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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

fabric collage - in the birch foresT (w.i.p.)

this week i thought i should cut patches of White fabric to make them drip mats for my coffee;)
instant dyeing along the way...
i was in the mood for a fabric Collage and started going through my stashes...
there is a bunch of old washed out boxer Shorts of my sons´ youth, i like their thin Cotton and worn look - the best is the part where the rubber band was, as there occured a Kind of shibori by it self. so i unraveled the seams there thoroughly.
then there are boxes with old Cloth (trousers from childhood, Shirts with flaws or just unwanted after a while...)
and of Course new fabrics i bought years ago mostly at
here there is one of these new Pieces with birches as a pattern - i cut out three parts to create space between the trees.

patched and hand sewed this Background...
Detail below:
(the White Background base of the Piece is a tea dyed Cotton sheet)
... and i think maybe a moose could feel comfortable in this scenery.
and i see a big star rising in the sky... maybe a 6-point-patchworked one?
stay tuned.
all your good vibrations for timmy worked (and the antibiotics, too;))
he is back to normal, what a relief! though there are days i wish him to the moon, if the pets suffer it is hard to look on helplessly.


  1. Schöne Textilarbeiten, die Bäume gefallen mir gut. Freut mich dass Timmy wieder fit ist. Happy T Day, Valerie

  2. Schön,daß es dem Kater besser geht.Deine Stoffcollage sieht super aus.

  3. Love your quiltlet and amazed that you have kept all those bits of material for so long but very handy that you use them! Glad Timmy is feeling better, its not nice when the furpeople are sick. Happy T day to you! Annette

  4. happy to hear kitty is doing well now. Love seeing all your marvelous fabric work! Happy T day to you!

  5. Happy news about Timmy ♥
    Your birch tree forest is magical and I can Love that you have the old worn boxer fabric which gives really special feel and touch to what you created.
    I have to say your splash of coffee in the first photo is classic!!!
    Happy T Day Johanna oxo

  6. I'm with Patty on the splash of coffee. It was a super beginning photo.

    I've found old clothes make great additions to quiltets and I'm a BIG advocate of using old bed sheets. They give you the most fabric for the amount of money you have invested in them. My friends give me their old ones and I gladly take them to dye and sometimes overdye.

    I'm thrilled (and so is Bleubeard) that Timmy is better. I know exactly what you mean about feeling helpless when your beloved furry friend is sick.

    Thanks for sharing your fabric, the beginning of a new quilt, Timmy, and your cup of coffee with us for T this Tuesday.

  7. I love your design. I like the colors and patterns in old cotton. Happy T Tuesday!

  8. This is fabulous! and clever!
    Happy T-day

  9. Love this fabric collage, Johanna! Very abstract and modern.

  10. Oh i'm so glad Timmy is better! Happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  11. the worn blue fabrics! and the resulting patchwork...I will look forward to seeing how this progresses! happy T day!

  12. So glad Timmy is better!!!!! Love the new fiber piece too. Very creative ♥

  13. Good news about Timmy! We do so worry about our furry bunch. Love the fabric for the birch trees. Nice abstract work. xox

  14. I love your birch tree quilt! Great news about Timmy! Hugs, Chrisx

  15. Ich muss immer ein wenig schmunzeln, wenn ich lese dass Du sogar die alten Unterhosen verarbeitest - sehr extravangat-- schöne Stoffarbeiten sind das - und ich freu mich sehr dass es Eurem TImmy wieder gut geht!
    Hier ist auch wieder viel Schnee ... an Frühling ist angeblich erst ab nächstem Montag wieder zu denken....
    oxo Susi

  16. Your stitching is lovely. Glad kitty is feeling better

  17. Lots of fun here - accidental on purpose dyeing with the spilt coffee, ready-made shibori from the boxer shorts - very amusing - and your fabric collages are fascinating.
    Of course the best is that Timmy has recovered.

  18. I agree that a moose would fit right in your quilted scene. Would you go with a natural brown color, or something more whimsical?

  19. Oh wow! This is absolutely fabulous! I love your quilted work of art!!! And yes, a moose would be perfect here. Thank you so much for your visit to my blog, too! HUGS!!!


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