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Tuesday, June 21, 2016

solstice - and the master of light

last thursday i went to an Exhibition with ex-colleagues.
we had a marvellous day and explored a painter, who was unfamiliar to us,
but we were quite impressed with the way he painted.
there truly is an appropriate Expression for his work:
he is spain´s master of light!
(link to the Exhibition: engl / dt)
of course the photos can never do the originals justice, but i took some just for the sake of remembering...
(Detail of a Frame)
  he often made oil sketches preparing his big paintings -
here two small samples on cardbord:
Lakeside (1907)

street in moraira (1905)
2,22 m x 3 m

mending the sail (1896) / + Detail
the White sail is dominating the central part of the composition
the sewing is in the Background (literally)
Return from fishing (1894) 4,03 x 2,65 m
+ Details
sorolla painted this work en plain air:
fishermen used oxen to pull their boats ashore every evening.

fishermen from Valencia (1995)
    65 x 85 cm

after the big success he had achieved with "return from fishing" sorolla worked on further Scenes depicting the life of fishermen on the seashore of Valencia. here two men cleaning their fish traps.
A Grey day at the beach of Valencia (1901)
having bad weather conditions, he nevertheless painted beach Scenes with a stormy atmosphere. parallel, coarsely applied brushstrokes convey the appearance of rain. despite the prominent role played by the atmosphere in the Picture, sorolla´s inclusion of a man and animal characterizes the sea as a workplace, whose natural Forces fundamentally define the life of the local Population.

Detail from Maria painting in el pardo (1907)
his daughter maría sitting with her paintbox outdoors, after having recovered from a tuberculosis - the bright Colors correspond to her regained health.
lots of his paintings are made by the beach, work related or showing children at Play...
some sociocritical pieces... (Young women brought - like luggage, by Train - to a town to become prostitutes)...
and everywhere: light in the painting which i never saw in the work of other painters before.
the brightest one though is this one, spectacular...
125 x 169 cm

mother (1895 - 1900) + detail
prompted by the birth of his youngest daughter Elena.
the monochrome White, from which solely the heads of the mother and child stand out, lends the Image a high atmospheric density. turned toward one another, the figures´ faces, delicately cloaked in light-colored Sheets, convey a Feeling of security and tranquility.
(found These mugs in copenhagen)
can you believe our solar System says "summer solstice" already?
makes me a Little sad every year knowing the Countdown to dark already starts...
(and we only had few summery days so far)
well, last week i had decided to start re-decorating my walls.
i thought i might make one section with a blank fabric, where i can needle pin some "works in Progress" (stencilled and stitched a Little fabric Piece accordingly)
maybe it is helpful to have them in sight to get some Inspiration how to go on.
you wonder what is in the drawers here?
stamps. and more stamps. most of my mounted ones.

 and i already started pinning on the sheet...


  1. Joaquin Sorolla's art is really good to look at, wonderful. Zhanks for sharing. Happy T Day, Valerie

  2. Super Kunst und eine tolle Idee Deine stoffige Inspirationswand!
    Happy T-Day Johanna!
    oxo Susi

  3. I was most impressed by the art of Joaquin Sorolla, an artist I had never heard of before. His paintings are beautiful and unlike any I had seen from his era.

    I had to laugh at your row after row after row of drawers. All the stamps I own would fit in three of these. You definitely have a super collection.

    Loved the mugs, and the summer solstice sort of crept up on me. I love the way you chose your "drink" that included it, though.

    Thanks for sharing Joaquin Sorolla's art, your lovely works in progress and those timely mugs with us for T this Tuesday, dear Johanna.

  4. Thank you for sharing the photos of the wonderful art, the paintings look impressive. So many draws of stamps, you must have a super variety in them.
    Happy Tuesday.

  5. First of all, Sorolla is a new name for me too, but what gorgeous pieces he painted. Secondly, I LOVE that cabinet you store all your stamps in. I need one of those as I also love rubber stamps. Thirdly, those mugs of the solar system are fantastic, and lastly, is that a little quilted or painted piece in your last photo? Beautiful. Happy T Day. Hugs-Erika

    1. i suppose you mean the Piece with the moose... it is a fabric Collage i made in march.

  6. I'm glad you have discovered Sorolla. I had not heard of him either until I moved to Spain. Wonderful artist. I love what he does with light. Being Dutch of course our most famous painter Rembrandt is also famous for painting light (although in a totally different way). Here in Spain the light is so much brighter. Thank you for sharing those paintings. (I'm surprised you were allowed to take pictures).
    I love the mother and baby painting. Exquisite.
    Your set of drawers is amazing. My stamps would fit in one or two of those, but I'd love to own a set of drawers like that! Wow! beautiful. The idea of the blank canvas is awesome. It will be ever changing as you finish things. Great idea!
    Happy T-Day,

  7. thank you for sharing those stunning paintings by Sorolla along with some commentary about them Joanna. Must have been something to see them in person. Fun mugs you spotted! Loving your drawers of stamps as mine are in a bunch of plastic bins according to theme, and some are in a closet and some under the bed as the storage of them is my issue. Happy summer and happy T day too!

  8. Wonderful post today Johanna and thank you for the introduction to Sorolla both in photos and narrative. Fascinating. Nice that you were allowed to take photos. So often galleries in Wash DC do not allow photography when exhibits are not permanent to the gallery. You know me and taking always makes me twitch a little when they tell me I can't take them *gg*
    Your wall covering will be a wonderful growing piece of art. Great storage for your stamps Oh My!
    Happy T Day oxo

  9. Happy Summer Solstice! I love your "Works In Progress" wall. What a wonderful way to have a changing display!

  10. oh my goodness! gorgeous paintings you've shared-thanks for taking us to the museum exhibit with you...and love your 'work in progress' wall! happy T day!

  11. Thanks for sharing you new wall hanging collection in progress. I like it very much and I am sure when it's done it will be a stunner. Thanks also for the intro to a new arrtist. Love seeing this work, but I admit the softer paintings are my favorite, looser and lovely...xox

  12. Gorgeous paintings!Thanks for the tour in your museum.

  13. I had not heard of Joaquin Sorolla either, so I looked him up. His original Realist style fit right in with the Realism of that time period. The light filled paintings you posted transitioned right into Impressionism that followed. His work seems to show the same talent as his contemporaries. It's interesting how some artists (and art) are determined to be the best, and those are the ones we read more about. Thanks for sharing. I understand what you mean about the countdown as the days get shorter. I get sad too, knowing that each day has less light. So as our light is slowly dwindling, it was a good time to see an exhibit of the master of light.

  14. Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos from the Sorolla exhibition, I hadn't heard of him either. Your work in progress wall hanging is so exciting, I love the moose and swallow pieces you have pinned on already, I am sure it will look stunning! Can't wait to see how it progresses. Happy T day! :-)

  15. Ich mag die Fischerbilder und natürlich die Mutter mit dem Kind.
    Jetzt gehst du also daran die vielen Kleinen auf ein Großes zu verewigen...Ich bin gespannt.

  16. Thank you so much for introducing me to an artist I'd not known of. The paintings are wonderful and as you say he has a marvelous way with the light. I think an inspiration board (or sheet) is a great aid to creativity

  17. Boah, welch ein umwerfend großartiger Maler, ich bin hin und weg von seinen lichtdurchfluteten Bildern. Dieser Ausstellungsbesuch muss fantastisch gewesen sein. Aber wie klasse deine Kamera auch diese Farben eingefangen hat!
    Danke für diesen schönen Ausflug! lieben Gruß von Ulrike

  18. Your photographs of this artist were extremely interesting and such very good photos too. I often wonder why some artists become mega-famous while others who are just as good if not better IMO are relatively unknown. I like the gilded frame in the first picture too.
    Your moose piece looks very attractive on the display panel.
    I don't mind the Solstice at all as the days don't seem to get much darker for a while and the weather usually gets warmer, not difficult this year.
    Your set of drawers is very impressive, but I just wondered - how do you know which stamps are in which drawer (I do not see any labels) - do you have a separate "map" for the drawers - I am curious!

  19. I have not heard of Joaquin Sorolla. I can see why he is deemed 'Spain's master of light'. Thank you for sharing his wonderful pictures.
    I am really looking forward to see the journey and completion of your wall hanging. Jx


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