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Tuesday, June 07, 2016

copenhagen (2)

still working on my photo book about our copenhagen trip...
today i will Show some impressions from

above: entrance from the Corner across the saviour church

the last two Pictures are from the outer fence of christiania, as taking photos inside is strictly forbidden (i read about destroyed cameras...).
i regret that we only made it to pusher street, where many drug People are,
but then we witnessed about twenty helmeted policemen storming the area and decided we did not Need this Razzia adventure and left asap. you never know what could happen. a big bang gave us the rest. 
(i think i would return to christiania for exploring the area beyond "downtown", along the canal... i saw photos of it which made me curious - well, next time...)
we found a beautiful Little Café nearby to calm down;)
and we went on to the next Location,
where we had lots of good Food...
actually the best place for eating was on Papirøen ("paper Island"),
where you get all variations of international street food in a former Depot,
presented by about 40 "street Cooks".
it opened about 2 years ago and is a "must visit" in my opinion.

of course it was an Advantage that we were four,
so we could choose different dishes, taking a morsel of each one...
(here potatoes with Parmesan, Falafel with hummus...)
and some Tiramisu for Dessert
(i had not asked my friend for being published on the blog, thus the blackened face)

you can also sit outside at the waterfront,
the opera house nearby
(where we had visited a ballet from twyla tharp
 based on frank Sinatra Songs on tuesday evening)

now, my stitching in the evenings of last week...

base is a Piece of woven fabric strips

first i stitched a "wishing star" with the split backstitch
and gave him a face 

then i embroidered a waning moon with orange yarn.
all techniques learnt by watching jude hill´s blog,
which i love to visit frequently (as you might know meanwhile;))
on saturday i made some vegetables for a bbq at a friend, and the red onion Skins were perfect leftovers to boil a sheet of Cotton in - i let it soak for two days and will iron it after drying, hoping to fix the Color, as i like the blotchy outcome.


  1. Looks like you had fun in Copenhagen, those painted house look great. The food looks good, too, I love schwarma and falaffel and hummus, yummy. Happy T Day, Valerie

  2. Tolle Fotos von Eurem aufregenden und kulinarisch verlockendem Trip! Super!
    Interessante Textilexperimnete zeigst Du!
    Happy T-Day liebe Johanna..hab am Wochenende den Käsekuchen gemacht...
    schmeckt ganz passabel - der Quarkteil war mir etwas zu trocken, da werd ich nächstes mal noch mit ein wenig Fett und Ei anreichern müssen ...aber ansonsten 1A- danke für's schöne Rezept.

  3. I can understand how cameras (especially clunky ones like mine) can be controlled inside Christiania, but since nearly everyone has a cell phone that takes incredible photos, it would be hard to control that, I would think. Regardless, you got some wonderful photos and remarkable (and a few scary) memories.

    I LOVE both hummus and falaffel, so I would be in heaven with that meal. It seems everyone has a street truck lately. They are even popping up in our city, where before there were none.

    I am LUSTING after your onion skin dyed fabric. It is superb. I hope it irons out as beautiful as it is now. And of course, although I don't hand sew, I really like the moon and star.

    Thanks for sharing your photos of Copenhagen, your beautiful hand sewing and dyeing, your amazing food, and your cups of very decorative coffee with us for T this Tuesday. Lovely photos and work as usual, dear.

  4. Yummy looking food and sounds like you made the right decision when you saw the police. I can't wait to see your trip photos. I love arm chair traveling. Nice quilting too. Its very bright and cheery. happy T day Johanna. Hugs-Erika

  5. What colorful paintings in Christiana but I'd have been so apprehensive about the surroundings being a tourist. Love the idea of going to a place with so many varieties of food and choices. Love what you all have chosen too-especially the tiramisu-my weakness:) Beautiful stitching and dyed fabric. Happy T day!

  6. Awesome photos, the paintings an the walls all look amazing, sounds like you decided to leave just in time. Delicious looking food and super to share the tastes with friends.
    Happy Tuesday

  7. Great to see more of your adventures. Sounds like it almost got a little too exciting for a bit. You four had a blast I see.
    Lovely stitching as always and great use of those onion skins too.
    Happy T Day Johanna oxo

  8. Those paintings are so cheerful, so bright! It's a shame the environment kept you from further exploration, but it looks like you got plenty done anyway :) I enjoyed my vicarious (and safe) trip thanks to you. Happy T Tuesday

  9. Fabulous stitching. Quite the adventure. I had heard of this area, but not much, so glad to see your link for a read. Exciting to say the least. xox

  10. Gorgeous murals and street art! i think you were wise to leave when you did, though! Yummy looking food and quite amazing displays and signs by the vendors...and always enjoy seeing your stitching!

  11. Thank you for sharing the photos of Copenhagen. We were there in January and were able to walk through Christiania, and along the water, also past the theatre and in the shop etc. Fascinating. I don't have many photos either for obvious reasons.
    But we have not been to Papiroen. That sounds fab. I will put it on my wish list for next time. The food made my mouth water. I love falafels ever since I first tasted them in Israel in 1969!
    Your embroidery is stunning!
    Happy T-Day,

  12. Na, da habt ihr es euch auf der Reise aber richtig gut gehen lassen!
    Die bunten Graffitis sehen toll aus, besonders das schwarz-weiße 4. Bild gefällt mir gut, schade, dass es hier etwas klein nur ist. ... und ich kann mir schon vorstellen, warum das fotografieren in Christiania nicht erlaubt ist...
    Der orangfarbene Mond macht sich echt super auf der Decke... diese Sticktechnik ist interessant.
    Du bist ja wirklich eisern mit den Fotobüchern, jetzt habe ich meine Gutscheine und noch nicht einmal angefangen.
    Gute weitere Woche, liebe Johanna! Ulrike

  13. !Hi Johanna!
    How lovely to see all the photos of Copenhagen. Needless to say you got to see alot more than i did... lol Love all the artwork and your own artwork. Thanks so much for sharing this Tday! Hugs! deb

  14. It's always so fun putting together a photo book after traveling somewhere. I love your embroidered moon and
    I will have to check out jude hill's blog. I have never dyed fabric using vegetables or flowers, but I will put it on my list of new things to try.

  15. Das sieht alles toll aus - macht richtig Lust auf Kopenhagen! Ihr hattet bestimmt eine tolle Zeit.

  16. Thanks for another "tourist guide" to Copenhagen which I will bookmark for future use. You always manage to find the most delightful places to eat and drink (very important on holiday), and you do some much on these trips.
    Absolutely love your happy star, and the orange moon brings out the blues so well. This might be one of my favourites of your patchwork embroideries.

  17. Clearly, Copenhagen is a very interesting place and I have loved seeing your snippets. That mural is stunning!
    I love your star and the waning moon; they look wonderful! Jx

  18. Please forgive me for turning up so late for T! This is such fantastic post! I love your photos . your sewing and the sight of that food! Hugs, Chrisx

  19. Hallo Johanna, lange war ich nicht hier. Naja, wir stehen kurz vor den Sommerferien und wie immer wird die Zeit knapp.
    Tolle Sachen hast du wieder erlebt und deine Näharbeiten sind auch weitergegangen, ich liebe sie einfach.
    Ganz liebe Grüße


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