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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

copenhagen - the last one / a wall hanging

my Photo book is finished now
and i can show you some final pics of the trip:
do you want to brew 2, 3 or 6 Cups of coffee?

i liked the way this Cloth is sewn: double fabric with cuts in the upper layer.
an idea to keep in mind...

denmark also is a country famous for design.

isn´t this a stylish bell for bicycles?
the rest of design ideas of this Company is awesome, too!

i´m always interested in old history,
so i visited this section of the national Museum:

the following pics are pages i made for the photo book -
a mix of my own photos and some postcards i bought in the Museum, as many of the exhibited pieces were behind glass and thus not good to photograph.
a Skeleton of an aurochs, amber:

the famous Trundholm sun chariot /

rock carvings and runes:

bronze Age: helmets and lures, ancient wind instruments:

the silver cauldron from Gundestrup (engl /dt)

the cauldron of rynkeby; ritual shields:

how does the garden grow?
fine, quite some rain...

i had onion dyed some Cotton last week -
this was the second boiling
i thought i finally (after more than one year) should start making wall hangings from my cumulating stuff
first i thought to take a branch from the garden for the hanging, but it was too complicated for my Patience to Balance this out...;)

... and so i took a bamboo stick and painted it blue
[yes, the branch would have looked better...]
sewed on These strips of old Jeans with simple running stitches;
i like the frayed look

(you can see the Details of These strips here, here, here and here)

the wall hanging replaced an old Collage i had made years ago and which had faded in the sunlight over time.
maybe it is time for more make-overs...
there is enough stuff laying around here.


  1. Ye, Danish and Scandinavian design is very good, I have lots of glass from there. LOVE the coffee pots, they would look good in my kitchen. Nice wall hanging, too. Happy T Day, Valerie

  2. What an incredible post. I adore the coffee pots, but I fell in love with the Trundholm Sun Chariot. It reminded me of a rocking horse, so that's why I was so enamored by it. Beautiful.

    I was certainly impressed with your onion skin dyed fabric. It was really wonderful and the wall hanging you created made it even more special. I was glad to see the pieces you had worked on before come together in a lovely wall hanging to grace your home.

    Thanks for sharing your lovely completed book, those cool coffee pots, and your wall hanging with us for T this Tuesday.

  3. This has made me put Copenhagen near the top of my list of places to visit! The museum looks great! Your book looks like a wonderful record of your trip! I love Scandinavian style and my hubby would probably want to buy one of those coffee pots! Your hanging is fabulous - I love the way you have used the denim! Hugs, Chrisx

  4. Die Kopenhagenbilder sind ja ein kleiner Museumsbesuch, toll gemacht!
    ... und so viel gestickt hast du auch schon wieder in der Zwischenzeit, dass ein ganzer Wandbehang entstanden ist! Das oberste Stück darauf gefällt mir am besten.
    ...und welch tolle Blütenpracht in deinem Garten! Ja, wir haben jetzt richtiges Wachse-Wetter gehabt, warm mit Regen, doch heute ist es kühl, leider.
    Eine gute Woche für dich von Ulrike

  5. Cool wall hanging. I love seeing all your photos and book pages from Denmark. Makes me really want to go there Johanna. I like that dress with the cut outs a lot too. Maybe I need to make something like that. Hmmm. Happy T day. :) Erika

  6. Tolle Bilder vom Kopenhagentrip und schöne Impressionen aus dem Garten und der Wandhänger ist ganz toll gelungen! Einen schönen T-Day und eine gute Woche wünsch ich Dir!
    Viel Spaß beim Werkeln !
    Liebe Grüße

  7. your wall hanging is marvelous! Love those colorful coffee mugs on display. And such an interesting array of things from the museum along with the unique designs. Thanks for sharing your experiences along with your beautiful blooms. Happy T day!

  8. Your wall hanging looks great ... eyes go first to your wonderful stitcheries!
    What a lot of cool stuff you got to enjoy in the museum. So nice of you to take the time to share some of your trip to Copenhagen Johanna!
    Thank you and Happy T Day oxo

  9. Your wall hanging is the stitching, quotes, and of course frayed blue jeans! happy T day!

  10. I love your wall hanging!! Everything about it is wonderful. Your photos from Denmark are a treat to the eyes.
    Happy T day!

  11. I have had a super visit, all you photos look wonderful. Your wall hanging looks fabulous.
    Happy Tuesday

  12. Thank you for your photos from Kopenhagen. Especially the museum images.
    And you wall hanging is fab!
    Thanks for visiting,
    Happy T-Day,

  13. Another Copenhagen post - good! The dress looks lovely (we call this reverse applique (French e with an acute), and it is so prettily done with the different coloured petals, and the coffee pots look so pretty in all the colours, it would be too difficult to choose a colour if one was wanting to buy one. Thanks for all the fascinating Museum pieces, the bell, the Museum sign, the chariot..... and that Museum will be a must if we ever go there.
    Your sewing looks terrific, with the blues and the words, and I think the straight stick is better. Often finishing off and deciding on how to hang it takes longer than the actual artwork.

  14. Such beautiful and interesting images you have captured, I love your photos! Thanks for sharing and Happy T day! :-)

  15. I love your wall hanging. So unique. The dress in the second photo should be on display with the coffee pots in the first. They are the same colors. Denmark looks like a great place to visit. I used to watch a Danish show called Borgen. It was very entertaining. There were English subtitles, but it was interesting hearing the Danish language.

  16. Wonderful how you hung the pieces. I do love those crooked branches though, so much character in them, they seem to add to the story. A couple of my curtains around the house are hung on branches or old ancient curled vines. Brings the outside in. Yes, Denmark and design go hand in hand. Thanks for the continued tour. xox

  17. I'm very late to the T party but glad I didn't miss this. Your wall hanging is terrific. I've been looking at branches with the idea of hanging something too. So far I haven't found just the right branch but I keep looking.

  18. I have really enjoyed sharing your visit to Copenhagen. I am adding it to my list of places to go!
    You wall-hanging looks amazing, Johanna, and all the better because it is your own work (and the blue bamboo stick complements it well. I can see the difficulties with the stick!) Jx


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