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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

brown october

Ulrike brought my attention to this monthly Color challenge -
i thought if i really can do it in 5 minutes, i will take part...
(i was sceptical, because i´m not a big fan of Brown - except rusty things)
but i actually could find these things within very short time:
the Background (1) is a tote bag i rusted last year, (2) some hazelnuts, (3) sunprints of this year´s experiments, (4) hot water bottle, laying around as i have a Lumbago, (5) a gemstone, (6) Shell of a razor clam, found in denmark, (7) matchbox (with muybridge mini flip-book inside) - a gift from dymphie meeuwissen from one of her advent-calendars and (8) three sticks of cinnamon (from a whole bundle i bought in egypt - more than 30 years ago - for decoration purpose, and actually i still love them [i think they would no longer be good for cooking use after all that time])

(find more Brown collages here)
the garden is full of mushrooms (esp at the Areas where cherry trees had been; i think they are coming along their old roots) 


if i googled right, these should be Armillaria mellea (engl, dt) - edible, but i do not dare to eat them anyway, as they sometimes cause stomach upsets. i won´t try (i´m a faintheart when it comes to mushrooms...).
does the snake (clay) have a stranglehold over the mushrooms
or have they captured the snake?

and as the temperatures are low meanwhile, i thought a hot chocolate would lift my mood:

rather boring to Show, but meditative to do (best when watching tv...):
unseaming old Jeans
(with some boro sewing in my mind)
i will be away next week, meeting with stamp pals in the Harz mountains.
weather forecast could be better, but we surely will have fun.
so "see" you again in two weeks.


  1. Those mushrooms are very common here, I didn't know they were edible, but I don't think I want to try them, cocoa sounds MUCH better. Have fun when you are with your friends, happy T Day, Valerie

  2. A nice mixture here.
    I, always like to see mushrooms in the garden, but like you would never dare to eat them (too many horror stories of people who have). I like the snake, it looks so real.
    Interesting that you found all these items for your brown collages, these collages are fun but I could not do anything in five minutes, but maybe worth a try.

  3. Ha, du hast es also auch getan! Die 5-Minuten-Collagen geben tatsächlich immer ein wenig Einblick in die Persönlichkeit, so zeigst du hier ja auch ein paar deiner Stoff-Arbeiten, schön!
    Nee, essen würde ich diese Pilze auch sicher nicht, sie sehen aber immer so schön aus, erst recht so nett arrangiert mit Schlange, hi,hi, die wirklich richtig lebendig wirkt.
    Dann bis ganz bald - freu mich so, dich wieder zu sehen!
    Lieben Gruß von Ulrike

  4. Not sure I would try those mushrooms either, I have to be sure and only buy them from the Greengrocer. The cocoa, looked very yummy.
    Happy T day
    Yvonne xx

  5. What a wonderful and eclectic mix of entries this week, Johanna. I also bought a big bag of cinnamon sticks, but like you, probably won't use them for anything except potpourri.

    I am excited to see what you do with the jeans. My friend Sally gave me some of her old jeans, and I am contemplating turning them into scrappy journal covers. I suspect you will find a way to "slow" sew yours.

    Your hot chocolate looks good. I'll probably need that tomorrow when the weather is supposed to get more autumn-like.

    I've never seen mushrooms growing in my yard, but I would never eat them, either. LOVE the clay snake in the mushrooms. Seems fitting.

    Thanks for sharing your fun 5 minute challenge, your jeans deconstruction, your mushrooms and snake, and your warm and inviting hot chocolate with us for T this Tuesday.

  6. That clay snake creeped me out with all those mushrooms growing around it. It amazes me how many kinds of mushrooms there are. Love the collage of brown items. I think we all have mroe brown in our lives than we think we do. Brown is one of those colors that fades into the background I think. Coco is good for me. :) Happy journey and happy T day too. Erika

  7. Ich würde die lieber auch nicht probieren wollen ... lieber den Kakao!
    Genieße ihn und Deine Stofflust!
    Lg Susi

  8. Your 5 minute challenge is so wonderful, you have created such an eclectic group of items which have some facinating memories attached to them - thanks so much for sharing :-). The mushrooms are so pretty and I like the way they have grown through the snake. Seems your yummy hot chocolate continues the brown theme you have going on too :-). I can't wait to see what you do with those jeans! Wishing you a Happy T Day! J :-)

  9. wow, so many mushrooms! I love mushrooms but would never attempt to pick any to eat. Looks like the snake likes them:) Great "brown' theme collage! Enjoy that delicious chocolate and have a super time away with friends next week! Happy T day!

  10. Schön bist du auch mit dabei. Und dann noch mit einem ganzen Korb voller Collagen ;-), toll!
    Herzliche Grüsse Simone
    Falls du gerne eine schon gelegte Farbe nachlegen möchtest, kannst du sie gerne hier verlinken:

  11. The 5 minute collage challenge is very cool. Wish I could read the post. :)
    Those mushroom are very pretty...not so much the snake. Doesn't matter if its clay....EWWWW.

  12. What a fun blog today.A collection of brown things. I think you could have added your coco (lol).
    You have posted mushrooms too! Aren't they lovely! I don't know enough about mushrooms so I would not eat them either. Here in our village you need a permit to pick mushrooms (we live on the edge of a natural park) and they do a special course each year (one day) after which you get permission to pick. The course is always on the weekend of my women's conference, so I always miss it. Sigh...
    I love your snake (He looks quite real!)
    Happy T-Day,

  13. I love the idea of a 5 minute challenge, and I like all the things you found.....great job!

    I also, have mushrooms growing, but dare not eat them either......I'm really NOT that brave. LOL!

    Happy T-day

  14. Nice brown vignette. Love the mushrooms, here too, but keep that snake, no thank you. Oh hot chocolate sounds perfect. It's cold, blustery and not too sunny. Hat and gloves weather has arrived. xox

  15. I love your brown collection! The mushrooms look great but like you I would not eat them! We used to pick field mushrooms as a child but they are so easy to identify!
    Would love a hot chocolate - just right to accompany your little task! Hugs, Chrisx

  16. I'm never sure of wild mushrooms, but I'm glad to see that snake surrounded by them. It's interesting how things grow, isn't it! And I like snake sculptures. Well, and snakes generally :) Happy T Tuesday

  17. I like bringing small things home from trips, as you did with the cinnamon. Looking at them can take you right back to a particular moment. I've always found mushrooms interesting, especially when I find them growing in huge clumps. So many different kinds. And the hot chocolate... one of my VERY favorite things.

  18. Die rostige Tasche in Deiner Collage ist ja ganz mein Ding, liebe Johanna. Ich habe erst kürzlich wieder einige Stoffe "gerostet". Boro steht bei mir ebenfalls auf der To-do-Liste, aber ich weiß nicht, ob das in diesem Jahr noch etwas wird.
    Die Pilze würde ich auch nicht probieren aber sie sehen toll aus. Ich wünsche Dir gute und schnelle Besserung für Deinen Rücken.
    Herzliche Grüße

  19. Really fun group of brown elements, and love the mushroom photos! Happy T day🍁

  20. Really fun group of brown elements, and love the mushroom photos! Happy T day🍁

  21. Na da hast du schöne braune Sachen gefunden. Die Pilze würde ich auch nicht essen, da bin ich auch etwas schissig. Dann doch liebe Kakao. Aber die Pilze sehr sehr schön aus...tolle Bilder., auch das mit der Schlange.
    LG Carola

  22. Late flyby T stop!!! Just look at those shroomsS!!! Amazing!!!! Happy belated T day!! Hugs! deb

  23. I suppose we don't have that kind of mushroom here.They are fabulous.I am not a fan of hot chocolate myself but you can invite me for a cup of coffee. Enjoy your travel.Happy Halloween my friend!

  24. What a magnificent display of mushrooms, but I'm glad that snake is clay - it looks so real!


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