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Tuesday, March 01, 2016


no new creations this past week, as my sons were at home from wednesday to sunday, which i enjoyed...
but i have visited the egyptian Museum on feb 18th and took a lot of photos, so i´m going to recap some of them.
i´m starting with my Cup of coffee, which is a virtual one this week, as i made it in photoshop using a White Cup and a photo from the Exhibition.
the egyptian Museum in munich offers some 1800 m² of exhibition space, with an additional 400 m² for special exhibitions. About 2000 of more than 8000 objects are displayed permanently.
it is #13 on the ranking list of the most important egyptian Museums worldwide. (of course i remember the #1 in Cairo which i visited in 1985, great - but totally overwhelming!)
actually i only managed to visit about half the exhibits in munich, then i was exhausted and decided to come back another day.
since 2013 the Museum has a new Location with lots of space for the objects. Details about the building can be read at Wikipedia (engl  / dt)
Fragment of a relief with offering Scene from the tomb of Akhtihotep
Teil eines Reliefs mit Opferszene aus dem Grab des Achtihotep
(Altes Reich, 3.-4. Dynastie, ~2700 - 2600 v. Chr.; Kalkstein; Sakkara)

i think here you can see well the vast extent of the exemplarily exhibits.
hier sieht man schön, wie weitläufig die exemplarischen Ausstellungsstücke aufgestellt sind.
front and back
from the Picture above you couldn´t tell that this head is only 7,5 cm.
The "blue crown" was the crown of war, made of leather, metal or Cloth, with the uraeus at the front: the upright egyptian cobra was a Symbol of divine authority.
der kopf in dem bild oben ist nur 7,5 cm klein.
die "Blaue Krone" war die Kriegskrone mit der Uräusschlange. Die aufgerichtete Kobra war für die Pharaonen ein mächtiges Schutzsymbol. 

laut duden kann man "der" oder "die" Sphinx sagen... während bei uns die weibliche form gebräuchlicher ist, sagen die experten eigentlich "der". warum, das hab ich jetzt vergessen... wurde im audioguide erklärt. vielleicht weil die herrscher meist Männer waren? muss ich nächstes mal nochmal reinhören...;)
The nemes is the striped headcloth worn by pharaohs in ancient Egypt.
das dreieckige, gestreifte Nemes-Kopftuch gehörte zum Königsornat.

one of the oldest samples of the damascene Technic (inlay works of Gold or Gold alloy into metal surface). - the crocodile god sobek was worshipped in fayyum and kom ombo (where also thousands of crocodile mummies were found)
eines der ältesten beispiele der Tauschierungstechnik, bei der
gold oder goldlegierungen in metalloberflächen eingelegt werden. -
der krokodilsgott sobek wurde v.a. in fayum und kom ombo verehrt; in kom ombo fand man auch tausende von krokodil-Mumien.

25 statues from Senenmut (architect of Hatschepsut) are known so far - this one is one of the most beautiful. this type of kneeling figure was new to the egyptian art.
Von Senenmut (Hatschepsuts Architekt) kennt man bisher über 25 Statuen - diese hier zählt zu den schönsten. Senenmut führte die neue Statuenform der kniefigur in die ägyptische Kunst ein.

i suppose the insect on this stela above is a bee. Honey was important in ancient egypt as food and medicine. the legend says that bees were born from tears of Re.

Stela of the royal archivist Nena
Stele des königlichen Archivars Nena
Neues Reich, 18. Dynastie, ~1300 v. Chr.,
Sandstein, Memphis

the following exhibits are from the part called "afterlife".
die folgenden Exponate sind aus dem Raum über den Jenseitsglauben.

There are sarcophagi displayed (here middle and new kingdom), but no mummies due to ethical reasons.
Es sind Sarkophage zu sehen (hier aus dem Mittleren und Neuen Reich), aber der Leichnam selbst bleibt unsichtbar. Aus ethischen Gründen werden keine Mumien ausgestellt. 

In the Third Intermediate Period and later, dummy canopic jars were introduced. Improved embalming techniques allowed the viscera to remain in the body; the traditional jars remained a feature of tombs, but were no longer hollowed out for storage of the organs.
In der zweiten Hälfte der Dritten Zwischenzeit wurde gänzlich auf Kanopen verzichtet; die Eingeweide wurden in den Körper zurückgelegt und von Wachsfiguren der Horussöhne beschützt. Aus dieser und der Spätzeit sind auch Scheinkanopen ohne inneren Hohlraum bekannt.
this fish with the acuminate nose was holy and not allowed to eat. he was a protector of the deceased and guaranted their Revival. These fish were told to be the helpers of Isis, when she was looking for the dismembered Body parts of Osiris thrown into the nile. thus they contributed to his Revival.
Beim Oxyrhynchus handelt es sich um den Spitznasennilhecht, der den alten Ägyptern heilig war und nicht verzehrt werden durfte. Er galt als Beschützer der Verstorbenen und Garant ihrer Wiederbelebung. Die Fische sollen Isis auf der Suche nach den in den Nil geworfenen Körperteilen des zerstückelten Totengottes Osiris geholfen haben und so zu seiner Wiederbelebung beigetragen haben.

shrews were a form of appearance of the sun-god.
Spitzmäuse waren eine Manifestation des Sonnengottes
this book of the dead is displayed in a 8-meter Vitrine. in front of it there is a Monitor (scrollable) which translates the hieroglyphs and explains them in their context.
dieser totenbuch-Papyrus ist in einer 8 meter langen Vitrine ausgestellt. davor ist ein verschiebbarer Monitor aufgestellt, auf dem die Hieroglyphen übersetzt und in ihrem Zusammenhang erklärt werden.


  1. Love the exhibition photos, Egyptian art is always so exciting. Wouldn't mind a mug like that, either. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Eine tolle Tasse hast Du kreiert und danke für's Mitnehmen ins Museum!
    Happy T-Day!

  3. Goodness Johanna, it's a good thing you started us off with a cup of coffee, even if it was virtual, because I learned SO much here. There were so many things I knew nothing about, like uraeus or stela, or people like Senenmut. I always learn SO much when I visit here.

    Your trip to the museum piqued my interest in Egypt. I had no idea all those names I heard on Stargate (TV series) could be traced back to real legends. Some days my blonde roots really show!

    Thanks for sharing this wonderful museum and your lovely virtual cup with us for T this Tuesday. Thank your sons for being home, because it gave me a chance to learn SO much today.

  4. I have had a fascination with Egypt ever since I was a child--so I truly enjoyed your post today. We were fortunate enough to visit the Cairo Museum just months before it was attacked by protesters.

    Thank you for your lovely comments on my quilt and for sharing these wonderful photos and information.

    Happy T Day!

  5. Wow. That museum has a fabulous Egyptian collection. And what better after seeing it than a pick me up cup of tea or coffee. Your digital cup is great. Happy T day!

  6. Wow. That museum has a fabulous Egyptian collection. And what better after seeing it than a pick me up cup of tea or coffee. Your digital cup is great. Happy T day!

  7. That is a cup I would like to have. Thank you for the wonderful museum tour. I enjoyed the photos and all the information you provided. It must be amazing to see in person.

  8. I'm sure the Museum would like your virtual cup for its Museum shop, that is so clever.
    These Egyptian photos have so many interesting designs and patterns, the gazelle, the crocodile and the panels. Thanks for the tour, most enjoyable.

  9. amazing collection of Egyptian artifacts! hard to imagine just how old they are and how well they have been preserved. Thanks for sharing and a happy T day-great photoshop piece!

  10. Thank you for sharing all of your photos from the museum! I have always been interested in the art and history of Egypt and this was a most enjoyable post for me :)

  11. Looks like a fanastic exhibit. I too find that after a couple of hours, it's enough and I need to come back another time. Great Egyptian cup! Fun. Glad you had a good time with your sons. xox

  12. Such an interesting post girlfriend! I've always been fascinated with Egypt and their art, and studied a LOT of it in art history classes. Thanks for sharing you visit.....I really enjoyed it.
    Your virtual cup would be a fantastic idea for museum to sell.....I would definitely buy one. The one, on my blog, actually came off Pinterest. I've always thought it was a perfect fit for T-day.

  13. Ach, welch eine wunderbare Ausstellung, wo ich doch schon immer ein Fan der ägyptischen Kunst war. ... so tolle Bilder zeigst du, aber ich muss nochmal kommen, da auch ich gleich Sohn-Besuch erwarte.
    Ganz super - Grüße von Ulrike

  14. What an amzing exhibit. Thanks for sharing it with us today.

  15. I would totally buy an Egyptian coffee cup like that! Egyptian art was one of my first loves in college...thanks for sharing these photos!

  16. I have always been fascinated by Ancient Egypt so this was a treat. Thanks! Happy T-Day! :)

  17. What a fantastic visit this was! I used to love the Egyptian topic at school! Hugs, Chrisx

  18. I checked out a lot of your posts. I love the variety. I do a lot of mixed media. I can never decide what I like most. Paper, fabric, canvas etc. I have a blog at if you'd like to visit.

  19. A fascinating post. I love seeing ancient Egyptian artefacts. Thank you! p.s. I love the mug!

  20. Very interesting photos Johanna, I've been planning a trip to the Neues Museum in Berlin to see the Nefertiti bust. It seems that Munich could be well worth a visit too :)


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