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Tuesday, November 08, 2016

gleanings of halloween and chocolART

i´m back from the Harz mountains, where we had a gathering of 20 like-minded stampers (some with husbands), knowing each other for many years and meeting every other year for a week of retreat and fun.
the weather was better than forecasted, so each day we had the chance to visit a town or walk in the surroundings for a few hours.
the harz is famous for its forest (part of it is a national park) and wonderful cultural places, some of them in the UNESCO World Heritage sites (as the old towns of Quedlinburg and Goslar).
of course i shot a lot of photos, but today i will Limit myself to monday (Halloween):

on monday we visited wernigerode, as there was a chocolate Festival:
the Festival was located in booth around the market place: 
town hall

 i think it took about three hours just to move around in a very limited space;)
some impressions:
chocolate canneloni

lots of beautiful wrappings

yes, the season is ahead...

and these were my favorites:
"rusty" Tools - made of dark chocolate with cocoa powder

even chocolate beer was available
(to say the truth: i did not taste the flavour of chocolate in it)

another beautiful house in the town...

more about my visit in the Harz mountains next week...
i have to sort my photos first.
and about creating...
not much, actually
i did a Little bit of carving and used these stamps on Cloth.
i started a sort of Color wheel, but there will be more to be done...



  1. Thanks for sharing the lovely photos, that chocolate festival sounds great. Have fun with the stamps and needlework, happy T Day, Valerie

  2. You had me at rusty tools and hand carved stamps.

    I really enjoyed spending Halloween and visiting the chocolart festival with you. It was an amazing journey and I enjoyed it immensely.

    Thank you for sharing these wonderful photos AND your chocolate beer with us for T this Tuesday. I missed you last week, and had no idea you were having so much fun. BTW, I adore that color wheel and slow stitching.

  3. Oh a festival with lots of chocolate sounds good to me. Your photos looked fantastic.
    The stamps looked interesting as well, have fun using them.
    Happy T day

  4. What a beautiful place you visited, I love the architecture and the chocolate festival looks so wonderful! The beautiful wrapping and rusty tools are fabulous and chocolate beer - now that's something I would like to try :-). Thanks for sharing and I'm so looking forward to the next installment of your trip. Your cloth work is gorgeous, the embroidery design you have added is beautiful! Happy T Day! J :-)

  5. another beautiful town. I love the market place and all those wonderful things-like the rusty chocolates:) Fun Halloween goodies too. Great looking stamps Joanna, and your sewn piece is beautiful looking! Happy T day!

  6. Wow- first of all there is amazing food on your post today Joanna. The passionate baker really made an amazing Halloween cake. And the town square and market were just gorgeous. Wow again. Glad you shared and can't wait to see more of your photos. Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  7. Es ist einfach schön, diese Bilder noch einmal zu sehen! Du hast also mit dem Kulinarischen begonnen - alles sieht absolut lecker aus, besonders toll getroffen ist die gerostete Schokolade!
    Ach, ich wusste zunächst gar nicht, wo ich anfangen sollte bei den vielen Fotos, so gehe ich jetzt chronologisch vor - viel Arbeit noch.
    Auf dem Rückweg musste ich wieder an 'das Lied' denken... wie blöd, hab vergessen, es mir von deinem Mann noch auf den Stick überspielen zu lassen...
    Liebe Grüße von Ulrike

  8. That town hall is like nothing seen around here! Your gathering sounds like great fun :) Happy T Tuesday!

  9. Who wouldn't want to attend a Chocolate Festival?!!! I LOVE the chocolate rusty very clever and they look real....amazing.

    Happy T-day

  10. Wow das war wohl richtigtoll! Danke für's Teilen der Bilder! Super Stickerei obenfrauf!

  11. OH! OH! OH! Love the chocolate festival and those rusty tools are my favorite too!!!! All of your photos are lovely ♥

  12. I love old towns. It looks like there were so many things to check out. I agree with you about the "rusty tools." Little works of art in chocolate! The variety of stitching on your color wheel looks great so far. Looking forward to seeing the additions to it.

  13. Oh my! This really looks fantastic! I bet the aroma was amazing! The town looks interesting too! You look to have had some fun too! Hugs, Chrisx

  14. Oh my! This really looks fantastic! I bet the aroma was amazing! The town looks interesting too! You look to have had some fun too! Hugs, Chrisx

  15. oh what a feast for the eyes! stunning architecture, yummy fabric, and chocolate! you can never go wrong with chocolate. I bet Elizabeth is drooling over the 'rusty tools!' ;)_

  16. Oh lecker, ein Schokoladenfestival!!! :) Da gab es sicher viele Versuchungen. Diese "verrosteten" Werkzeuge sind so cool! Ich glaube, nach dem Anblick Deiner Fotos brauche ich heute Morgen etwas Schokoladiges zum Frühstück.
    Wernigerode scheint ja ein sehr charmantes Städtchen zu sein. Toll, dass Ihr so viel Spaß hattet und auch so verwöhnt wurdet.
    Herzliche Grüße

  17. A chocolate festival, that sounds fun. The rusty tools chocolates remind me of something we had long ago, we bought them from a van outside the school.
    The chocolate bar wrappings look so interesting, I would have had to buy some of these, just for the wrappings you understand.
    Cafe Wien is lovely with its decoration and patterns, I wonder what it was like inside.
    Your own carved stamps are pretty and look as if they will be very useful. I like all of the ones you show here.

  18. Wow, a chocolate festival - those tools look amazing, although the chocolate beer sounds a bit strange!
    Can't wait to see your completed colour wheel - it looks so good already.


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