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Tuesday, August 02, 2016

shostir chino

shostir chino
(i can see the question marks in your eyes;))
here you see a shostir chino on my mug of the week:
last week i did a lot of researches about kantha, the "original" Thing, beyond the well-known running stitch blankets (or whatevers);
you can get a lot of Information if you ask mr Google: "Kantha; the Embroidered Quilts of Bengal"
i repeatedly came across this Symbol in the samples i found:

it Looks like a pinwheel, and it is referring to the movement of the universe
(actually it is also seen in Hindu, Buddhist, Native American and other indigenous cultures throughout the world.)
it looked sort of happy to me (i thought of Christmas-time scandinavian peppermint lollies... what does this tell about me??)
and i looked for a pattern to stitch some myself:

on the blog of Judy Martin i found two Posts about it, too
here and here
 she does not pre-sketch it on the fabric, but i did.
it was stitching just for fun... maybe it will end up on a Holiday Cloth or something, who knows...
and if you have the time, you can watch a Video from an Exhibition in Philadelphia 2010   
unfortunately the catalogue is sold out and i can´t afford the Amazon sellers...
i Need a Sponsor;)


  1. Nice stitching again, you have a lot of patience! The recipe for the cake is here:
    That cake didn't survive half an hour when my visitors came! Happy T Day, Valerie

  2. Tolle und interssante Stickereien! Wow!
    Happy T-Day Johanna!

  3. Yes I had a question mark, until I read your post, its a good looking mug for your coffee.
    Happy Tuesday.
    Yvonne xx

  4. Always fun to learn new things when I come to visit with you liebe Johanna.
    Making marks with needle and thread does have a primal feel to it. Peppermint candy also came to mind with your design on the cup... food glorious food that's what we live for *gg* Happy T Day oxo

  5. So nice to know the history of a symbol , especially before you use it. :) Thanks so much for sharing the info and your stitching is superb!! Happy happy T day! Hugs! deb

  6. Love this and can totally see the reference to Christmas you came to, but all the spiritual universal stuff shows up everywhere in so many ways doesn't it! I do love the kantha throws and such and would love a sponsor too so I could fill the house with them! xox

  7. I love that design and am intrigued by the idea of a "mug of the week". I may have to adopt that idea :) Happy T Tuesday!

  8. Very beautiful stitching! Some of the designs in the samples you found are so intricate, lovely. Wishing you a Happy T Day! J :-)

  9. Yes, I was puzzled to start with but you have explained everything. How interesting. It must be very satisfying to research those things before you use a motiv. I agree that it is a happy motiv. The examples you showed are beautiful. I have no time now to watch the video but will do later this week, as it sounds interesting.
    Thank you for visiting,
    Happy Tuesday,

  10. How very interesting......reminds me of candy too......LOL!

    I did not know that design has been used for so many years by so many cultures. Just goes to show how small the world really is.......and that was before the internet!

    Thanks for sharing.
    Happy T-day

  11. Oh very nice to see your kantha and some examples. I did a day course on kantha stitching and made some samples, it is a very relaxing and meditative stitch as one follows the pattern.

  12. Ja, Spiralen haben etwas ganz Magisches - es ist eine nie endende Bewegung. Wunderschöne alte Stücke hast du als Beispiele heraus gesucht... das erste ist fantastisch, alles gequiltet rundherum!
    Deine rote Spiralblume ist aber auch fein!
    LG Ulrike

  13. I love seeing the kantha samples you found! Your own work looks fabulous! Hugs, Chrisx

  14. I had never heard this term kantha and enjoyed hearing about it. Learning something new is always fun. Hope it was great T day. Hugs-Erika

  15. Very interesting. That's what I love about blogging...we learn from each other all the time!
    Happy T day!

  16. Wowww, das sind wieder tolle Stickerei. Spiralen finde ich auch immer schön.
    LG Carola

  17. I sincerely apologize for not visiting sooner. My internet/phone problem took the wrong time to go offline again. Even the serviceman is confused. Before he could leave, thinking all was well, it went out again. Right now I'm at Sally's and this has to be quite quick.

    I really appreciate learning something new every time I visit here. I had no idea what shostir chino was, but it certainly looked good on your coffee mug. And the embroidery work you have started is simply gorgeous, too.

    Thank you so much for your patience in my visit and thanks for sharing this interesting embroidery technique with us for T this Tuesday.

  18. I loved all the examples you found, as well as the whimsy in your stitching. What better reason for doing something than for fun? And how could you not think of peppermint candy when looking at Judy Martin's stitching?

  19. Das habe ich jetzt richtig verstanden??? Alles gestickt, Oh Mann, Johanna! Du TIER :)
    Ganz, ganz toll! LG Conny

  20. Das Muster erinnert tatsächlich an diese rot/weißen Lollies. Deine Stickerei ist wirklich sehr schön, Johanna! Leider hab ich dafür zwei linke Hände.

    Schönes Wochenende und liebe Grüße,

  21. I love your shostir chinos or peppermint lollies. I think your alternative interpretation just demonstrates you are a fun loving person!
    I did have question marks in my eyes, initially but I have learnt a lot - thank you. Those Bengali cloths are stunning.

  22. Hello johanna

    I am still stitching these wheels that whirl - and loving them while continuing to learn more and more about them and other Indian stitches.
    Your blog is very interesting, I also like the post you wrote about painting and stenciling fabrics for patchwork.


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