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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

back To normal

when we visited my brother-in-law in california quite some years ago (1998), i remember we often went to Star*bucks to get some good coffee. actually he made us familiar with this brand as we often got not so tasty one elsewhere.
i´m sure that has changed meanwhile
and my opinion about this Company also has, if i exceptionally may get political here... there are some critical voices about their tax-avoiding manners, esp here in europe - and in General i like to Support smaller Shops... but who am i to spoil the wish of my BIL... 
my brother-in-law got married in seattle recently, and when we asked what they would like to be gifted with, they wished for a subscription of Star*bucks coffee.
i found this cross-stitch pattern at pinterest
and thought it might make a matching greeting Card.

last week i was brewing a big pot of dandelions to dye some Cotton.
with not much of result, the fabric stayed quite pale yellow.
after all the Action i did an Internet search and learned that dyeing of fibers is more effective with animal stuff (silk, wool) than with botanical fabrics (Cotton, linen...). maybe i could improve the result a bit with mordants (alum etc), but i´m not sure i really want to dig in deeper. not at the Moment.

and i came across a box of blue patterned fabric scraps.
i basted them onto a White Background...

and started to embroider with ochre yarn
this works esp fine for keeping the edges/Meeting Points down.

and timmy enjoys the warm and sunny weather as i do...
the lilies of the valley are in full Bloom.


  1. Starbucks is not my fave either. Happy T Day, Valerie

  2. Ich geh auch nie zu Starbucks.. ist mir zu teuer! Tolle Stickereien, Patchworkereien und interessant mit Löwenzahn zu färben. Was es nicht alles zu versuchen gibt. Fein dass es Eurem Katerchen wieder so gut geht!
    Happy T-Day!

  3. Gorgeous quilting. I didn't realize animal product dyeing gives darker colors, and pale yellow might be very pretty. Or maybe its too light. I'd love to see the final results. :) Erika

  4. Hi Johanna! You are a woman of many talents! I absolutely love the beginnings of your quilted work of art! The embroidery gives it such an amazing and artistic touch!! Have a wonderful day!

  5. Da hast du dir so viel Mühe gemacht mit der Löwenzahn-Kocherei und dann solch ein blasses Ergebnis bekommen - hätte ich auch nicht gedacht.
    Die Starbucks-Karte ist wirklich originell!
    Ja, jetzt hast du nur wenig Zeit, bis zur nächsten Reise, also musst du schnell noch ein blaues Patchwork zaubern. Die gelbe gestickte Sonne darin macht sich super!
    By the way, das GROW-Fähnchen hängt bei mir schon wieder auf dem Balkon!
    Lieben Gruß von Ulrike

  6. As a true coffee lover, and one who has been to Seattle, I can tell you there are Starbucks on practically every corner in that city. No wonder your BIL is in love with the brand.

    I have to admit, Starbucks has been good to me with their donations each year to our annual National Night Out. However, I would NEVER buy a coffee there. Why would I pay over $4.00 (USD) for a cup of coffee? Your logo cross stitched card is simply unbelievable, though. It is incredibly wonderful and so exact. I bet that's one card that doesn't get tossed!

    I have thought about gathering some dandelions, but I also was aware that silk and wool takes the dye better. However, I used alum to enhance some black beans on "mostly" cotton (bed sheet had a bit of poly in it), and the jar I mordanted worked quite well, I thought.

    I see you are back hand sewing. This is going to be beautiful when finished. I really like the blue and yellow color combination.

    Timmy looks very happy, and I see he survived your harsh winter.

    Thanks for sharing your quilt, your dyeing, and of course, your incredible Starbucks card (and coffee) with us for T this Tuesday. I have to admit that Starbucks makes a mean French Roast, but they don't seem to be a fair trade company, which is the only kind of beans I'll buy!

  7. First of al that was so sweet of you to make the Starbucks card in addition to gifting your BIL with a gift on their wish list. You could have made dandelion wine with that pot of flowers:):) Beautiful fabric work as usual, and love the pics of sweet Timmy:) Happy T day!

  8. I think this coffee chain must make different coffee in different places - that's all I'm saying!!
    What a really nice idea to make your b-i-l a cross-stitch in view of the fact that this is his favourite brand.
    Interesting about the dyeing (always), and as much as I like nature and natural fabrics I have found the Procion dyes give a quite wonderful range of colours, on cotton, calico, silk and viscose satin (the latter giving particularly vibrant shades).
    Nice work with the blue fabrics, your stitching does bring the fabrics together in a lovely way.
    I'm glad to see Timmy also enjoying the weather and the lily of the valley, a pleasant ending to a happy chatty blogpost, thanks!

  9. Nope not a fan of Starbucks at all. I was intrigued by your dandelion dye attempt. We seem to have a bumper crop of them this year. Hmmm...picking dandelion heads...yet another thing my neighbors may see me doing and wonder once again if I'm losing my marbles. ;) LOL
    Love what you are doing with the scraps and stitching.
    Happy T day!

  10. I had to smile about your comments on Starbucks...I just think their coffee is too expensive. I am in love with your blue scraps the colors! I've never tried to dye fabric, except a few half-hearted tries with tea-dying. I think that onion skins are supposed to make a nice yellow...? Happy T day to you!

  11. Timmy enjoying your lily of the valley makes me smile. It is lovely to see so much green and flowers again.
    Interesting about your dandelion experiment. Your blue and white embroidery is oh so lovely already.
    Leave it to you to make a gift extra special with your Starbucks embroidery...and who knew such a thing existed lol.
    Happy T day

  12. Hallo Johanna, endlich habe ich wieder etwas bei dir stöbern können. Die Zeit ist knapp, wie immer 1 Monat vor den Ferien.
    Du hast a in der Zwischenzeit viel erlebt, schöne Fotos habe ich gesehen. Und deine Decke ist wieder wunderschön.... tolle Stichelei. das mag ich sehr.
    LG Carola

  13. Hello on T Day. Your post was super to read with the super material experiments ideas. Timmy does look like he's enjoying the sunshine.

  14. What can i say.... i'm a fan of Starbucks... I just like their Carmel Macchiato ...Yum! I treat myself every blue moon because $5 for a cup of coffee is a bit much for me...Happy happy Tday Johanna!! Hugs! deb

  15. We live in a rural area (no Starbucks as far as I know) but we always treat ourselves to a Starbucks coffee when we are at the airport going somewhere. I don't think I would be able to afford more than one a year anyway plus there are oodles of calories in one of their coffees (I hate to think what sort of chemicals they add to make it taste so nice).
    I have never heard of a Starbucks subscription. Does a weekly subscription mean he can go there once a week to have a coffee?
    Anyway it was very nice of you to indulge your BIL with the gift and make him that awesome card! What a gift!
    I love your blue patchwork. Looking forward to see how much more you have done next week.
    Happy T-Day,

  16. Love the ochre on the blue and white. I keep thinking orb weaver spider. Starbucks, not so much for me, too bitter. I do like a strong cuppa though, so we use a french press. French roast from Pete's another US brand flavorful but not so bitter. Nice stitching. xox

  17. Your card looks so good (although I agree with your political viewpoint, Johanna). I'm sure your brother-in-law will love it.
    I think your ochre stitching looks fabulous against those blue scraps. Jx


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