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Saturday, April 02, 2016

the second on the second - braille music journal

for elizabeth´s second look i went back to my Braille Journal.
i hardly can believe the last time i worked in it was in july 2014... !
when i had started it soon turned out it will become a book of Songs -
here you see the spread "behind blue eyes" (the who) from sept 2013.
if you are interested in more, just follow this Label, which says there are 17 entries for the Braille Journal.
as there are still lots of empty spreads in the book, i thought i might make one for the April challenge at ajj "For The Record" - Inspired By A Song
in my mind was david bowie´s blackstar,
but actually i had to deal with more circumstances than i thought
(maybe i´m just not used to work with paper so much recently...).
first: i did not find a Picture of Bowie where he was a bit sad looking. i tried, but due to Printer issues i could not take one from the web. in my stash i only found a Magazine from Publisher TASCHEN (you can get their gorgeous magazines free when subscribing to their Newsletter!) - with older Bowie photos. so i went with this:
i cut out the photo, but the new (obviously not fresh anyway...) gluestick tore his arm
(sorry, david...)
i made 5-point-star stencils from a transparency in two sizes and stenciled black acrylics onto the Background
(i just mention i get a MESS every time i deal with black Color... black stamppads, black markers, black anything. no other Color [so far], but black. thankfully the mess was only on my Hands and the kitchen workplate, and not in the book.)
then i printed parts of the lyrics (you can find them here) with the dymo style of the labelmaker.
i framed the strips with polychromos (dark indigo + warm greyII),
but it was a bit annoying that the paper did not stick well and i had to re-glue...

but the biggest Frustration was working with embossing powder in this book.
i must remember not to do that again!!
i suppose it is the handling of the really large book (catching the leftovers of the powder properly), which is also a bit wonky - so you have to stabilize the Backgrounds with thick magazines when stamping. and the dealing with embossing powder has to be made quickly... ahhh, i would have needed four Hands at least...
anyway. the celestial looking circle stamps are from Flamingo artstamps.
then i called it done.
now it is almost 3 months since he died...
i remember the shiver i got when i saw the Trailer of his new Album - just released shortly before his death. it was so surreal. prophetic.
what a loss!!
i think i might make another Bowie spread soon.
without embossing;)


  1. Lovely spread with Bowie, thanks for joining us at Art Journal Journey, Valerie

  2. I love that Braille book, Johanna. I can't believe it would be easy to work in something with all those dots. I am in awe of Behind Blue Eyes as well as several of the others I saw.

    Of course, I know the latest with David Bowie is awesome and very close to your heart. Very surreal and a HUGE loss indeed.

    Thanks for sharing this entry for Second on the 2nd and continuing the book with your AJJ entry. So glad you "brought it out of mothballs" so it can shine again.

  3. I love your David Bowie page! I laughed when you mentioned your problems with black ink - I try every so often to make CAS cards but go through so much card! Great to bring this journal back for a second look and to continue using it! Hugs, Chrisx

  4. Love your pages! So very beautiful <3

  5. I find the idea of a braille journal really cool. And what you show definitely has the music thing going- in a really really good way! I enjoyed my views a lot. Make it a great weekend. Hugs-Erika

  6. Großartig Deine neue Doppelseite Johanna!
    Die viele Mühe hat sich gelohnt!

    Lieben Dank für's Zeigen bei Art Journal Joureny !

    Auch die Behind Blue Eyes Doppelseite ist einfach toll ... gut sie nochmal zu sehen!

    Liebe Grüße

  7. Klasse Journalpages, Johanna! Muss morgen noch mal gucken kommen - in Eile. Ulrike

  8. what fab pages and imagery for this song-thanks so much for joining at AJJ!!

  9. These are both wonderful. I hope I get inspired real soon for this new theme!!

  10. For a frustrating experience it sure came out great. He was prophetic in so many ways, wasn't he! Xox

  11. Wow, it's a great Bowie spread Johanna, I do like how you used the song. I'm sure he'll forgive you for the arm. The first journal page is very powerful too.

    Love and hugs

  12. I like how you give a blow by blow account of how you make things including the usual sort of arty incidents like arms tearing and embossing powder incidents.
    It's good to see you making art journal art again with the great David Bowie spread here.

  13. A great page David Bowie will be missed

  14. Two powerful and great-looking journal spreads. You would never know the challenges you had when looking at the Bowie pages!

  15. WOW! I love all of your amazing and heartfelt pages. That "Who" song is one of my all time favorites and I love what you did with it. And your David Bowie pages are simply awe-inspiring. He will be missed greatly.

  16. Endlich bin ich mal wieder am PC (und schaue nicht nur am Tablet), habe ein paar Minuten bis zum Mittagessen und nutze die Gelegenheit dir liebe Grüße hierzulassen. Diese beiden Doppelseiten gefallen mir sehr gut.


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