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Tuesday, July 05, 2016

leTTing dangle The soul ...

well, i know this is not an english Expression, but i like the metaphor - so i just translated it literally...
we had some "soul-dangling" at the Weekend when we visited friends from munich, who rented an apartment in the alpine upland, very Close to the schliersee.

we walked down to the lake...

it was not overcrowded - it was warm, but rain forecasted.
the graveyard around the church showes quite some of the wrought-iron crosses, which are typical for the Region.
i love tombstones that are telling stories.
i photographed this one to investigate back home about the Facts of the writing on the Stone: "after accomplished world record flight"
the buried man here (Horst Pulkowski) had taken a flight in dec 1938 in a two-seated airplane Arado Ar 79 and has beaten a former record (with a plus of about 2000 km), flying 6303 km non-stop from libya to india.
on the flight back in Madras (india) a collision with a bird of pray caused a Crash in which he died.
now, is this tragedy or what?
 (his companion survived).
in the afternoon the clouds were concentrating to bring rain...

so we looked for shelter in a café

in my greed i had eaten half of the huge cake (covered with Marzipan and lots of cream... about two Billion calories, enough for the whole day) before it came to my mind i could photograph it with the Cappuccino for t/tuesday
now, quite some time at These weeks is occupied with the european Soccer Championship.
(in the two-years rhythm of world- or european games i mutate into a fan. most of the time in between i decide to ignore this Sport, as i think the income and Transfer fees are unethic in their dimensions meanwhile. but then i can´t escape the maelstrom of this competition anyway.)
this time when i watched the first game i always thought: what is that small patch on the arms of their Shirts...
Looks like the grateful dead logo "steal your face"...
then i learned it was the official logo of the competition.
they look similar if you only see them in a very small size...
a good omen?
i´m afraid: not. the missing german Players for the next game are too many...
but i enjoyed (well, the result of) the Penalty Thriller on saturday.
and of course the Team of iceland. great sympathy from everywhere for this Little Country.

for weeks now the weather changes almost daily...
i won´t complain about lacking heat (as i actually can´t stand it so well), but it is raining very often. hard to make plans for outdoor activities.
so i went through some bookmarked links and came across this one:
making t-shirt yarn by alma stoller and decided to give it a go.
i have a few old T-Shirts of son#1 laying around, which are damaged and no longer good for anything but Recycling.

the process in the video is very easy to understand...

... but in the end i obviously made a wrong cut, so i have a mother and child ball.
doesn´t matter. the big one is about 3,5 Inch in Diameter.
i think i will use this yarn for couching on quilts. my vague plan at the Moment.


  1. Ein schöner Ausflug war das wohl! Toll!
    Viel Spaß weiterhin beim Europapokal und dem Recyceln... könntest einen Fleckerlteppich weben damit!

    Liebe Grüße
    Happy T-Day

  2. That coffee and cake look great! Happy T Day, Valerie

  3. Thanks for the trip in Germany, I felt right at home with the misty views and the overcast skies and of course it is especially enjoyable when it includes coffee and cake (calories eaten in a cafe do not count).
    Glad you are enjoying the football - we are watching Wimbledon here.

  4. Wow gorgeous photos. What a pretty place you visited. I will get out a map to see where exactly it is That story is sad from the tombstone. But perhaps it lives on by being on the stone. Happy t day and thanks for sharing the photos for a little armchair traveling for me. Hugs erika

  5. Well you caught the cake for us at a good time to get the idea of how gorgeous it was :-) and in such an idyllic setting out in the Bavarian countryside.
    We enjoy cemeteries so much ... that is quite a story.
    Happy T Day and Happy July rain or shine oxo

  6. Hach, bei dem Vorschaubild konnte ich nicht anders und musste glatt klicken. Auch wenn ich seit Monaten nicht mehr auf Blogtour bin.... Aber bei einem Froschanblick kann ich nicht anders :D
    Nachträglich wünsche ich dir alles Gute für dein neues Lebensjahr.
    Ich hoffe, dass die Nationalmannschaft die Ausfälle wie auch immer kompensieren kann und wir schlussendlich im Finale stehen ;) ... Die Hoffnung stirbt zuletzt....
    Dass du die Hemden deines Mannes im Hinblick auf spätere Verwertung kaufst finde ich ja mehr als genial. Schön, dass dein Mann solche Muster trägt, bei meinem sieht das leider schlecht in dieser Hinsicht aus :D
    Liebe Grüße und sonnige Sommertage wünsche ich dir :O)

  7. What a scenic surrounding. I can only imagine how pleasant time there would be :) Cemeteries are interesting, but I've never seen a story to rival the one you found. Such a shame :( I've never seen anything like those crosses around here.Happy T Tuesday!

  8. I ignore our football here in the US all year long until it gets down to the playoffs and the Superbowl ... then i become a huge Ofcourse i'm not sure what this year will bring as my favorite player had retired.. (how dare he! lol) Peyton Manning. But we'll see if i can find another hero playing the Love your photos. Too too hot and humid here...Just had several days of rain...needed it but now its even more humid...uughh.. Happy T day! Big Hugs! deb

  9. The cake looks delicious, I think I would have forgotten about the calories when eating it.
    Lovely photos as well.
    Happy Tuesday

  10. Such a beautiful spot to visit and relax ♥ That cake does look divine ;) The tee-shirt yarn looks very interesting . I made some once and crocheted a small rug for the bath with it. Was luck to have old T's that were the perfect colors . Happy T day!

  11. What a magical place you've been too!Ignore the calories and enjoy your cake. It's a simple pleasure!Happy T Day!

  12. Hallo liebe Johanna, na das war ja wieder eine tolle Überraschung, von Dir zu lesen! Bin natürlich sofort auf Deinen Blog gehopst und siehe da: auch hier gibt es wieder Neues und Interessantes. Nächste Woche fahre ich eine Woche zu Euch nach Bayern (Bad Tölz), brauche mal ein bisschen Klimawechsel. Da sind Deine tollen Fotos von Eurer Tour eine wunderbare Inspiration. Liebe Grüße sendet Dir Gabi

  13. Oh I love arm chair traveling. Such a lovely place (including the cake and coffee).
    Those grave crosses are very unusual (well, for me they are) and quite beautiful. Thank you for showing those.
    I also looked up Horst Pulkowski and in the English language results got a book called Hitler's Asian Adventures and there was a black and white photo of his plane (with a few Indonesian looking ladies).
    Interesting that T shirt yarn. My friend knows how to do that and she makes rugs with the material.
    Thanks for visiting,
    Happy T-Day,

  14. What an interesting post - I loved seeing your photos! Oh my that cake looks good! Hugs, Chrisx

  15. Looks like a beautiful place for soul dangling. Great expression as well. Amazing story about the pilot, with a truly unique grave stone. The T-shirt yarn is a very clever idea. Looking forward seeing how you use it.

  16. What a beautiful place you've visited, the ideal getaway for "soul dangling". The t-shirt yarn looks like a fab idea, do you knit with it the same as wool? The cake looks very yummy, Happy T Day!

  17. Oooooh, jaaaaa! Ich wäre gerne der Frosch..., nur einmal biiiitttte ;-)
    Und der Rest ist FRIEDE, ich sehe es ganz deutlich. Auch liebe diese Gegend...
    Liebe Grüße

  18. Und zumKuchen..., frei nach dem Motto:"ZACK, sagte die Kalorie und saß auf der Hüfte" Nach dieser Regel lebe ich täglich!!!
    LG Conny

  19. Huhu, bin wieder zurück - im Norden war es genauso regenverhangen wie auf deinem Kurztrip, aber trotzdem schön.
    Bei deinen geschnittenen Stoffstreifen musste ich ja innerlich grinsen... kenne ich, man kann ja wirklich nichts verkommen lassen! Aus solchen Streifen habe ich mal einen Teppich gewebt...
    Lieben Gruß von Ulrike

  20. Hallo Johanna, die Bilder sehen wirklich so aus, als ob man da super die Seele baumeln lassen kann. Bei uns ist auch nur schlechtes Wetter, aber ich war letzte Woche in München, da konnte ich endlich mal ein bisschen Sonne schnuppern ;)
    Den Link für die Stoffstreifen muss ich mir gleich mal anschauen.
    LG Carola

  21. When I was an undergrad, people thought I was crazy to be so interested in cemeteries. Now I find I'm not alone in my obsession with them. Since I needed three upper level credits, I did an independent study course with an instructor who was willing to let me find out all I could on cemeteries and intersperse the finished work with my own photos from all over the country (US only). So anytime you share photos of cemeteries, I'm right there with you.

    I enjoyed the entire visit, from the cemetery to the cake. We are seeing Wimbledon, and soccer/football on tv here in the states. Seems that's all that's playing over here.

    I want to join you for the cake and cappuccino. And I want to see what you do with the ball of tee shirt fabric. I cut up some plastic a few years ago and turned it into plarn. A friend crocheted the plastic plarn into a tote, which was perfect for the beach. Too bad there's no beach within a thousand miles of here!

    Thanks for joining the fun this week for T. Really enjoyed it all.

  22. I love the term 'soul dangling', a new one on me, but it creates such a lovely picture.
    It is a indeed tragedy, and also very sadly ironic, that Horst Pulkowski should die on a flight home having completed such a record.
    The tee-shirt yarn is such a wonderful idea - I will have to try this. Jx
    P.S. Thanks for sharing your lovely pictures.

  23. A blog post full of wonderful photos and interesting stories! I find cemeteries intriguing as well, and like to look at the reliefs and sculptures. Loved your comparison of the football patch with the Grateful Dead logo! funny it! happy T day...enjoyed the cake!


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