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Tuesday, May 31, 2016

back from copenhagen

well, as always: back physically, but not mentally;)
i was there with three friends (former colleagues)
and we had the best Hotel EVER!! (ever means: since we are making our annual City travels (2010) 
we arrived on monday (stayed until friday) and the first day we took part in a "free Walking tour" (well, free means: you hopefully give a tip at the end!), which guided us to some touristic places to get an overview... good idea, i think, as we could cancel some places from our list (which we decided not to amplify)...
our guide lucinda started the tour at the City hall (quite near our Hotel)

we came across nytorv, Caritas well, christiansborg Palace, nikolai church, Højbro Plads (with the absalon statue, founder of the city), nyhavn... and the final place was amalienborg castle
one of the daily highlights was our breakfast in the hotel:
(you may think we are hoggish... and you are right;))
a feast for the eyes and for every palate...
going downstairs:

copenhagen is the world´s leading capital concerning the consumption of organic and sustainably produced Food - the percentage increases year by year.

 we had a breakfast buffet that was incredible.
the photos Show just a part of it...
i left out the cheese and dairy products, the ham/Salami department, and the bread (we could watch them baking in the Background...)
the sheer enormity blew us away.
not to speak of the well designed surroundings (another typical danish Feature)
of course copenhagen is the town of Hans Christian Andersen and his "Little mermaid"...
his grave may not be the most beautiful or spectacular one in the assistants graveyard - but we had to go and have a look.
the graveyard is somewhat a park (People exercising yoga, Young mothers having a walk with their prams), a beautiful atmosphere.
i had printed out the Long Version of the mermaid fairytale at home (as actually i would not remember the Details any more) and brought it with me. we sat in the grass there and read the 14 pages (!) rotationally.
do you remember it? go and read it when you have leisure time.
when we walked on we came across another cemetery, the old jewish one.
you know i could not pass by.
i did not have the Feeling that there are so many Dogs in copenhagen,
i made this mosaic for my travelling Buddy Brigitte, whose daughter has a dog
that´s for today, but making a photo book some Pictures might follow next week.
back home i wanted to take Advantage of a sunny day for trying to gelli print onto fabric.
first efforts:
fabric paint, brayer, stencil, sponge...
and the "negative" print on the right part of the fabric
and: surprise, surprise... another pouch:)
i stitched around the red printed stars with red variegated yarn
and sew it together, forming this A4+ sized bag
front, back, Detail of back side


  1. Glad you enjoyed your trip. The food looks amazing, The Jewish tombstones are very well kept, I could read every letter, mostly here they are very worn. Happy T Day, Valerie
    By the way, Jays love Meisenknödel!

  2. Thank you for taking us to Copenhagen. We were there in January and loved every minute of it. The hotel looks fab. All that beautiful organic food. The stairs down to the breakfast room, so unusual!
    Did you go to Christiania, the hippy colony? That was fascinating too.
    I am doing a course (free internet course Future Learn) about Hans Christian Andersen and his fairy tales. Very interesting. So, I have recently read the mermaid fairy tale.
    Your artwork is great!
    Happy T-Day,

  3. Dann war das Wetter so hoch im Norden wohl doch besser als bei uns... dann hat mein Daumendrücken für deine Kopenhagen-Tour anscheinend geholfen. Schöne Eindrücke zeigst du wieder - klar, Friedhof muss sein Aber grinsen musste ich wirklich bei den Hunde-Schildern, ist ja witzig.
    Und kaum zu Hause, bist du schon wieder am Werkeln mit der Sterneschablone - ha, genau die andere Hälfte ist bei mir! Weißt du noch, wo wir sie auseinander geschnitten haben?
    Ach, und übrigens b&w ist ganz einfach - deine Honigbiene mit dem Text würde auch passen.
    Lieben Gruß von Ulrike

  4. Love your Copenhagen photos. I was there once back in the 1980's and I bet it has changed. But it was wonderful then and looks wonderful now. I also love your fabric piece. It came out great. :) Erika

  5. sounds like such a wonderful trip! Copenhagen looks so charming-and I'm glad you got to the HCAnderson statue and grave. That breakfast looks amazing-wow! And your printed fabric came out beautifully. Thanks for sharing all this goodness and happy T day!

  6. Great colors on your fabric piece.
    Oh how I enjoy travel photos...never enough for my taste.
    You've brought back some wonderful memories for me and make me want to return as all these years later it looks and sounds even more like my cup of tea. No wonder they are so happy there with all of that healthy organic food ;-)
    Happy T Day
    I am going back to click on each photo again :-) oxo

  7. I really enjoyed this virtual trip to Copenhagen. It looks like a wonderful place. My kind of place, with organic food and drink. And the hotel looks incredible, too (including the stairs). Loved how there were plants everywhere.

    Ah, the Little Mermaid. It's been years since I read it. And you know how fond I am of cemeteries, so these photos were especially enjoyable.

    I LOVE your fabric on gelli printing. Mine has never turned out that good. I was totally impressed with the results you got. Wonderful.

    Thanks for sharing the sights and views of Copenhagen, as well as the beautiful places you went while there. Thanks also for creating a to-die-for fabric print. But most of all, thanks for sharing the cemetery photos and breakfast bar for T this Tuesday. Who says you can't live vicariously!!!

  8. What an interesting trip! Thanks for sharing :) Happy T Tuesday!

  9. Gelli printing on fabric... i would not have thought to do that! Awesome!! Copenhagen.. I've been there... I was almost married there!! Instead we were married at a little town called Lyngby ...may not be spelled right.. Now we've been married going on 27 years.... Did you go to the zoo?? I don't think i've ever read the Little Mermaid story although i've seen the movie...Happy Tday my dear! Hugs! deb

  10. Looks like a fun and beautiful trip. Your fabric printing is very inspiring. I've yet to do any myself.
    Happy T day!

  11. Wow.. beneidenswert - so schöne Impressionen aus Kopenhagen - danke!
    Toller Stoffdruck wieder - gefällt mir als Buchhülle - eine sehr schöne Idee!
    Hab mir eben das Käsekuchenrezept abgeschrieben, hab das verpasst letzte Woche, gut dass ich runtergescrollt bin!
    Danke - werd ich demnächst nachbacken !

    Liebe Grüße

  12. Lovely photos...enjoyed your description of each place. Indeed, the Jewish cemetery doesn't look so well kept, but Hans Christian Anderson is quite a celebrity I suppose. The breakfast buffet did indeed look amazing! And always enjoy your adventures with fabric--great little painted bag! ♥

  13. Wonderful photos of your visit to Holland. Super fabric painting. Happy T day

  14. So fun to read about your visit to Copenhagen, and I fully understand your enjoyment of the breakfast buffet. Breakfast is my favorite meal, and seeing the variety you could choose from, well, amazing.

  15. Oh very interesting as Copenhagen is on our going-to list. I will make sure to read the mermaid story before going.
    A good hotel breakfast makes the day, I love hotel breakfasts.
    The starry bag has turned out well, often Gelli prints can be muddy but yours is lovely and clear.

  16. Such an interesting post!! Since I'll most likely not make it to Copenhagen physically....this is the next best thing *grin*. LOVE travel posts with LOTS of photos...LOL!

    Belated T-day wishes

  17. Wie wunderbar, dass ihr so eine schöne Zeit in Kopenhagen hattet. Vielen Dank für das Teilen der Eindrücke und Fotos. Ich wünsche dir noch viel Spaß beim Erstellen des Fotobuches :)
    Ein schönes und sonniges Wochenende für dich :)

  18. I'm glad you all enjoyed yourselves, Johanna. It sounds a very interesting trip and what a wonderful hotel.
    Your material Gelli Plate prints look really good.

  19. Looks like a great trip. That buffet - oh yum, I would be hoggish there. Sweet little pouch with your gelli efforts. xox


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