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Tuesday, April 05, 2016

Travel is ahead...


i Need a lot of milk in my coffee...
(no sugar though)
spring finally is here,
in my garden:
pulsatilla and a small species of tulips

every year it is fun to watch the buds of the chestnut... my Kids planted it when they were Little (about 20 years ago), but as it is in the middle of shrub, is has not grown up to more than about 1,20 meters;) it doesn´t give up though:)
as i´m not too tidy at the front door also, i get joy each year from a hepatica in a cobblestone gap:
on my walk i see the
nature exploding... from one day to the next:
gazillions of pilewort
(did you know you can add their leaves to a salad, before they bloom - later on they are slightly poisonous)
and Wood anemones...
but my beloved beech trees are crying, literally:
after a Tornado last year lots of their branches were cut down
and all was left is this:
and of course the Wood workers did not Close the wounds,
so the spring Juices are running down the trunks, dripping really...
not sure if they will survive or bleed to death.
it is heartbreaking.
this is how they looked before the Tornado:


again, a Piece of Cloth which got the leftover paint from stamping and brayering on its surface, ended up free embroidered and sewn together to form a pouch ...

it will hold my travel guide for next week...
so: my next tuesday post will be in two weeks, on 19th
help me Keep fingers crossed... i had a nightmare: i dreamed my camera gave up working... i couldn´t click the button any more... Horror!! i think there will be a lot to see in Barcelona (i would have to buy a new camera there!!)
i´m in the midst of planning... if you have a good tip, feel free to share it in the comments:)


  1. Thanks for sharing the photos, and have fun in Barcelona, it's a wonderful town. Happy T Day, hugs, Valerie

  2. Viel Spaß mit Frühling und Barcelona. ..Bei uns wird es im Wonnemonat Lissabon.

  3. oh, wie schön! Barcelona.., wow! Viel Spaß und bringe uns viele Photos und DICH wieder mit nach Hause :)
    GLG Conny

  4. Thanks for sharing your lovely Spring photos, Joanna. It is always so good to see new life burst forth. I hope the beech trees survive - nature is very resilient.
    I love your pouch - just right for your travel books.
    I am sure you will enjoy Barcelona - the Gaudi architecture is amazing.

  5. Have a wonderful trip. I hope your camera works. And your garden shots are great- I love seeing all the new growth. Enjoy your travels. I've been there one and it is a beautiful city. :)

  6. Have a wonderful trip. I hope your camera works. And your garden shots are great- I love seeing all the new growth. Enjoy your travels. I've been there one and it is a beautiful city. :)

  7. Lovely spring photos! Nature at its best. A shame about the tree cuts (that they did not close tha wounds I mean).
    Barcelona is fascinating. I can thoroughly recommend it. Go and see all the Gaudi buildings, walk along the Rambla, see the yaghting harbour, shop until you drop... have a great time!
    Happy T-Day,

  8. LOVE seeing your Spring flowers ♥ The little pouch is adorable I need to stamp on some fabric with my left over paints too...already ideas are flowing :) Hope your trip is FANTASTIC and your camera dreams were just a dream .

  9. Lovely spring blossoms . Sorry about your beautiful trees though:( I have only seen Barcelona on travel shows but it looks like an incredible place with so much to see. Have a wonderful time!! Oh, and I love your coffee image-I don't have a clue as to how you do that but I enjoyed it very much. Happy T day!

  10. Wie toll, diese Stadt steht auch schon lang auf meiner Liste... es wird bestimmt ganz großartig, alle schwärmen nur, die dort waren. ... und es scheint ja sogar ein etwas längerer Aufenthalt zu werden...
    Tolle Bilder von den begrünten Bäumen, ich meine die, bevor sie abgesäbelt wurden, wirklich traurig!
    Auch dein Stoffdruck kommt gut - ist so typisch Johanna mal wieder!
    Ganz viel schöne Erlebnisse auf deiner Reise wünsch ich dir - Ulrike

  11. Just saw a wonderful video of a steampunk kind of wheeled thingie in Barcelona. Excited about your travels Johanna!!! You really made me laugh "slightly poisonous" sounds like "a little pregnant"! :-)
    Sad too for your beeches but isn't the parade of blooms a wonderful sight again ♥ Yay Spring!
    We drink coffee the same way.
    Happy T Day

  12. Hi Joanna, I did leave two comments, but these appear on your blog, so not sure what you saw via Google+. I have tried to avoid joining Google+, but it still seems to appear ... I don't understand it!!

  13. What a sweet little tulip. I've never seen one like that. Tornadoes are so destructive. I hope the trees recover. Have a great trip! I hope your camera provides you with joy the whole time :)

  14. It looks like you live in a beautiful area, really surrounded by nature. Have a great trip. I've been to other cities in Spain, but not Barcelona. I'm leaving April 20th to walk the Camino Santiago.

  15. Some of your pictures didn't open for me... i don't know whats up with that. I'm so sorry to hear about your trees. Is there anyway you can doctor the wounds?? Happy happy Tday! Hugs! deb

  16. Oh Johanna, I am SO sorry I'm so late, but I'm having horrible computer problems.

    I want the same coffee you are having with no sugar, either. It looks very much like I prefer it.

    Your flowers are really starting to awaken. They are all lovely. I remember you sharing the information about the tornado, and how sad I was to see the beeches after they had been cut down/back. The tree in my front yard bled like that for several years even after I removed some of the offending bleeders and used a tree salve over a few that were too big to remove. I hope yours doesn't bleed like mine did, because it took at least five years for mine to get better.

    I will miss you next Tuesday, but I suspect you will have far more fun in Barcelona than sitting in front of a computer.

    Thanks for sharing your coffee, your tree problems, your lovely yard, and your itinerary with us for T this Tuesday. Have fun next week.

  17. Barcelona sounds wonderful - on our list but also on my GD's list too, so will probably go with family! Looking forward to seeing photos! Happy T day! Chrisx

  18. Oh Barcelona! Toll! Viel Spaß! Wunderschöne Naturaufnahmen und ein toller Stoffdruck mit Stickerei ala Johanna!
    Liebe Grüße

  19. Your travel pouch is just lovely and, again, very original. How nice to keep your travel guides inside this.
    I liked your spring photos, especially the hepatica growing in the cobbles, I love when a plant does that.
    "See" you in two weeks, have a great trip.

  20. Have a marvelous trip. Hope your camera works fine throughout. So sorry about your beech trees, they are so magical. Hope they make it. xox

  21. Have a wonderful trip! Hope you'll share some photos!

  22. Was für herrliche Frühlingsimpressionen Johanna! Lange haben wir darauf gewartet und ich genieße das Sprießen und Blühen und freue mich über jede Neuentdeckung.
    Viel Spaß in Barcelona, dieser herrlichen, innovativen, pulsierenden Stadt ... immer wieder schön!

  23. Wonderful photos and a great pouch, very clever use of the left overs. Safe travels Johanna!

    Happy Friday!

    Love and hugs

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