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Tuesday, September 13, 2016

embroidery on the fabric weavings - and berlin XHAIN

today i´m showing what went on with the fabric weavings...
i started "free embroidery" (also inspired by jude hill)
i sketched a circle with a bowl first (Diameter 8,5 Inch = 21,5 cm) 
and chose to stay within a certain Palette of Colors: 
just working free on the space...
a few days later it was filled:
so the first of the fabric weavings is done...
they might become pieces of another blanket -
together with the sun prints of this summer.
well, i do not know all about Berlin, but i think the quarters kreuzberg and friedrichshain (short form: XHAIN) should be among the ones with the most Graffiti.
my son max lives in Xberg and that is where i will start my tour
not before having had a wonderful breakfast
in the "jenseits" Café at the heinrichsplatz

yummy, yummy berry müsli with fruits,
then, a Little "tour de kreuzberg"
below: starting just outside my son´s apartment
Close to the "Guerilla garden" or "treehouse at the wall" (german Wikipedia only):
living and working in kreuzberg seems to start not before 11 o´clock...
until then most of the shutters are down.
many of them are sprayed or painted beautifully.

we all know the face engravings by Piero Fornasetti:

the next one Shows a whole Comic Strip
(bar ohne namen = bar without a Name):

"rootz" is a veg(etari)an fast Food Restaurant
(good Rating in the Internet, did not try myself)

the next two ones are parts of the east side Gallery [engl], [dt]
the wall which formerly separated west and east Berlin:

we went further along the holzmarktstraße...

this face was in a backyard, to which we went...

... because i had spied this sign along the street:

we went further and came to a large factory building

and our flea market hearts (glad my son Simon has my genes in this respect) 
started oooh-ing and aaah-ing...
there was a HUGE collection of items from wound up companies, Schools etc...
old stools, wooden benches from ancient Trains...
many large clocks from Train stations etc...
lamps, lamps, lamps...

old leather mats - formerly used at Schools or
for Coaching wrestlers, like with this leather figure:

a merry-go-round for Little ones...
a stand with legs and arms for dolls...

and lots of metal lockers in various sizes and conditions...

apothecary bottles (a weak spot of me)

drawer cabinets in all variations...
(another weak spot;))

ok, i will stop here. i was flashed.
thanks god i had no opportunity to take something with me,
but it was just fun to inquire all the stuff.
if i find time i will make another Berlin post - a tour de Museums...


  1. Berlin war bestimmt eine Reise wert, das Essen sah toll aus. Happy T Day, Valerie

  2. What an amazing post, so much to see! Your embroidery is stunning and is a fabulous addition to your fabric weaving - a quilt made of these pieces will be so spectacular! It looks like you had a wonderful visit with your son! The berry müsli with fruit looks very tempting and delicious! The Graffiti sparrow titled "treehouse at the wall" is fabulous and as for the shop - I think I would happily spend time looking around, it must have been so much fun! Wishing you a Happy T Day! J :-)

  3. Your embroidery on the weaving fabric looks fabulous, the pieces would look awesome in a quilt. The photos of your visit with your son are super, a photographers delight and a wonder where next to look.
    Happy T Day.
    Yvonne xx

  4. Loving your photos. I knew there was graffiti in Berlin but didn't know there was so much of it. Your breakfast looks yummy too but what is under all the fruit. Its different from what I am used to seeing. And the quilt is coming along quite nicely. Happy T day. Hugs-erika

  5. Ja, auf deine Berlin-Bilder hatte ich schon gewartet - da hast du ja viel gesehen! Natürlich gefällt mir die Straßenkunst ganz besonders, da ist ja Berlin voll davon.
    Aber auch deine Stickarbeit sieht super aus mit diesem abstrakten Muster - puh, welch Arbeit! Ich frage mich nur, ob nicht die Stoffstreifen ausfransen, wenn du alles mal waschen willst, sie sind ja nicht versäubert...
    Lieben Gruß von Ulrike

  6. Your free stitching looks like a lot of fun to sew. My next machine is going to have that capability. What a great tour you have taken us on! The graffiti art is really fabulous-wow! And I don't know how you went through that marvelous place without buying anything. Happy T day-oh, that breakfast looks absolutely wonderful:)

  7. My fingers cramped just looking at that hand stitching you did on that weaving. It is beautiful, though.

    I was very impressed with the graffiti from Berlin. I especially liked the Basic Sole shoes shutters and the Fornacetti inspired art. You can't possibly call these graffiti, that's for sure.

    The Berlin wall is remarkable. I had no idea there were still parts of it remaining, especially since so much of it has been purchased by the art community in the U.S.

    LOVED seeing all the items that tugged at your heart at Urban Industrial. I was drawn to those, too.

    What a lovely breakfast you shared with us, too. I am drooling because it's that time of morning for me.

    Thanks for sharing your beautiful thread painting, your lovely photos of Berlin, and your wonderful breakfast that included orange juice with us for T this Tuesday. This was a remarkable post!

  8. Johanna theres so much in the post i hardly know where to The graffiti is amazing art!!! And then the flea market!!! Wow! those clocks had me Thank you so much for taking us along! Happy happy Tday!! Hugs! deb

  9. What a fantastic post Johanna, packed with all kinds of things to see.
    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the freeform embroidery on your quilt piece!!
    The photos from Belin are amazing, I am a love of graffiti......just wish it wasn't on the walls, but this is still amazing!
    The flea market........oh my!! What wonderful finds......I don't think I could have left without something...*grin*
    Thanks for visiting my blog and the lovely comment.....Happy T-day

  10. Wow! That's what I kept saying over and over as I scrolled though your post. Love the woven and embroidered piece. So lovely and intricate.
    Happy T day!

  11. I always enjoy coffee in sidewalk cafes like that. I know I'd have found something -maybe a lamp?- at the market. Happy T Tuesday!

  12. It's a long time since we visited Berlin and it was near Christmas so we were distracted by the market stalls! I think we need another visit to find the graffiti and other delights! We did walk along the East side of the wall - it was freezing! I think I would look for the flea market too!
    I love how your weaving piece is coming along! Hugs, Chrisx

  13. Loved your post. My favorites: your circle embroidery on the fabric weavings (wonderful wonderful), Pierno Fornasetti face engraving (wow), and the large train station clocks (i'd love to have one). Thanks for the graffiti tour. I've never been to Berlin. So much historical significance.

  14. Hallo Johanna,
    WOW! Was für tolle Eindrücke, Photos, Farben..., scheint eine sehr kreative Ecke in Berlin zu sein. Und musstest Du einen LKW für den Heimweg mieten nach dem Flohmarkt Besuch :)
    LG Conny

  15. Fabelhafte Berlin Bilder und die Stickarbeit ist extra speziell.. wow.. super !

  16. That's great how the embroidery in the circle pulls (pictorially) the woven squares together.
    Lots of fascinating photographs - the graffiti is astonishing, very artistic and creative.
    Loved the "flea market" tour, I like to look but not buy (unless something really remarkable jumps out).

  17. Love your beautiful thread painting and your gorgeous photos of Berlin. I was very impressed!

  18. Having seen this post, I want to go to Berlin even more now! It looks a fascinating place.
    You fabric weaving and embroidery look amazing - so creative. I love how you drew the circle over the squares and then filled it with stitching.


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