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Tuesday, July 19, 2016

sun OR patience

this is one of my favorite summer quotes -
i took it for a digital page for ajj, though the photo actually is from last year,
as the current summer Looks like this:

my intentions had been to go on with my sun printing experiments,
because (as i already wrote in my last post) this technique functions on this theory:
Water evaporates from the exposed (uncovered) surface of the fabric faster than from the covered Areas. Water diffuses from the covered fabric (under the stencil) to the dryer (air exposed) fabric and is pulling the paint pigments along with it.
so i thought: this process should function without sunshine, too - but of course more slowly.
and i tried.
(this post is primarily for my own reference - so you Need not care about every Detail...
but i will forget if i don´t describe it exactly...)
last monday was the last sunny day i could work in the garden,
so here i took one of my michelle ward (green pepper press) stencils, the thistles:
above: the thistles turned out not so crisp (which i like anyway),
because i had not payed Attention and the wind had blown everything to the lawn (for a short time, i suppose)
below: i have the thistles in positive and negative (stencil and mask) form

i just love the pomegranate stencil from balzer design;
the deep pink is pebeo setacolor "oriental red" (looking more burgundy in the jar)
the skull is from Andy skinner,
 the stars are part of a carabelle stencil (cut and shared with Ulrike;))

i had a Little green diluted paint left which i soaked up with little (dampened) fabric pieces (pinched with the Hands to form a ball)
the small ones dryed quite quickly (outside), but the bigger blue ones took about three days (inside the house).
they tended to fall apart with time, so i will try it outside (in hot weather) again and maybe take a rubber band to hold it together. maybe thus some more whitish Areas can be produced?
the look has a bit of an irregular shibori technique.
on tuesday (a rain period with less than 15°C started...) i thought:
i will try the process inside
and: i might also use my old leftover silk paints (20+ years old) and try if i get good results...
they are more fluid than the (expensive) pebeo setacolor, which i could save for dabbing (as they are less fluid)

 i put the next pieces on the window sill in the kitchen
and let them dry over night (so you see: no sun is needed...)

the result was fine,
and i even liked the moons with the light halo around them better than the crisp ones of last week.
i had taken a very washed out bed sheet from my grandma-in-law (with some damask-like pattern)

meanwhile i had experienced that it was only a question of Patience: you can Substitute the sun/heat for time.
best is to leave the Piece laying unattended for half a day anywhere in the house.
the stencil has to lay really flat on the paint-soaked fabric.
here i took two Colors (blue and a light Brown) to blend into each other.
the stencil on the left is from carabelle, the Chevron pattern from Donna downey.

next step: i have a lot of plastic stencils ... but what if i use cardbord dye cuts instead?
increases the choice of motifs significantly...

i think the Windrose turned out fine...
(not very crisp - but that has its own charm)

on my next Trial i used cardboard/paper dye cuts, which were laminated on one side.
that should be good for spray painting, but here you see they tend to roll themselves up with drying time (by some reason the left one faster than the right part). i think i won´t go on with this variation very much...
(but i could try cut outs which are laminated on both sides)

here a stencil from dina wakley (left) and the spiral is from Andy skinner.
...then no time for further experiments on the Weekend...
summary so far:
  • dampen the fabric, then paint it with diluted fabric paint: you can use any transparent fabric paint, silk paints are also fine
  • always work with a foil/ plastic tablecloth underneath the painted fabric
  • to create a crisp pattern the stencil must lay on the fabric really flat (you can use natural objects, too... leaves e.g., but it should be more complicated to lay them flat (maybe press them for a day before?)
  • to make them washable: iron them
and finally i found a perfect summer drink:
  tea-bags to put into cold water and make a Kind of ice tea without calories (well, artificial flavours and stevia involved, but i am bored with only blank water all the time... so i think this will increase my consumption of liquids, which should be good)
and summer is supposed to come this week...


  1. Thanks for joining us at AJJ with your flower page. You are having fun with your fabrics, rain or shine! Enjoy summer when it comes, happy T Day, Valerie

  2. I enjoyed your lovely AJJ page and laughed at the rain, rain, rain days. Ours were never cold like yours, but it DID rain a lot for days on end. Now it's hot, sticky, and steamy here. Summer will arrive soon, I'm sure.

    I LOVED the continued sun paintings and experiments you did. It stands to reason you do NOT need sun for sun tea, so why do you need sun for sun painting. Patience seems to be the keep for both. I was so glad you shared these experiments, because I for one will revisit this experiment as I start more dyeing this summer.

    It's good that you found a low calorie replacement for water and something that is not boring. Thanks for sharing it with us for T this Tuesday. And thanks, too for joining the T party this week.

  3. Hallo Johanna, welch ein spannender Post mit so vielen tollen Ergebnissen! Mir gefällt gut, dass beim Mond noch ein blasser Hof zu sehen ist -fast wie am echten Himmel - und die geknüddelten Stoffe mit Shiborimuster!
    Toll, man kann ja wirklich jede Schablone benutzen... jetzt bin ich wirklich gespannt, was du aus diesen vielen Stöffchen machen wirst!
    Sehr hübsch auch das Bild mit der weißen Kornblume!
    Jetzt wünsche ich dir nach der Regenwoche nur noch Sonne - hier scheint sie schon unglaublich heiß!
    Lieben Gruß von Ulrike

  4. Thank you for showing us your technique. I don't have a single piece of fabric in the house otherwise i would have a try. I'm sure i can get fabric paint here.
    I loved that moon!
    What a good idea to make ice tea bags. I often make a pot of herbal tea to cool down, but it takes 24 hours before I can drink it.
    Happy T-Day,

  5. beautiful hybrid art and quotes Joanna, and all your fabric experiments are really wonderful!! I love the unique stencils you used but I especially love the thistle one. Documenting is a great way to keep track of your fabric experiments. Thanks for sharing and happy T day!

  6. Your sun or no sun printing is fascinating and I am (no surprise) really drawn to your blue and white pieces. I agree that the less crisp images have a real charm to them. Nice use of stencils Johanna.
    Hope the summer sun finds you soon.
    Happy T Day oxo

  7. Your flower pages and quotes are fantastic. It was a great post to read, with your experiments and the results, I really liked the thistle one as well. Hope you get the sun you are seeking soon.
    Happy T day
    Yvonne xx

  8. You have some fantastic sun prints. I'm still playing a bit and just haven't shown any of mine. I love how you use stencils. They give really cool images! Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  9. I love unsweetened tea, and it does make a change from water. Happy T Tuesday!

  10. Faszinierende Sachen Johanna! Einmalig!
    Danke für's Teilen und die schöne Seite für AJJ!
    Happy T-Day!
    oxo Susi

  11. Great experiments and your explanations of the results. I thought they came out great. Broken lawnmower, ha ha, perfect. I've been trying to do some fruit infused waters to bring that consumption up. Still love my iced coffee though! xox

  12. Great prints you have going there ♥ I love them all :) I too love the quote on summer !

  13. What lovely art work, I love everything about your post! It is so facinating to read about your process and experiments. I know nothing about dying fabrics so thanks very much for sharing. All the pieces are stunning, I particularly like the birds and telegraph pole piece, I love it! Wishing you a Happy T day! J :-)

  14. Well who would have guessed it. You don't need sun for sun printing. That means I can try it (although it has been very hot and sunny today, so maybe you have got the sun now too?) Thanks for an exhaustive (not exhausting) description of your trials. I much prefer the less sharp images, so that is a good thing for here.
    Your AJJ page is very pretty.

  15. What fantastic results from your sun/water/time printing. They all look so good, but I especially like the thistles.
    We currently have a heatwave in London - our bedroom was 30 degrees last night! Hoping for something more intermediate ...
    I love the poem on your pretty AJJ photo - so true!

  16. You got a lot of nice results even without the sun. The step by step was very informative. Hope you get some sunny summer days to enjoy.

  17. I'm in love with the sunprinting!!
    Happy T day!

  18. Hallo Johanna, hier bei dir gib es ja wieder viel zusehen. Die Seite ist klasse, sie passt echt zum Sommerwetter dieses Jahr. Und deine Stoffstücke sehen toll aus. Spannend, wie du sie gemacht hast.
    LG Carola

  19. Hallo liebe Johanna, Du hast doch immer wieder fantastische, tolle innovative Ideen, die mich total begeistern und inspirieren. Meine Favoriten sind die Distel und der Strommast mit den Vöglen. Echt super! Ich wünsche Dir schon mal ein schönes Wochenende! Habe mir in einer Woche Bad Tölz eine dicke Erkältung geholt.

  20. Fabulous results on all of your stencil experiments!


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