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Tuesday, August 09, 2016

building patchwork stash

suppose i am providing for autumn... 
so this post is about sun printing again, of which i did MUCH in the last two weeks.
the Cup Shows a number stencil print, which Comes from the sampler below.
i had started to Experiment with the leftover silk paints i had in my cellar.
after some Trials i fell in love with the navy blue, which i decided to take as a Substitute for Indigo.
as i had only Little of it left, i had to buy some new
(that is always how it ends up...! when i go to the flea market for selling [i only did it once!] i come home with more stuff than i had before - and i spend all the earned Money - and more...)
i had to make an online purchase.
and guess what?
50 ml cost  3,11€ 

275 ml   9,31€

1 liter  25,95 €   (100 ml = 2,60 €)
so, of course... my rudimentary maths said: don´t be a fool...
well, i´m sure i will use it up, one day.
and i had ordered these along with the blue (saves shipping costs;))
i might make a blanket with blue and Brown tones. 
cognac, amber and rust
(well, i suppose i could have achieved the amber tone also by diluting the cognac a bit more, but anyway... - it is a bit more yellowish)
i thought i might lay a soaked Piece of fabric onto the metal garden chair.
the pattern turned out well after drying.

then lots of stencil printing...
even cardbord die cuts work quite well 

i used old bed Sheets, here one with traces of mending...
and i had started to make some 6x12 (and other matching formats), too
with time i had amassed quite a stash of Patchwork pieces...
here some of them, already ironed and basted:

and i made some tinted strips (i can use them to even out unmatching parts of the quilt maybe, or Frame the edge, or...):

then i thought: it would be nice to have yarn in the same Color...
found this in my stash:
i soaked one strand in water first and then in diluted paint.
hung it to a branch over the glass to drip down the excess Color. 

i really like the variegated way it turned out...

working in the garden i had a Little buddy:
i just love him (he resides under a table in a sheltering nook of our garden),
especially because he eats the slugs!
and the cat´s Food of course.

there will be a Little blog break now.
next week i´m away on a sewing retreat for a few days.
when back i plan to go with son #1 to visit son #2 for a few days in Berlin.
the man will care for house and cat, as he can´t get off from work.
if all goes fine i will be back at the end of the month.
see you then! happy summer!


  1. Looks like you had another fun week with lots of patches. Have fun visiting your boys. Happy T Day, Valerie

  2. Du hast anscheinend extrem Spaß mit diesen Techniken... das sieht nach so viel Arbeit und Aufwand aus! Die ganze Mühe lohnt aber ganz sicher..sieht man die einzigartigen Ergebnisse!
    Hab viel Spaß beim Retreat und mit Deinen Söhnen!
    Genieße alles!
    Lg Susi

  3. Wow! The beautiful things you do with a bit of material and some silk paint! I love what you do. But what a lot of work! When you have put together something, do you sell that on the market?
    Interesting that you make your yarn waterproof by putting it in the oven for an hour.(or is it a microwave?)
    Thank you for introducing your sweet little Mr Hedgehog. He looks cute.
    Wishing you a fab holiday,
    Happy Tuesday,

    1. hi, lisca
      i do not sell my blankets, i think it would be difficult to Price them reasonably. and i put the yarn in the normal oven (i do not have a microwave).

  4. A wonderful array of materials this week, you have been busy, with the colouring products. You seem to have got a bargain on the larger sizes.
    Enjoy your break.
    Happy Tuesday
    Yvonne xx

  5. Erstmal Glückwunsch zu deinem GartenIgel, das sind so putzige Gesellen! Dann habt ihr also erfreulicherweise einen 'unordentlichen' Naturgarten, denn sonst wäre er nicht dort.
    Oh, was warst du fleißig mit dem Stoff-Färben, alles sieht wirklich klasse aus, auch die Rosttöne, die ja zusammen mit diesem Blau besonders gut wirken. Du hast wirklich gut für den Winter vorgesorgt und es bleibt spannend, was du wohl daraus zaubern wirst.
    Du freust dich sicher, deine Söhne wieder zu sehen...meiner war heute über Nacht mal wieder hier.
    Gute Reise wünscht Ulrike

  6. Hi Johanna! I love your stenciled fabric, especially the moon and star and the tree. I can't wait to see what you do with these wonderful patches.

  7. Oh all these patterns - so wonderful to see. I love to see the piles of pieces neatly stacked and the warm coloured ones on the tray. Isn't it great when you discover a fascinating technique like this. I am also intrigued by the mended bedsheet.
    And you have a hedgehog! -you are so lucky, I am still waiting for one.
    Have a good holiday and blog break.

  8. Wunderschöne Patchworkteile. Ich wünsche Dir ein paar schöne Tage mit deinen Jungs.

  9. Wunderschöne Patchworkteile. Ich wünsche Dir ein paar schöne Tage mit deinen Jungs.

  10. You accomplished so much, all of it beautifully colorful. I was particularly interested in the stencils. I tried creating my own stencil for the first time. I didn't do so well. Will have to try again.

  11. I love the prints you've achieved...and I see you are dyeing/printing anything that isn't nailed down. LOL I'd be the same way.
    Safe travels...

  12. I am so in awe of what you have done. I've wanted to do sun dyeing for weeks, but it was either raining or too windy to do it. I think your dye probably made all the difference in the world, and what you found on the internet was a good deal. Surprising the different prices of the bottles, though.

    I've always said that bed sheets give you the most bang for your buck, and they are already prepared for dyeing.

    I'm going to miss you over the next few weeks. I am sure you will have fun at your retreat and then with your sons. Thanks for sharing these wonderful dyed patches and threads with us for T this Tuesday. And thanks for sharing that adorable hedgehog, too!

  13. your experiments in fabric color created breathtaking results! they will make marvelous quilts! Love your photos of the process too...had to smile about ending up with more stuff to bring home than you took to sell...that would be me too! lol.

  14. WOW! What wonderful results! Can't wait to see how you put them all together. Your quilting always amazes me.
    Happy T-day

  15. You never cease to amaze me with the fabrics you create, the stencil printing is wonderful and the quilts your produce must be amazing! I love the photos of your little buddy hedgehog, he does look like he is enjoying himself! Have a lovely time on your retreat and travelling with your family! Happy T day! J :-)

  16. Is that a hedgehog? What fun to have them wild in your garden!

    Happy T Tuesday :)

  17. Interesting, I just did a post about cyanotype prints (sun prints) I made -- it is a different process but similar. i enjoyed seeing what you did -- some lovely things you've got there.

  18. You have been busy with all your printing and dyeing. But you have some beautiful pieces, all ready to stitch. And lucky you to have a little hedgehog. We don't have wild ones here in the US and they are so cute! Happy T day! Hugs-Erika

  19. You have been busy and I love seeing all of those dyed pieces :) Enjoy your holiday with the sons!!!

  20. I really like all the pieces of fabric together, the colors and designs, especially the moon with the star. They're going to make a beautiful quilt. Your garden resident is sweet. I like when I see animals in my neighborhood. I was walking my dogs, and a skunk was trundling across the lawn on the other side of the street.

  21. Cute hedgehog! Shame we don't have them here in the states as we certainly do have slugs.
    What fabulous fun you're having with your sun printing. Brilliant pattern from your wire chair and as much as I adore blue (always!) I am really taken with the stencil pieces you made with the brown color...very earthy and organic looking. Also it makes perfect sense to save on postage and add a few more items ;-) who can you not.
    Sorry I missed T this week. With all of the construction around here I just couldn't get it together.
    Sounds like you have a fun week planned.
    til later liebe Johanna oxo

  22. Well, of course, those large bottles of paint/dye mean there will be lots of prints etc. for us to see in the future. This can only be good! I love seeing your prints.
    Your little friend is so cute! What always amazes me with hedgehogs is how fast they can move.
    Hope you have a great break.


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