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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

barcelona (3)

i´m still working on my book of Barcelona,
so the current theme at ajj is just perfect for me...
of course i edited two of my photos to make them more apt "Journal style",
and the above one is the first.
not only the catalan flag has stripes, even the clouds were matching;)
texture: shadowhouse, font: draft brush
most of the following pictures are the way i put them into my book,
amongst others a selection of graveyard photos:

i altered one of these photos for ajj:
poppy seeds are a Symbol of death, as they are bringing sleep...
textures from pink lotty, font: Dirt2SoulStalker
in Museums you often are not allowed to photograph,
so i made an Internet Research to recall some for reminding...
thus i made the following two pages for the book:
we visited the fran daurel Museum in the poble espanyol,
exhibited are local artists of this and the last century.

i was very impressed by picasso´s first years´ creations and actually was not Aware how Young he started painting in such huge Quality!

one of the colorful painted roller blinds -
making my contribution to TsfT
(chupito translates: dram, nip; dt: Schlückchen)
and i think i will come to an end with two "gothic" photos:
the cathedral - with a unicorn gargoyle
(the dove did not want to leave the horn...)

and this bat, a Detail from the arc de triomf...


  1. Wonderful photos of Barcelona, it is a great place to visit, and thanks for linking to Art Journal Journey. Happy T day, enjoy your chupitos, Valerie

  2. Wow, in dem Buch steckt bestimmt eine Menge Arbeit drin. Danke, dass du uns dran teilhaben lässt.

  3. Wunderbare Bilder und danke Dir für's Verlinken zu AJJ!
    Lg SUsi

  4. I have been looking at photos of Barcelona tonight thinking it should be on my 7 Continents travels. It seems like I have a lot of travel images, but none as great as yours. They are fantastic.

    I loved the TSFT entry. It was lip smacking lovely.

    Of course, your two altered photos for AJJ were impressive. I like how you are able to use your own photos.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely Barcelona photos, your AJJ entries, and of course, your chupitos!

  5. Awesome photos of Barcelona, altering your own photos have made fantastic journal pages as well. I have enjoyed visiting you, have a good day.

  6. Great photos. Can't wait to see your more of your book. Happy T Day. :) Erika

  7. Wonderful photos of Barcelona Johanna.
    Interesting about the poppies and they look amazing in metal. That bat and gargoyle oh my!!!
    Your first quote says so much about travel ♥ That cemetery looks like a wonderful for your camera ;-). We visited Jim Morrison in Pere Lachaise Cemetery in Paris and snapped so many photos. It was a beautiful Sunday.
    Happy T Day!
    I really enjoy traveling with you!!!

  8. Oh, dann habt ihr in euren wenigen Urlaubstagen wirklich ganz viel gesehen und hattet dazu noch so viel Glück mit dem Wetter, wie ich an dem strahlend blauen Himmel sehe. Den hätte ich mir in der Alhambra auch gewünscht...
    Die eiserne Mohnblume gefällt mir total, schön in Szene gesetzt durch die digitale Bearbeitung.
    LG Ulrike

  9. Such BEAUTIFUL photos!!! Thanks so much for sharing your trip with us! Happy "T" Day!

  10. Ich entdeckte viele Dinge,die du magst...Steigenden, Wasserspeier (für die ich auch eine Vorliebe habe) ,...

  11. Just fabulous photos of the city. It's almost like being there. xox

  12. Oh MY!! What wonderful architecture for photograph......just amazing!!
    Thank you for sharing all the photos and all your art work.
    Happy T-day

  13. beautiful photos Johanna and I love your digital pieces too! Your book is looking wonderful and will give you many years of treasured memories. Happy T Day!

  14. WOW what a wonderful trip and you are capturing it well in your journal. thanks for sharing all of the photos and info.

  15. You really had a wonderful trip Johanna, great photos to remember it too. Picasso's early work is really amazing.

    Love and hugs

  16. Your photos of the graveyard stonework are superb, I had to enlarge them and went through them quite slowly, wondering at all the marvellous details that were included. You've made a fascinating photo-edit from one of the last ones (the poppy heads) and I did appreciate the font with both a totally appropriate look and name.
    Rather nice that the dove stayed to be photographed for the blog, and the bat-gargoyle and its surrounding stone-work are stunning.
    Thanks for the trip!

  17. Thanks for sharing, Johanna. You are going to have a fabulous book.
    I really enjoyed visiting the Picasso Museum and seeing some of his earlier work. Like you, I previously didn't know he started so young and it was interesting to see some of his more classical paintings.


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