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Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Tuesday already?

time for my weekly Invitation to join me for a Cup of coffee to Review the past days...
just in time for the meteorologic spring (march 1st) winter came back.
not too cold, but snow (for a short time) anyway.
this week i decided it was time for a Long overdue small repair work in the bathroom.
each time when the mirror must be removed because of damage in that dangling string to lighten the spots, the mirror gets cracked at a Corner. seems to be a principle here. so meanwhile both lower Corners are damaged.
the mirror is quite large, so i´m not willing to buy a new one (which for guarantee would be damaged soon, too).

lower right Corner
i decided to create two laminated pieces to cover the Corners:
took a spray painted Background and printed quotes (found in the net) on it.
double sided tape. done!

the quotes translate:
"today i´m gonna live, tomorrow í will clean. maybe."
"a short while ago everything was tidy and clean here. what a pity you missed out on this." 

back in September i made a few patches for a fabric photo book.
now i thought to make some more, just free embroidery.
the logo stamp is a place holder for photos to be added...

and i collected all of them in the fabric booklet i made in November:

just basted them loosely there until i will sew them together to form a book...

now i only have to look for good photos of the Family...
poor timmy is ill... no eating and drinking since friday... laying around in different places...
i thought i would wait over the Weekend and as things did not improve our first way on monday morning was to the vet. fever, x-ray (as i was not sure if he had something in his throat, as he sat in front of the water bowl, wanted to drink but couldn´t... he had swallowed a bird before [found some tiny feathers on friday morning]... meanwhile i was afraid of Dehydration), a lot of air in the stomach which obviously hurt him...
anyway, there were about 6 injections for the poor Boy.
we have to return to the vet today in the afternoon and i hope he will soon be back to normal. 


  1. Armer Timmy --- ich hoffe es ist inzwischen besser mit ihm!
    Eine geniale Idee für die Spiegelecken - super!
    Deine Stickpatches sind toll...
    Wir hatten heute Nacht auch wieder Schnee und er liegt noch so schön ---
    hat derzeit hier irgendwie keiner Bock drauf - aber was soll's ...
    so kann ich wenigstens meine Herbstblumenzwiebel noch nicht setzten und hab Zeit für's Internet.

    Schöne Woche Johanna!
    Liebe Grüße

  2. Alles Gute für die Katze. Gute Idee mit den Eckensticker. Happy T Day, Valerie

  3. How sad for Timmy. I hope he is better soon.

    That is an incredibly beautiful mug. It even looks like spring, something your photos of your home do not (grin).

    I am incredibly impressed with your fabric photo book. Your hand sewing always amazes me.

    I laughed at the quotes you used on the corners of the mirror. I would not be able to afford to replace that, either. Your choice of repairs was awesome.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely fabric book, your snow, your mirror repair, your darling Timmy, and your beautiful mug of coffee with us for T this Tuesday.

  4. Poor Timmy, I hope he gets well soon.
    I love your embroidery! Very original.
    What a good idea to make those pieces for the mirror! I like it! And I also like the quotes. I have the second one as a fridge magnet.
    Have a great week,

  5. This must be home improvement month. Glad you fixed your mirror- and what a pretty cup. So fresh and springy! I love your stitching too! :)

  6. My goodness i hope its not too serious with Timmy. Its always scarey when they are off their food and water for days...

    Love your mirror fix... I would worry though that the cracks would spread and eventually become unsafe... I was going to suggest mayb doing some etching around that area but i like your idea better!!! Looks really nice! Looks really nice!Hugs! deb

  7. awe i do hope Timmy gets back to normal soon and the vet gives a good report. What a very clever cover up for your mirror-love it! Your stitch work is beautiful. Sorry about the snow but those flowers sure are trying to say spring. Happy T day!

  8. We've gotten no snow to speak of this year, so I enjoyed seeing your photos. The flowers look so hopeful :) Happy T Tuesday!

  9. Hoping you get better news for poor Timmy right meow!
    Your crocus in the snow speaks volumes about fickle March weather.
    Brilliant way to jazz up your mirror with those fab quotes ♥♥♥
    Happy T Day Johanna

  10. Das blaue Foto-Stickbuch wird bestimmt bald gefüllt sein, es sieht jetzt schon gut aus!
    ... ich kann mich an Schnee im April erinnern mit verschneiten Osterglocken... die Frühblüher halten so etwas ja locker aus. Wir hatten keinen Schnee in Bielefeld, aber es war saukalt!
    Oh je, wenn Katzen nicht fressen ist immer etwas faul... hoffentlich hat sich dein Kater wieder gut erholt.
    Liebe Grüße von Ulrike

  11. Sorry about Timmy! I hope he will be okay.
    I love your idea for the mirror!!! So clever!
    And the fabric booklet will be grand.
    Happy T-Day! :)

  12. Poor Timmy! Hope he is better soon! I love the way you fixed the mirror! Your sewing looks great! Happy T day! Chrisx

  13. Love the needle work today and the mirror idea is great !!! Sure hope Timmy is better already :(

  14. lovely garden photos...the crocus in the snow is stunning! wonderful to look at, not so fun to be out it it! I think your solution to the mirror problem was perfect...I live by those quotes as well ;) wonderful stitching for your book...I too adore stitching and the texture it creates. hope your kitty is feeling better soon! happy belated T day!

  15. What a great idea to "patch" your mirror rather than buying a new one. Looks pretty, and better for the environment. So much is wasted by throwing everything out. I love your stitchery. It's a unique way to display photos. I hope your kitty feels better. It's difficult to see our pets ill, and they never complain.

  16. Another great fabric book with lovely stitching - mine would not look like that!
    I hope Timmy makes a quick recovery; always a worry when they are ill.
    Such a splendid solution for your mirror and I just love those quotes - cleaning is never a priority!

  17. Wowww, hier sind wieder tolle Werke zu sehen. Die Idee mit den Spiegelecken sind genial. Muss ich mir merken, so eine kaputte Ecke habe ich auch.
    Alles gute für die Katze.
    LG Carola

  18. I hope Timmy is better now, it's a sad little photo.
    I do like seeing your weekly coffee mugs, whether real or invented.
    Is this the first ever corners-of-a-bathroom-cabinet artistic mend blogpost? It's very ingenious and practical too, a good save and also enhancing.

  19. Oh, hope your sweet Timmy will be alright. It's so hard to see them suffer and not really know what's wrong. Ugh. Love your idea for the mirror. Quite perfect really. And SEW WHAT!! love things like that. xox

  20. Kicher, die Instandsetzung des Spiegels gefällt mir ausgesprochen gut. :D
    Um deine GINKGO Tasse beneide ich dich ein kleines bisschen, ich mag Ginkgos total gerne.
    Hoffentlich geht es eurem Timmy wieder besser, meine Daumen hat er.
    Mir geht es wie dir. Momentan bin ich blogrundenmäßig nicht unterwegs. Schreibe nur kurz einen Beitrag und schwupps bin ich wieder weg. Alles hat seine Zeit, momentan hat die freie Zeit am Basteltisch Priorität.
    In diesem Sinne wünsche ich dir ein schönes und kreatives Wochenende.

  21. Sorry to hear about Timmy, hope he'll soon be on the mend.

    Lovely free embroidery, the fabric reminds me of ikat fabrics. Poor mirror, but fun sentiments.

    Have a wonderful day!

    Love and hugs


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