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Tuesday, February 02, 2016

sTory paTchwork

preface #1: first of all i want to thank you for the many wonderful comments on my last post...
well, actually... i was so impressed by that Exhibition of Gaultier´s creations that i went there for a second time last week. if i find time, i might make another post with more of the photos i took, but not in the Moment. will see...

preface #2: i noticed i´m losing followers, some days 4 or more a day. i was a bit irritated first, but then i came across this post (not sure i understood everything, but i´m not willing to deal with this stuff)... well, i don´t waste a single angry thought about it. i will not Switch to Google+, basta!
the start into February officially still means winter...
(though snow has gone here after only few days; we now have windy April weather here,
but a good Cup of tea is fine anyway... >t/tuesday)
and i worked on the snowcat. whose beginnings were two weeks ago...

i fixed the Body elements with split backstitch (all These sewing tricks learnt from jude hill).
stitched the face with two strands of embroidery floss.
ok, it took me three Trials to sketch, until i was halfway satisfied with the Expression of the face;)
when thinking of "arms" i noticed the base was too narrow, so i added two longish strips of fabric (plus additional Cotton voile underneath) with invisible baste;
the branches ("arms") fixed those sidebars well.
the face got some Whiskers and the left side some branches, too
(plus some snow lines at the bottom)
i do not think it is finished at this Point,
but next i turned my interest to the Patchwork pieces again...
while working on the 6cm squares there were leftovers of cloth, which were not big enough for this size (longish, but not broad enough), so i mixed some of These and wanted to sew squares with double length and width.
good i measured the sewn patches before, because obviously there is some "shrinking" by sewing them together, so my new template was 11,3 cm square and not 12 cm, as i had supposed it should be

i also basted some "un-mixed" pieces in this size from Cloth i have larger quantities...

... some might be embroidered...


... as this one with the spiral in 3 blue tones.

 now, if you look at the snow cat, you can see i stayed in the Color scheme of the Patchwork.
because at the back of my mind i thought i might bring them together.
a vague plan so far, but i could surround (with "fillers" to be adjusted) the cat
this way:
(only a loose layout so far)
and going even further - also add this Piece:
so all in all:

.... and making more "Picture pieces" (or "Story pieces", as jude would say)...
or just some more patches in various sizes.
will see.
so: this might become a winter blanket.
or: Part of a really large 4-seasons-blanket.
time will Show.
(and i must not Forget the pockets!!! somewhere in between)


  1. Die Decke wird bestimmt schön. Happy T Day, love the mug, Valerie

  2. Die Schneekatze ist super geworden.Und Dein Quilt sieht schon jetzt super aus.

  3. First, this is exactly what I wrote about last month for my Second on the 2nd. I warned everyone this would happen, then showed a post I wrote back several years ago. Although I knew it was going to happen, the Google gods gave us warning, it's still a hard pill to swallow when you you lose as many as 30 followers in a day, simply because they CHOOSE not to join Google in order to be a follower.

    Now, on to the real post! I love, love, love the blanket, and the cat is turning out to be one spiffy kitty. I really like how you are keeping us updated on this, because this project is simply out of this world.

    I love the mug you chose for this week's tea, and Chai is wonderful tea. I even tried to make it once.

    Keep up the great sewing, because I envy you that wonderful art, and thanks for joining us for T this Tuesday with your chai and lovely mug.

  4. So cool and inspiring Johanna, there's so much interesting details, I adore the slightly owl looking thingy that's beside the tree. All the pieces could be a part of a story, very imaginative.

    Love and hugs

  5. Das wird eine tolle Decke !

    Happy T-Day!


  6. Love that snow cat, and your spiral stitching is just perfection-wow! I would love that sweet mug you're using for your tea today:) Your quilt is growing more beautiful with each added bit too. Happy T day, and thanks for your visit!

  7. Deine Schneekatze hat mir sogleich ein Grinsen ins Gesicht gemalt - sie ist köstlich!
    Boah, dein Quilt wächst und wächst und wird immer schöner. Richtig gut, dass du auch andere Formate als Quarters mit einfügst, so wird die Decke noch viel lebendiger! Es ist jetzt schon ein Prachtstück.
    Liebe Grüße von Ulrike

  8. Your winter story quilt is coming along beautifully ♥ you must be so pleased with it Johanna! Great cup and chai is a tasty treat too.
    You know I get this notice at the top of the page whenever I come to visit your blog and others too: "This site uses cookies from Google to deliver its services, to personalize ads and to analyze traffic. Information about your use of this site is shared with Google. By using this site, you agree to its use of cookies."
    Invasion of privacy is part of our new age I guess.
    Happy T Day and Happy February oxo

  9. Oh this is truly fantastic, I love your snow cat and how you are incorporating him into the quilt square. xox

  10. Love the twists and turns of you quilt making. It is going to be beautiful when finished.
    Thanks for the comment....Happy T-day

  11. I really love your quilts - the snow cat is charming! Happy T-Day!

  12. Starting from the top....
    I'm do like your mug, what a great design and a lovely shape too.
    I seriously love your snowcat with her (I think she is a her) very sweet expression, and great idea to put picture pieces in with your blue tiny squares, I think that is inspired.
    I am well acquainted with the "measure three times, sew, measure again and find it is not so (nothing like) near what is expected" cussedness of sewing.
    Great blogpost again, Johanna.

  13. a snow kitty...brilliant! the 'story pieces' are so cool in combination with the pieced squares. and thanks for the update about followers...I've never concerned myself with how many there are, so I am ignoring it. love your sewing pieces! happy T day...

  14. LOVE the coffee cup!!!! You have certainly been busy since my last visit . I do like the snow cat a lot. You will have a great blanket when you're finished.

  15. Did you second visit Gaultier's exhibit impress you as much as the first one? Gorgeous stitching today, and what a fun mug for your tea!

  16. The snow cat is so darn cute. And I love that mug. It just makes me smile.

  17. The Google God has spoken and nothing much we surfs can do about it. :(
    You have kept very busy making beautiful things, though. The snowcat is cute! Happy T-Day! :)

  18. Wie wunderbar - deine Decke wird mit Sicherheit der Knaller. Ich bin gespannt, wie groß sie letztendlich werden wird.
    Jepp, genau wie du weigere ich mich auf den google+ Zug aufzuspringen.

  19. Oh wow, hier sind ja wieder tolle Werke zu sehen. Die Decke wird bestimmt ganz großartig.Sieht ja jetzt schon klasse aus.
    LG Carola

  20. What a superbly done blanket, and such a cute cat too! Awwwww, brava!!!


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