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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

unseaming is the new mediTaTion;)

much happened in the course of last week,
but not much to Show (as always People were involved, whom i don´t want to make public here)
we had a 40-years-anniversary of our Abitur (which is the german University entrance qualification).
our class from back then meets every 5 years; not everybody has always time to join, but the meeting is great each time.
lots of chatter and good meals. i had a wonderful mushrooms salad and a pils.

i also celebrated a fine birthday (the last one with no six at the beginning... but i won´t mind...).
so some preparations and chatter again;) but no photos.
when i had time i did some unseaming. of old Shirts.
did i ever confess i buy the Shirts of my husband (yes, he is too lazy) and i choose them according to further use of the Cloth. haha!! no joke!
then i start waiting until some holes etc come up. of course this sometimes takes years.
you can believe me i´m looking carefully and when i finally spy a flaw... it lands in a box at the attic which i could Name "treasures for later use".
so this week i unseamed (for Extended stuff; cutting is wasting lots of centimeters, you see?)
three Shirts. some which i love very much:

i thought maybe i could use the wristband directly as a cuff.
adding something...?
maybe. a Little loose possibly...
did i mention unseaming is very meditative?
i love to do it in front of the tv (to prevent falling asleep Close to the end of the Thriller and miss the murderer).

and finally a Little embroidery (Ivan semesyuk-style).
i made it a while ago, but i think i didn´t Show it on the blog before.


  1. Tee hee- I love the way you look at things Joanna-esp. the buying of hubby's shirts! Happy, happy birthday to you! You are so creative with your use of fabrics and I love the elephant embroidery. Happy T day!

  2. Happy birthday to you!!!! Love that shop planning for future use too. I'll have to keep that in mind. Love the needle work ♥

  3. Happy birthday and how exciting to have a 40 year reunion. That lunch looks yummy and very healthy. And your husband certainly has some fun shits. Wish my hubby would be so adventurous. Happy T Day. Hugs-Erika

  4. I can't believe I missed your birthday, but happy birthday from Bleubeard, Squiggles, and me.

    You sound like me when it comes to falling asleep right before they reveal who the murderer is. Happens more than you would imagine.

    LOVE that elephant, and your choice of your hubby's shirts are wonderful. He's really good about wearing them, it seems, because they are very clever and nicely patterned.

    Sounds like lots of parties this week, so I'll end with one more birthday wish and share a pils with you for T this Tuesday.

  5. The food looks great, I only went once to a class reunion, and then never again. I am glad you like unpicking shirts, I know I don't! Happy belated birthday, and happy T Day, Valerie

  6. Belated Happy Birthday wishes. Your food looks very tasty. You must be so patient unpicking the seams of the shirts, I even stress about sewing on buttons.
    Have a happy Tuesday and week.
    Yvonne xx

  7. Ich fang mal hinten an bei deinem süßen Elefanten, der es wirklich wert ist, hier zu erscheinen!
    Die Hemdstoffe sind ja wirklich superschön, da muss einfach noch etwas viel Schöneres draus werden, bin überzeugt, dass es dir gelingt.... und gut, dass ich keinen Dachboden habe, denn sonst würde sich auch bei mir noch mehr ansammeln...
    Auch von mir noch allerbeste Wünsche fürs letzte Jahr davor! Liebe Grüße von Ulrike

  8. That totally cracks me up about choosing the shirts for later use. I go to rummage sale sand buy clothing with that in mind but your story is so much better!
    Happy t day

  9. Happy Birthday my friend!Love your food and what you did with your husband's t.shirt.Your embroidery is sweet!Happy t day!

  10. Alles Liebe zum Geburtstag Johanna!
    Tolle Hemdstoffe und ein süßer Elefant!
    Happy T-Day!

  11. I enjoy meditative things too... I like to sweep the floor... i find that it relaxes me...sillyhuh? I find sketching and doodling does the same thing.. I love how you reuse shirts.... I'll bet you could use the cuff for a bracelet with a little thought... Happy T day my dear... sorry i'm running a little late.. Hugs! deb Oh! And Happy Birthday... as you'll see on my post i'm celebrating one too.... my last one with a 4 in

  12. Gosh, unseaming, that is dedication. What marvellous patterned shirts your husband wears, I only have checks or stripes to rescue.
    Colourful elephant is a delightful embroidery.
    I don't know if you have watched "Midsomer Murders" but each episode goes on for an hour and a half and you can fall asleep in the middle for ages and still wake up not having missed much. It is a great show for catching up on your sleep.

  13. Oh my! Those shirts are just fabulous - good choices my dear! I see you and I celebrate the same birthday this year - at the moment clinging on to being two years away from seven o! ( I know - I can pretend!) I love the look of your mushroom salad! Lovely elephant too! Hugs, Chrisx

  14. I love the elephant embroidery. Wishing you a very happy birthday and T Day :-)

  15. I'll have to try some unseaming (for meditative purposes). I have always found stitching by hand very relaxing. Great idea to buy your husband's shirts with future projects in mind. I know the ones I would like for projects, mine would never wear. I like the embroidery. He looks like a character from a children's book.

  16. Forgot to say Happy Birthday. Mine is in two days. Already has a six at the beginning.

  17. Es ist viel passiert...toller Elefant.

  18. Es ist viel passiert...toller Elefant.

  19. Happy Birthday! I think that mushroom salad sounds like a great choice. I'm thinking mushrooms need to go on my next grocery list. Thx! Happy T Thursday, as I'm soooo late getting around this week

  20. Why does that not surprise me that you pick the shirts for the fabric. My husband buys his own but likes nice linens and cottons so I don't even have to buy them to use them later. Mushroo salad looked food and sweet elephant. xox

  21. Sorry to be so late to wish you Happy Birthday AND Happy T Day.
    Hope you are still celebrating ♥
    You really made me smile with your careful attention to fabric along with your's true then that Patience Pays! :-)

  22. Wishing you a belated 'Happy Birthday', Johanna. I hope you enjoyed all your celebrations. Your wristband looks fabulous. I love the idea of you buying your husband's shirts and then waiting for them to wear out. Unfortunately, my husband buys his own shirts, and only buys plain ones.
    Your little embroidered elephant is so cute! Jx


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