week, so now it is completed:
the mitosis fabric book:

it is not really wintery here, actually some days feeling like spring and all my early bloomers are out...
 yesterday i went for a walk (the Thermometer said 18,5°c, but it was quite chilly because of the wind)
on my familiar route i was so dissappointed to see what the winter storms have wreaked...
my beloved beeches, the ones who looked so fairy-tale-like
(above a photo from last march)
are now:
cut back after some severe damages. so sad.

at home i found this fellow (about 2 cm Long) and my Internet Research told me it is a
Leptoglossus occidentalis, immigrated from the US in the last years.
not harmful, but not the Kind of pet i would choose...
i was in munich last week and thought i might look after some fabric Colors for printing and stencilling. so far i used acrylics, but they are not so smooth after drying...
i was recommended to take These:
i already made a test (my brayers are hiding somewhere, so i took a sponge)
and i´m satisfied:
stamp from stampers anonymous,
stitched with variegated yarn
might sew them onto Cards or covers of small journals.


  1. Die Patchworkdecke wird super und das Buch sieht richtig toll aus! So viel Arbeit!
    Das Wetter ist hier fast genauso und auch die Sturmschäden im Wald - schade für Leptoglossus occidentalis - dass es nicht Dein Lieblingstier ist...( meins auch nicht).
    Gut dass Du Deine Erfahrungen mit den Stofffarben zeigst, dass die Stofffarben doch so viel angenehmer sind auf Stoff - kann ich mir gut vorstellen... muss ich vielleicht doch auch mal welche bestellen.. mal sehen...
    ich hab vor was mit Stoff zu machen.. fragts sich wann??? Meine Güte - immer zuwenig Zeit....
    außer man stiehlt sie woanders!
    Happy T-Day Johanna!

  2. First, let me join you for a cup of coffee, then we will talk about that blanket. I think it's a great idea to put it away until you have room to work on it. I suspect the trip in August will be just the thing to renew your interest, get all the pieces assembled, and everything put together.

    Glad to see your mitosis book is finished, too. Seems you have accomplished a LOT more this week than I have. You have been very busy, that's for sure.

    I've heard of those Setacolors, but the only place you can get them in my town is on the internet. I've read you can also use them to make sun prints, too. Lucky you for finding them in Munich.

    Had to laugh about the brayer. That was what caused me to change my second Thursday Tutorial this month. I couldn't find my brayer. Maybe they got together and ran into the forest together.

    Thanks for sharing your coffee and your lovely sewing with us for T this Tuesday. And I hope that paint is as wonderful as I've read it is!

  3. Ich staune über die frühlingshaften Temperaturen bei euch im Süden - hier ist es doch wesentlich kühler. Tolle grüne-Baum-Fotos hast du gemacht... und auch den Käfer (oder ist es eine Art Wanze?) finde ich interessant, ganz schön groß das Viech!
    Aber du warst ja in dieser Woche in Sachen Nähen auch wieder arg fleißig - toll, die Decke in ihre vollen Größe mal zu sehen. Was willst du denn für ein Inlay machen... oder habe ich es überlesen?
    Die Pebeofarben scheinen ja gut zu sein -von dieser Firma hatte ich mal Seidenmalfarben, die auch ganz hervorragend waren.
    Dir noch weiterhin eine gute Woche - LG Ulrike

  4. Love what you have done on the blanket so far and can't wait to see what you do with in August ♥ I think you are going to be very happy with those paints. Happy T Day!

  5. such beautiful fabric projects Johanna! Thanks for sharing about the fabric paints-I don't care so much for the finish of acrylics on fabric so much either. Your book is really wonderful! Happy T day!

  6. What a shame about the damage to the beeches :( I haven't seen any spring flowers coming up yet, but it's been a while since I was in a garden. I think I'm inspired to go see what's already out around here. Thanks! Happy T Tuesday!

  7. Your fabric work is all so lovely Johanna!!!
    AND so many spring flowers already...lucky you. So far just a few snowdrops in the Washington DC area and Lenten Roses too.
    Crazy how bugs get around isn't it. They are good hitchhikers I guess.
    Sad for your lovely trees.
    Mother Nature can be so beautiful and so treacherous all at the same time.
    Happy T Day oxo

  8. Your blanket is going to be just stunning. Sometimes putting things aside, until later, is a good idea.
    Love your fabric book, and I agree about NOT using acrylic paint on fabric. I've even tried some that IS for fabric and wasn't happy with it. Looking forward to hearing what you think of these new ones.
    Happy T-day

  9. Your blanket it beautiful, what a huge project!, and it's always great to see your photos.

  10. Your quilt and stitching projects are wonderful. And the printing on fabric, then adding stitching is marvelous. Will be hoping to see what they become...and also that your beloved trees will recover and flourish! happy T day!

  11. I loved seeing that your mytosis book is finished! Love the signs of Spring but saddened by seeing the trees! I have seen those paints and that do seem to be good! Hugs, Chrisx

  12. Your blue quilt does seem like the perfect thing to bring along this summer. Love the mitosis book! That was a lot of work. Crazy looking bug. The Pebeo paints look like they worked well on fabric. Happy T-Day! :)

  13. Your blanket/duvet has turned out beautiful! I love it!
    What a shame about the beeches.
    Your mytosis book is awesome. All that lettering!
    And the little critter. I wouldn't like to meet him, however friendly he seems.
    Thanks for visiting mine,
    Happy T-day,

  14. I noticed your coffee cup... Dinzler - Wonderful art you have there! Thank you for sharing.
    Liebe Grüße
    Michelle aka MiSchra

  15. You are so busy as usual. The blanket is wonderful, it's the kind of thing that does meander and you will finish it when it's ready. Love the mytosis book. Sorry about the beeches, they are the most magnificent trees. xox

  16. Your quilt is fantastic, Johanna. I hadn't realised it would be bed-sized. Such a good way to show your work. I really like your mitosis book; not so keen on your little visitor, though!

  17. Gosh, the patchwork has come along, I didn't think it was anywhere near that size. It is looking so good with the combination of random squares and "scenes".
    Your little beetle-type person has lovely markings.
    The stamping worked wonderfully well with the fabric paints. Did you know you can get fabric medium to use with acrylic paints, I used it a lot at one time when I was painting fabric.
    And I'm impressed by "wreaked".

  18. The Setacolours seems to be very good Johanna, the imprint is great, thank you for the heads up. I just love the mitosis book.

    The patchwork is fantastic, I didn't realise it'll be so large, you do have a lot of patience :)

    Love and hugs


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