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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

barcelona (2)

as i can´t visit a City without (if possible) going to a graveyard,
i also brought some Pictures with me
the above one is taking up a songline from bob dylan (you can hear a nick cave Version here) -
so it fits the current ajj challenge, too.
texture from kim Klassen, moon from the net, cancellation brush selfmade
and of course i can´t leave out the fantastic Barcelona song from Freddie Mercury & Montserrat Caballé,
to which i dedicate another digital page:
These are gaudí´s chimneys from the rooftop of the casa milà
and i had to take the font "queen" here... and another texture from kim Klassen;
stamp selfmade, cancellation brush also.
this is how our days started: the breakfast at our Hotel, with lots of fresh fruit, buns with cheese and ham, Salami etc, and fresh baked Little sweet pieces (the Hotel´s bakery must have been at our floor, because this was the first smell every morning when we left our room - yummy!).
great selection of various coffees etc, too!
the city´s largest market was near our Hotel
in hindsight we really knew it was a good choice to book our time in barcelona from sunday to friday...
just look at the photos below - starting late on thursday many People seemed to come into town for a Extended Weekend...


yummy icecream :)
a "must see" - the sagrada familia
more Towers or more cranes? ;)
it is planned to be finished in 2026, the 100th anniversary of gaudí´s death.
on top of the bell Towers: mosaics of venetian glass

contrasting styles of sculptures at the Passion and the Nativity entries
below: view to the ceiling:

the columns look like trees, very organic
elements of nature are everywhere in gaudí´s work

the light in the basilica: on the left you see the colorful glass Windows -
if you step aside you see the light only, from a 90° angle... it´s like Magic!
well, i will stop here with the sagrada famila,
it would be a neverending Story...
i was surprised, how the orange trees sometimes have blossoms and fruit at the same time.
and that smell of the blossoms, aaah...
choose the base, the Colors, the Accessoires individually and create your own sandals
are These high heels cool or what?
(not that i could walk a single step in them;))
and a flea market is not bad as well...


  1. Wonderful photos, and thanks for linking your journaling to Art Journal Journey. Happy T Day, Valerie

  2. Fabelhafte Impressionen Johanna! Danke für's Teilen und danke für die tollen Beiträge zur Art Journal Journey!
    Ich hoffe Du fühlst Dich inzwischen wieder top fit!
    Sei lieb gegrüßt !
    Happy T- Day!

  3. Sehr schöne Bilder! Ich war dort im Jahr 2008 und habe es sehr genossen, deine Fotos anzusehen und in Erinnerungen zu schwelgen!

  4. what fabulous photos of an amazing looking city!! Thanks for sharing the incredible views of the basilica-wow! I too love going to graveyards. Super art for the challenge at AJJ too. Happy T day!

  5. What a feast for the senses! Love the photos journey.
    Happy T day!

  6. So much to love in your post!! Adore Gaudi's work, yummy fruit...and a flea market. It's ALL terrific. Happy T Day!

  7. So much to love in your post!! Adore Gaudi's work, yummy fruit...and a flea market. It's ALL terrific. Happy T Day!

  8. Your AJJ pages, tied in with Barcelona, are wonderful.

    Gaudi's chimneys are simply incredible. Such a wonderful example of form following function. To think these are really ventilation ducts blows my mind.

    Gaudi's Sagrada Familia towers are so beautiful. I learned about them when I received images from a travel brochure and how they are continually being constructed. The inside is almost a force of nature.

    Your breakfast looks wonderful, and if that is typical, you must have needed to walk all over Barcelona to keep the weight from showing. This must have been a fantastic hotel!

    Thanks for sharing your Barcelona art and towers, along with that incredible breakfast with us for T this Tuesday. I simply couldn't stop going back and rereading everything, including the food and flea markets.

  9. Oh MY!!! What a lot of delight s you have shared today!!! I really need to go and look some more as I'm sure I have missed many little details . Thanks so much for sharing your journal and your beautiful photos of your adventure ♥

  10. I'm a big fan of Gaudi and would love to see his work in person. It's fabulous! And what a market! I'd have trouble leaving :) Happy T Tuesday

  11. I love your photos from Barcelona. I was lucky enough to go there 6 years ago and it was a very exciting place to visit. It made me remember seeing your photos. Time to go through mine again I think. Don't you love all the Gaudi architecture? It was one of my all time favorite things to see. Happy T Day!

  12. Vielen Dank fürs Mitnehmen in diese tolle Stadt! Deine tollen Fotos sagen mir einmal mehr, dass ich dort auf jeden Fall hin muss, um vor allen Dingen diese irre Architektur in Natura zu sehen.
    Ich versuche auch immer möglichst das Wochenende bei Reisen zu vermeiden, damit man mehr vom Leben mit bekommt, wie Märkte usw.
    Die FlipFlops sind ja megaschön, da hätte ich auch gerne ein Paar davon, so verrückte Schuhe gibt es bei uns ja gar nicht.
    Lustig ist auch die Flohmarktpuppe, die zur Seite schaut!
    Jedenfalls wieder eine wunderbar bunte Mischung an Reiseeindrücken!
    Lieben Gruß von Ulrike

  13. OH what fun to see some Barcelona photos Johanna. I was thinking about your trip and did not want to miss out.
    The sagrada famila is something I have only seen shows about. It is all quite fantastical. What a treat for you to see it in real life.
    Your fruit and fresh baked goods sounds like a perfect breakfast to me = yum!
    Must visit your Barcelona #1
    Happy T Day oxo
    p.s. we visited Pere LaChais cemetery in Paris and oh my gosh ... I share your attraction to cemeteries!

  14. Wonderful photos! Oh how I want to visit…especially now I have seen these! A cemetery or two is always on our list when we visit somewhere new! Happy T Day! Chrisx

  15. Super interesting photos. I am just stopping by to say hello on T Day.

  16. What a fab post! Love it! I share your fascination for cemeteries. As I lived in Italy for so long where people put photos on the graves, it is interesting to walk through a cemetery.
    Gaudi is my all time favorite architect. The last time I was in Barcelona as a tourist was 20 years ago and the Sagrada Familia wasn't finished inside and did not have any windows. They look stunning. We went up the tower but they hadn't finished the pinnacles either then. I think it is time we went again. Barcelona is so easy to get about with a metro pass.I also remember the market. Barcelona is great.
    Your page 'Barcelona' is beautiful. I was wondering how you did the stamp...
    Thank you for visiting and happy T Day!

  17. Oh wow, what fabulous photos and experiences! Love that structure, and the market, and those printers trays at the end!
    Happy belated T day.

  18. Great song from Nick Cave, I didn't know this, and wouldn't it be great for your illustration to be on the record sleeve.
    I see what you mean about the four chimneys - so we both did four chimneys this week. I am also fascinated, as always, by your choices of font.
    Thanks for the Barcelona trip, starting with breakfast (I always love hotel breakfasts) and going through the markets, shops and seeing the amazing architecture. And I see some stamps for sale, I wonder if you bought any, they look irresistible.

  19. Great photos from your holiday Johanna.

    Love and hugs

  20. Your digital pages look great, Johanna, and will evoke happy memories at a later date.
    The Sagrada Familia is an amazing building and your photos reminded me of my trip there some years ago ... I would love to go back when it is completed! Gaudi's houses are stunning too. Barcelona is a fantastic city. I'm glad you enjoyed your visit. Jx


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