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Tuesday, February 09, 2016

whaT´s brewing?

i suppose it is not so hard to guess where it Comes from...
yes, brewing my coffee... (>t/tuesday)
what else was brewing this past week?
the snowcat got some dyed cheese Cloth patches added for texture (to the Body; and as clouds, because i had to cover an unwanted pattern there).
though it is time consuming sewing this delicate stuff on, i love doing it.

and of course i added some snowflakes.

next step was "framing" it to match with the Patchwork squares...

and it is carnival!
not that this touches me much, but looking for winter-themed stuff for my blanket i thought this would be fine:
stamped this old motif from stampers anonymous with black ink (from my favorite things) and heat set it for being waterproof (yes, i tried it and it is ok)
started embroidery with 2 strands of floss.
the faces and arms were too delicate to stitch, so i colored them with inktense pens.
then i thought this might be a good patch to sew onto a pocket i had cut out from an old Overall (jumpsuit) of the 80ies;)
and here it is,
meanwhile framed with squares to become part of the winter blanket (or winter section of a four seasons blanket... still pondering...)
what else?
now and then still pre-washing fabrics i bought years ago...
here a basket of red tones...
and... every year i´m waiting for the book sale of TASCHEN at the end of january.
very tempting to get books for half the Price...
the three volumes of the national geographic weigh 7 Kilo (each one!).
 28 x 39 cm, 1404 pages
you may call me crazy.


  1. Coffee good = everything good! Nice work, Happy T Day, Valerie

  2. Great idea to use that pocket. Wonderful cat, goes with our fresh white snow on the ground. Bokeh of the coffee is so pretty. dining sme right now. Xox

  3. Happy T-Day Johanna!
    Du bist ja mächtig fleissig und Deine Arbeiten sehen toll aus!Sogar eine Stempelvorlage sticken..meine Güte..das wäre eine Strafe für mich sowas zu machen! Alle Achtung!
    oxo Susi

  4. Hmmm! I can almost smell that coffee!
    That winter quilt is coming on amazingly! Your cat already was great and now it is perfect! I like the carnival dancers too.
    No, you are not crazy. That National Geographic book must be amazing. I can look through NGs all day. I have had a subscription all my adult life, but when we moved to Spain I had to get rid of the whole collection, starting from 1971. Yes, that hurt...
    Happy T-day,

  5. Die gestempelten Harlekine haben total gewonnen durch deine Stickerei, man könnte sie nicht schöner kolorieren. Auch der alten Hosen-Hintergrund passt perfekt dazu. Deine Winterdecke ist der Hit!
    Danke auch für den Taschen-Tipp, da muss ich doch gleich mal gucken gehen.
    Liebe Grüße von Ulrike

  6. Love that bokeh effect. Your fabric work is so wonderful Johanna! Sweet kitty and how clever to stamp an image then embroider it! Wouldn't call you crazy as i love books so and would have done the same:) Happy T day!

  7. What genius to stamp and then embroider an image! That opens up a whole new world, doesn't it! I love seeing the progression of your quilt and love that you create with sheer joy!Happy T Tuesday!

  8. Coffee stained art is always fun. Looks like you brewed it up just right.

    Gotta love the snowcat and really LOVE how you framed it. Of course, the carnival dancers are perfect for today AND as part of your winter theme. I think a four season blanket might be a good thing, but you might bet tired of putting a big one together before it's all over, so four different wall quilts might be nice.

    I've had NG off and on all my life. They make great art, and you can do things with NG you can't with other magazines because of the clay they use in their paper. Good for YOU.

    Thanks for sharing all this beautiful art, and finished pieces you brewed up this week, including your coffee, with us for T this Tuesday.

  9. Your quilt is coming along famously!
    The cheesecloth adds a wonderful touch and your stamped and embroidered charters are brilliant.
    Who can resist a sale...especially a book sale!
    Fun post as always
    Happy T Day Johanna oxo

  10. I'm joining you for coffee this morning. I hadn't made mine yet, but I think I could smell yours over the internet :) mmmmmmm :)

  11. oh are feeding my desire for stitching and fabric acquisition! Love that old stamp of jesters, and how you are stitching them...a zipper in a quilt?! genius. now, where is my needle...? happy T day! (and Mardi Gras)

  12. Only a non-crafter would call you crazy. Johanna!
    I love your patch work pieces and I so admire your sewing - both the cat and the dancers look amazing. Jx

  13. I'm loving what you are doing with the quilt! So unique!
    Happy T day!

  14. That's a great piece of work indeed. Greetings!

  15. Love your quilt. So beautiful!And I love sales too. I can feel the smell of your coffee.Who can resist it?

  16. Everything goes better with coffee :) You certainly have been busy and I love the Snowcat so much :)

  17. Na, da hatte der Paketbote auber schwer zu tragen :D
    Auch wenn ich keinen Kaffee trinke, den Duft frisch gebrühten Kaffees mag ich total gerne.
    Deine Schneekatze lässt mich wieder grinsen - herrlich. Klasse, wie du das Faschingthema mit aufgenommen hast ... nicht, dass ich Faschingfan bin.

  18. Quilt looks fantastic, is the final?
    Cute idea to use the stamp and then embroidery it.

    Belated T-day wishes

  19. All beautiful things here my dear.. So glad you shared. Never thought to stamp on fabric... and it doesn't wash off you say? i apologize for being so late for tea!! Blame it on the house! lol Hugs! deb

  20. Great blogpost, Johanna, again (!) but today my heart is captured by Snowcat who will never melt away. He is perfect in his blue frame and small patchwork world.

  21. Wowww, warst du wieder fleißig. Das sieht alles sooo toll aus. Was mich besonders begeistert ist, dass du sogar einen Stempelabdruck bestickst...SUPER.
    Ich wünsche dir eine schöne neue Woche.
    LG Carola


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