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Tuesday, July 12, 2016

sun prinTing

for a Long time on my to-do-list,
and now as the sun was spoiling us over the Weekend...
i put my Hands on sun printing.
i was in the Need for "Indigo moons", so i made some faux ones,
using my pebeo setacolor fabric paints i recently bought.
for the "moons" i took some foam circles...
... which i spread on the blue painted fabric
(the White Cotton was dampened and then painted with a 1:2 paint:water Dilution)

i always thought it was a matter of uv-light to make this technique,
but investigating i found out it actually is because of the fact that in the heat/warmth the uncovered spots dry faster than the covered Areas, and the paint from underneath is drawn to the outer area, so the covered places stay lighter.
(gute deutsche Beschreibung: hier)
i was really pleased with my "moons" and thought i might try this technique with stencils, too.

as you see, it worked fine.
it takes about half an hour on a hot day.
the plastic part becomes light, the Image turns out crisp.
on a larger sheet i placed some stencils...
... and then i made some green ones, too.
addictive! if the weather will be my friend, i will make some more, with other motifs and Colors...
this year i have more raspberries in my garden (>ajj) than ever before
(These - and cherries - are my favorite fruit)
so i had to take photos and made this digital Collage
(the graphic is from an old biology book, texture: Nancy Donaldson, font: Wanderlust)
and the matching summer drink:

very refreshing : water, lemons and herbs
(you could take this any time at our Hotel reception in copenhagen)


  1. Du Glückskind mit Himbeeren im Garten, yummy. Tolle Idee mit dem 'Sun printing', die Ergebnisse sind sehr schön. Hoffe die Sonne bleibt damit du weitermachen kannst. Happy T Day, Valerie

  2. Your sun prints are amazing, Joanna. I am now hoping for lots of sun, especially when I have some free time!
    I love raspberries too, and I like how you have used one in your digital piece. Jx

  3. Fantastic effects with the printing, we are still hoping for some hotter sunny weather. Its a wonderful journal page with the raspberries, a delicious favourite of mine as well.
    Happy Tuesday.
    Yvonne x

  4. That sun printing is pretty cool, and how magical that it actually works. I always thought it was only for hot places like the Tropics. If we ever get sun for more than five minutes I'll be right out there trying it.
    The raspberry looks luscious in its digital environment, and as always I love to see one of your fonts with its interesting name.

  5. I have always wanted to try sun printing, but have never found paint that was right for it. apparently it's something I have to buy on the internet. I love how you experimented, though, and like you, find this is the time of year for dyeing.

    that lemon-herb water looks delicious. I should make some for myself, because it looks wonderful. Complimentary drinks like that are always appreciated.

    Thanks for sharing this fun sun printing experiment and your water with us for T this Tuesday. You have inspired me with your printing, and making some lemon water, too.

  6. What a fab technique! So simple!
    I love your journal page. Yes, I love raspberries. A friend of mine has just given me a shoot from her raspberry bush. I hope it will grow. I'm not very green fingered.
    Thank you for visiting,
    Happy T-Day,

  7. Fascinated with your sun printing Johanna.
    Something I have wanted to play with too.
    You got great results and blue is always my fav!
    Yummy to grow your own berries.
    We are enjoying cherry season right now.
    We buy organic and cannot believe the size of them this year Yum Yum Yum!
    That hotel water must have been so refreshing and most welcome.
    Happy T Day oxo

  8. what super results with your fabric printing Joanna! I can see how it could become addictive:) We have raspberry bushes too. Your digital is amazing-such clarity on the raspberry! That refreshing brew is a lovely end to your post. Happy T day!

  9. Loving your sun printing, what fantastic results you got and it's such an interesting process, thanks for sharing! The summer drink looks so refreshing, it's making my mouth water just looking at it! Happy T Day! J :-)

  10. Nie hätte ich gedacht, dass diese Technik so gut funktioniert. Danke für diesen Tipp... irgendwo lagern bei mir auch noch alte Seidenmalfarben.
    Aber, wie der Wetterbericht angekündigt hat, soll es bei dir da unten wieder ergiebige Regenfälle bringen - dann musst du wohl pausieren mit den Drucken.
    Lecker Himbeeren - deine, in der Digicollage sieht wirklich saftig aus - hoffentlich verträgst du sie besser als Kirschen.
    Jetzt bin ich wieder gespannt, was aus deinen eingefärbten Stoffen entstehen wird.
    Gute Woche von Ulrike

  11. Nice idea for a summery drink and I love the idea of suing stencils to sun print. I've been doing some myself, but haven't tried it with a stencil. Nice. Happy T day. Have fun! Hugs-Erika

  12. I use mint in my lemonade, but it's always lemonade for me. I've never tried it unsweetened. I will definitely try it that way, though :) Happy T Tuesday!

  13. Ich bin ja schon gespannt was aus den Stoffen wird - coole Sache ist das ja.
    Wie schön Himbeeren im Garten zu haben..ich hab nur ein paar mickrige Walderdbeeren im Garten, aber die Himbeeren und Brombeeren hol ich mir hier immer wild..auch ganz nett ... sind aber noch nicht reif die wildwachsenden, weder Brom- noch Himbeeren.
    Eine tolle digitale Seite hast Du mit dieser tollen Himbeere gestalet!
    Danke für's Verlinken zu AJJ!
    Happy T-Day!

  14. Lovely sun prints!! That jar with the herbal drink looks awesome :)

  15. Fantastic use of your stencils and dots for your moons. Nice to know a bit of the chemistry behind why it works. xox

  16. I am amazed at the artistry of the bloggers on this linky, thank you for sharing.

  17. A perfect summer blog. I have never done sun printing, but now I can try with your step by step instructions. The digital collage was a great idea. Summer fruits have the most beautiful colors.

  18. Making sun prints must be fun, kind of exciting to see how they will turn out. Yours are great. The drink looks refreshing.

  19. How very interesting! Fun results.
    Happy T day....a day late!

  20. Tolle Technik mit erstaunlichen Ergebnissen. Deine Digicollage mit Himbeere (lecker) gefällt mir auch sehr gut.
    Liebe Grüße

  21. Oh das ist ja eine tolle Technik und tolle Ergebnisse. Bin gesapnnt, was du daraus machst.
    Der Sommertrunk sieht lecker aus. Nun müsste es endlich auch mal Sommer werden. Bei uns ist nun schon über 2 Wochen kalt und regnerisch. Naja...
    LG Carola
    LG Carola

  22. I have never even heard of sun printing! You did such a fabulous job with it! WOW! And I love your photos, too. Your raspberry photo is beautiful and your drink looks amazing, healthy, and so refreshing!


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