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Tuesday, October 04, 2016

wonderful autumn

what happened in the course of the last week?
we had/have a wonderful late summer this year. i remember moaning about the weather in june/july, but then it changed into lots of sunny days. even at the end of September we had up to 24°c; but now the forecast is slowly sinking temperatures.
(a Bouquet my husband brought me two or three weeks ago)
and spontaneously made a hybrid page:
i photographed a colorful branch placed on a stencilled spray painted Background...
then digitally added a Quote i found in the net
(and which especially fits in these sometimes rude and intolerant days we find recently...)
(textures: two Little owls + ztampf; font: pea sean)
looking what i did last week i only have to ask my camera;) ...
cloud watching - i especially loved this "feathered" sky:

i started another free stitching woven Piece...
... but actually now is the time to concentrate on other things:
the year brought LOTS of plums. we do not have a plum tree ourselves, but got oodles of these from friends. friday i got a large bucket (10kg), which were just in perfect ripeness, so i had to preserve them immediately. means baking (the cakes are better when baked with the fruit before freezing, rather than taking frozen fruit for baking - these are quite wet...).
but of course i couldn´t bake pastries from 10kg!! so some of them went into the freezer (after pitting them!!) for later cooking of jam, compote, plum crumble etc. ... this will become the year of plums;)
actually i was too busy to photograph this, but most of the plum recipes
you can make with apples, too - so i show you some buns i made a few days before...
i LOVE yeast dough...

( can help you out with Translation, or just ask me...)
just substitute plums for apples...
another Thing i did was looking through my Berlin photos...
we had one day at the Museum Island and here are some photos of the New Museum (engl, dt),
which houses the egyptian Museum and artifacts from the Stone Age, bronze Age and other prehistoric and antic collections.
in the first room you can find this beautiful painting at the ceiling:

Sphinx of Shepenupet II, god´s wife of Amon
~ 660 bC, Karnak

Pictures and writings on the walls of the tombs of Methen and Nefer-au-Ptah
~2500 bC

necklace with lotus blossoms (Fayence)
~1400 bC

reliefwall of a chapel: king Amanitenmomide protected by the goddess Isis
1st century AD 

wine vessel in the shape of the god Bes
~1360 bC

Cup in the shape of a Lotus blossom
1540-1290 bC
four canopic jars (for entrails) with lids in the shape of the heads of the four sons of Horus (protective deities)
10.-8. century bC

and then, the most famous exhibit of the egyptian collection:
the bust of nefertiti:

her Name translates: "the Beauty has come" - and actually i felt like mesmerized when standing in front of this face. i hardly could stop looking at her... perfect Beauty, everybody seems to be captivated by her Aura...
it was really good it was not allowed to photograph in this room (the pic above is taken from Wikipedia), as this would have destroyed the atmosphere immensely
from other departments of the new Museum only two exhibits here:

famous find of the bronze Age:
the Berlin Gold hut (engl / dt)


after that we decided to have a break at the Café in the Museum:
"egyptian Mocca" (Espresso with cardamom and chocolate topping with whipped cream) and yoghurt passionfruit cake. yes, yumm!!
then we went on to the Pergamon Museum, but that is another Picture Story to be told...


  1. Love the thought of Egyptian mocca, thanks for sharing the photos from the museum. I visited the Berlin museum some years back and it is fantastic. Thanks for joining my challenge at AJJ with your pretty page. Happy T Day, Valerie

  2. I have so enjoyed reading your post and seeing all the wonderful photos. I think the ones from the museum are my favourites. Its a beautiful autumn page in the journal as well.
    Happy T day
    Yvonne xx

  3. Goodness, what a fun and informative post this week. Still loving your sewing, and your photos. Of course, the AJJ entry is beyond beautiful and I agree that diversity is the key.

    I was nearly overwhelmed by all the images you shared with us from the Egyptian museum in Berlin. I had no idea that the bust of Nefertiti was housed there. She is a true beauty, that's for sure. I was also taken by the Canopic jars in the shape of the four sons of Horus's heads.

    Taking a break at the Museum cafe to have Egyptian "mocca" and cake was truly the topping on a wonderful day of gorgeous photos. Thanks for sharing your week in photos, your art, your plum recipe, and your Egyptian mocha with us for T this Tuesday. I found this post most uplifting and I learned a lot, too.

  4. You have been busy and having such fun. I am jealous. I love the museum photo, especially the Berliner elk. How cool. And your "snack" looks so yummy. :) Yeasted bread is such sun to make, and I bet yours with apples was delicious. Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  5. Bei den nächsten Pflaumennudeln sag Bescheid,dann komm ich kurz vorbei ;-)) .

  6. Bei den nächsten Pflaumennudeln sag Bescheid,dann komm ich kurz vorbei ;-)) .

  7. So many wonderful things to look at on your post today, you have been busy :-). Those buns look delicious, bet the melt in your mouth - just looking at them is making my mouth water! The Berlin Museum looks like a fantastic place to visit, I love the colour and design of the Lotus flower necklace - stunning! And what could be better than an Egyptian Coffee and that delicious looking passionfruit cake - yum! Thanks for sharing your spendid bouquet, art work, clouds, stitching, baking and trip to the museum today - an amazing post! Happy T Day! J :-)

  8. Amazing post this week!!
    Your AJJ page is stunning, all the hybrid pieces I see just amaze me.
    Next to the ruins in Greece, Egyptian art is a favorite with me. Loved every photo you shared....thank you!
    Happy T-day

  9. a packed post filled with so many wonderful things!! It's all super-from the beautiful art, to the museum photos to the delicious looking buns. Thanks for sharing all this goodness and happy T day!

  10. Looks like you have been busy. Baking, sewing, taking photos, pitting plums. Nice weather is always a good motivator. Autumn puts me in the mood for baking. Loved the raised images on the walls of the Egyptian tombs. It's so amazing what people created in 2500 BC, without the materials and tools we have available now.

  11. Hallo liebe Johanna, ich habe Deinen Post aufmerksam verfolgt (Dankeschön!) und mich gefreut, ein bisschen an Deinen tollen Momenten teilzunehmen Das Wasser lief mir mal wieder im Mäulchen zusammen. So sende ich Dir mal ein paar herbstliche Grüßße Gabi

  12. What a long lovely T post today!!! All those gorgeous photos!! Thank you so much! Its been so long since i've been to a museum. I would LOVE to see the Smithsonian ....Love the colors in your hybrid piece....and your baking sounds and looks wonderful. So good to visit with you this T day! Hugs! deb

  13. Wahnsinn... so viele Sachen sind da in einem einzigen post... toll!
    Danke für den schönen Beitrag zu Art Journal Journey! Hab einen schöne Woche!Liebe Grüße

  14. Bei diesen so unterschiedlichen Beiträgen, weiß ich ja gar nicht, womit ich anfangen soll... mit den Wolken.
    Mir ist es nämlich letzte Woche auch so gegangen, wollte eigentlich einen Brief auf dem Balkon schreiben, habe dann aber erst einmal nur Wolken beobachtet!
    Hhm, lecker sehen deine Hefe-Zwetschgen aus - bei uns gabs immer Zwetgenknödel, zum Reinsetzen!
    Fein, wieder so viel großartige ägyptische Kunst, die hatten es wirklich drauf. Zeitlos schön einfach.
    ... und ja, jetzt ist wirklich Herbst!
    Lieben Gruß von Ulrike

  15. Oh my what a lovely post with lots of yummy things for the eyes and the tummy ♥ I do love plums and will have to think about replacing our old and dying plum trees so I can grow them again. Love the museum photos and info. Have a great week and Happy Belated T Day!

  16. This Egyptian art is truly fascinating, the hieroglyphs, the lotus blossom cup, the jewelry - everything.
    I'm feeling quite hungry now, so your plum and apple baking also fascinates me. It's a great time of year to bake these cakes and breads.
    Your AJJ is gloriously coloured, like the autumn leaves often are, although they have barely started turning yet this year.

  17. Happy I got to catch up with you Johanna!
    I came by way of AJJ since I missed T last week. Plums have been on my mind too altho no where near the amount you were dealing with YUMMY YUM! Your digital piece is excellent with good words to heed and very beautiful too.
    Thank you for sharing those Egyptian artifacts with us WOW they are fabulous.
    See you soon for T this week oxo

  18. Oh wow, hier gibt es ja viel zu sehen. Du hast einige tolle Sachen gesehen und festgehalten. Und ich sehe, du nähst auch wieder.
    ich wünsche dir eine schöne neue Woche!
    LG Carola

  19. Oh wow! So many treasures. The necklace with lotus blossoms is just amazing, especially considering its age.
    I love your digital piece with that wonderful quote about diversity. If only everyone thought like that!
    Enjoy your plums. :)


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