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Tuesday, March 22, 2016

moose in the birch foresT

i´m starting (and closing;)) this post with a tuesday-drink:
it has been a while since i worked in my art Journal,
but this week i did:
gelli printed Background, napkin, bits and pieces, stamping.
and i love quotes.
Progress on the fabric Collage:
i googled for a moose Silhouette and copied it onto a transparency.
cut it out with the scalpel and looked where to place the moose.
first i thought to put him behind the trees, but too less would be visible this way, not looking well really.
so i decided to stencil the Silhouette on top, in front of the birches.
i mixed brown acrylic Color with some fabric medium (thanks for the tip, sheila - this way i can at least use the Colors i do not Need so often and don´t have to buy so many of the fabric Colors, which are quite expensive).
well, i must remember next time to use a bit more of the medium, i just eyeballed it and it could be even less stiff... but it worked.
tricky part: to hold down the Little Piece between the legs with my tweezers, as it had no Connection to the rest of the Silhouette.

below you can see the Collage Piece is quite large,
and the moose is not as orange as the pics above turned out.
next: embroidery started...
(with 2 strands of floss)

more of it next week i suppose...
on thursday i was in munich for our monthly stampers´ group Meeting.
 because our Meetings are in the evening, i always try to Combine it with some Museum visit or photo Shooting before.
for this day i had envisaged to go to an Exhibition of paintings of Joaquín Sorolla, but then the weather was so beautifully spring-like i did not want to spend my time inside.
changed plans and went to the Ostfriedhof (engl / dt), munich´s largest graveyard.
a good decision: the birds were singing, the woodpeckers hammering and the ravens had a good time also. squirrels having a ball.
lots of crocuses, cowslips and daffodils between the graves.
of course i only concentrated on a very small part of the approximately 34,700 burial plots, so there will be days to come back.
here are some of the photos i shot:

there are many graves showing Christian symbols...
but also a variety of other People from around the world are buried here:
(jewish / african, croatia, Turkey, russia, asia...)
some Stones are telling stories...
(this man with the edelweiss, pick and rope clearly was an Alpinist...
regrettably many Stones don´t tell any stories nowadays and are very uniform)
exeptions often are graves of artists (german) like here...
oh, may one drink of the week be a watering place for the animals of the graveyard?
a fallen Stone which has collected the rain... sorry, the raven was too fast for my camera to be photographed drinking...


  1. Wonderful photos from the cemetery and a lovely journal page and textile work. Happy T Day, Valerie

  2. Der Hahnspruch ist klasse, der Elch wird mega...und Friedhöfe sind immer einen Besuch wert.

  3. I'm glad Timmy has recovered.
    I love your journal page - there is something majestic about cockerels and that quote is wonderful - i'm still smiling.
    Your fabric collage with moose is wonderful - such a good idea to make your own stencil.
    Thanks for sharing the pictures of the cemetery. Such ornate grave stones; some of them are stunning.

  4. Happy T day. Wow- that graveyard is like a museum on its own. And love both your journal and cloth collage-I love how you stenciled the moose and then stitched. It gives it so much depth. Have a wonderful day! :)Erika

  5. How clever to find a coffee mug gif, steaming away.
    Mr. Cockerel is such a fine chap and let's hope he is not talking about himself. He's terrific with the star and the cockerel postage stamp too.
    Your fabric collage is coming on marvellously, I quite liked the abstract look of it last time, but the moose brings it to life, and then imagine embroidering it with all those stitches, what an excellent moose he is turning out to be. He's got a very fine eye too.
    Graveyard photos are so fascinating, it must have been a lovely soundful time with the woodpeckers hammering and the squirrels having a ball(!). The birds are all going crazy here.

  6. OH your moose is fabulous already Johanna!
    Your cemetery photos are wonderful. I know I would be content to spend days there. The light is beautiful on what looks like a perfect spring day.
    Happy T a Day
    p.s. Super journal pages too!!!

  7. Cute steaming cuppa! And what a fabulous rooster image! Gotta love that quote too:):) Your moose fabric piece is super -love the color combo. And thanks for sharing the cemetery walk-I would LOVE to be able to walk through it! Happy T day!

  8. Thank you for taking me on a trip around the cemetery. Fascinating! I think people have dull gravestones because it is difficult ( and expensive) to find artist stonecutters.
    In southern Europe they have photos of the deceased on the grave. That takes a bit of getting used to but every time I go back to the town I used to live in Italy, I go to the cemetery to see who has passed on.
    Have a lovely week,

  9. I'm going to start with the art and end with your drink of choice.

    I LOVE the rooster and the cute sentiment. How fun. Yes, I laughed!

    The moose is awesome. You are so skilled with the "scalpel." But the hand sewing is simply INCREDIBLE. Truly gorgeous.

    That cemetery is fabulous. I did an internet search and saw it also has a famous crematorium. I really enjoyed the various photos you showed and shared. They are amazing and show how diverse the gravestones are. This is a graveyard I would LOVE to see, since I'm into graveyards.

    Thanks for sharing all these with us, but most of all, thanks for beginning with your animated cup and ending with the "watering hole" for animals and birds. That is fantastic.

  10. I'm impressed with the wide variety of styles in these gravestones and especially with the mosaics. Striking!

    I got a kick out of your mug gif :)

    Happy T Tuesday!

  11. oh thank you for sharing these cemetery photos - so fascinating. Love the variety of stones and sculptures. I was surprised you are embroidering over the moose...thought you were done at the stencil. It will be gorgeous! happy T day!

  12. Der Spruch auf der wunderbaren Journaldoppelseite brachte mich grad laut zum Lachen und ich bewundere immer wieder welch aufwendige Projekte Du hast.. Stoffcollage - eigens angefertigte Schablone und dann noch perfekte Stickerei drauf..... unglaublich!
    Tolle Fotos sind das vom Friedhof!
    Happy T-Day !
    Danke für Deine schöne Anerkennung für meine Gesicher..
    ja Übung macht was aus -- wie bei allem ...
    Viel Spaß beim Sticken!

    Liebe Grüße Susi

  13. Fantastic moose and his stitched head is wonderful, makes the whole thing. Yes to Sheila, those fabric mediums are great for using any old acrylic and they work wonderfully. I don't want to be a feather duster, poor Mr. Rooster. Marvelous cemetary shots, I can't believe there are 34,000, wow. Beautiful shots those. xox

  14. I thoroughly enjoyed everything in your post. The colors and composition of the journal pages, the perfectly placed and beautifully embroidered moose on the collage, and the elaborate tombstones. Such a nice variety of ideas.

  15. Love the moose and the embroidery really makes it pop!!! Love the photos from the graveyard. We have an old graveyard near here and I like to go and take photos of the older more elaborate tombstones. Modern ones are so boring. Happy T Day !

  16. Johanna, thank you for this wonderful post. I love your journal page--so funny, and your fabric work is progressing beautifully.
    But that cemetery and your photos are amazing! What a wonderful place that must be to wander in.

  17. I think graveyards are so peaceful! Love your artwork and fabric art, too. Best to you. Love, Rita

  18. Your fabric collage is looking so good! I'm pleased to see that I am not the only one who is fascinated by cemeteries - hubby thinks I am very weird but comes along and is soon hooked in - Salzburg has a fabulous one! I will look up the one you mention - it may be a reason to visit Munich one day! On a brighter note you journal page really made me smile! Sorry to be late - been out a lot! Chrisx

  19. Ganz toller Post wieder, Johanna. Ob die Hahnenseite, deine Elch-Stoffcollage und die Friedhofsbilder... es ist immer wieder spannend, was du uns zeigst! Noch immer reisebenebelt - LG Ulrike

  20. In die Gockelseiten hab ich mich ja sofort verliebt, sie sind meine absoluten Favoriten und sehr kreativ wie Du die Elchseite gewerkelt hast. Danke auch für's teilen der schönen Fotos. Ich wünsche Dir ein schönes Osterfest, hoffentlich etwas sonnig :-)
    LG Anja

  21. Deine Journal Seiten sehen einfach wunderbar aus, Johanna. Der Hahn gefällt mir super gut, genauso dein Elch!

    Ich wünsche dir ein wunderschönes Osterwochenende!

    LG Gaby

  22. A very inspiring fabric collage Johanne, the moose is great.

    Love and hugs


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