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Tuesday, November 15, 2016

it´s all in the details...

before i continue with my photos from the harz mountains,
i´m going to Show what i made one evening, when our Group was having a Workshop.
let me commit, i´m not a Workshop Person (looking, yes - but i have to work in my own pace...).
so i watched the others spraying a black tote with fabric paints and stencils.
suddenly the idea stroke me: i had White fabric with me and i could save the paint on the stencils before all of it was washed into the sink...
so i did - just laid the fabric onto the wet stencils and got some beautiful results - with no "work" at all:
same stencil sprayed successively with various Colors...

i´m sure they will be good for whatever;)
now to my travel photos:
i shot so many, it is hard to make a choice.
for today i thought i might concentrate on DETAILS.
above a view that Shows three typical facades of buildings in this region:
here slate (front one), roof tile and timber-framed (you can find many of these samples at ulrike´s blog, so i leave them out here, except some details)
here and there you can find some art nouveau style,
as on this one in bad sachsa:
or here in Quedlinburg,
with beautiful old balconies:

with a snake or roses...

and other floral design at the fence

next: some doors in quedlinburg

above and below: in wernigerode

Lion on a fence of the walkenried abbey:

i always love to see the signs of old craftsmen...

this sign with the pyramid cake led us into a Café
on this one you see a "Roland" (engl/dt), which was a statue of a knight with a drawn sword, signifying the town privileges of a medieval City.
another Roland statue i saw in the town of Nordhausen/Thuringia, located at the town hall:
i also love weather vanes, here one on a pigeonry in Quedlinburg...
and this raven was posing for us on the statue of Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor (Friedrich barbarossa) in front of the Mediaeval Imperial Palace (Kaiserpfalz)
ubiquitous the woodcarvings on the facades (Ulrike already showed some beautiful ones),
sometimes very colorful,
repetitive ornaments (often circles with 5-point or 6-point stars),
sometimes carved sayings below the Patterns.

above and below: Goslar

and even similar ornaments made of slate:
(in Nordhausen)

sculptures from houses in wernigerode,
... and i´m finishing my post for this week with a capstone (1616) of a jutty at the townhall of wernigerode, showing the Emblem of the Family of Storkau)
so far i left out the numerous photos of churches and domes,
suppose some of them will follow in my next post.


  1. Die Stoffe sehen cool aus.Bin gespannt, was du daraus machen wirst.

  2. Die Stoffe sehen cool aus.Bin gespannt, was du daraus machen wirst.

  3. Na Du bist mir ja eine! Machst Dir einen kostenlosen Stoffdruck und hilfst den anderen damit noch ihre Schablonen quasi zu reinigen !
    Sauba sog i!!
    Sehr schöne Inpressionen hast Du uns mitgebracht aus dem Harz!
    Schönen T-Day Johanna!
    oxo Susi

  4. Ja, das war eine geniale Idee von dir, die Restfarbe der besprühten Schablonen mit deinen Stoffen abzunehmen - nur nichts verkommen lassen!
    Und deine wunderbaren Detailfotos aus dem schönen Harz könnten alle in einem Reiseprospekt abgedruckt werden, eine tolle Auswahl!
    Jetzt muss ich wirklich überlegen, was ich noch zeigen kann, was du noch nicht vorgestellt hast, da wir ja meist zusammen unterwegs waren...mal sehen, ob ich noch etwas finde.
    Dir einen schönen Tag von Urike

  5. Fabulous photographs.

    Have a happy T day

    Love Chrissie xx

  6. Fantastic photos, the buildings all seem so interesting and have great details in their architecture.
    Happy T day
    Yvonne xx

  7. Wow those architectural elements are just gorgeous! To me they are so exotic, nothing like we have here in New Hampshire. And I also love your fabric results. They came out beautiful. Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  8. How clever to capture all that lovely ink from the stencils on fabric and the results are amazing - perfect! You have visited such a magical place, the architecture is stunning! I really enjoyed seeing all your wonderful photos, the textures you have captured and the signs really made me smile, thank you! I love the little coffee pot at the cafe too! Wishing you happiness this T Day! J :-)

  9. What an impressive post. I'd like to begin with how clever you were with the paint and stencils. Great way to think outside the box.

    I'd also like to thank you for the idea of setting the fabric color of my grape juice by ironing it. It never occurred to me, since it was so sticky.

    Now to your architectural wonders. These are all so incredibly beautiful, and extremely impressive. Of course, the cake and coffee establishment held my attention, but so did other elements. I especially liked the slate roofs and sculptures. Everything was so unique and so unlike anything we would see in the states.

    Thanks for sharing your wonderful fabric, your architecture, and your coffee with us for T this Tuesday.

  10. Joanna your fabric play turned out beautifully and must have been such fun!
    Gorgeous photos of the buildings and details. I love them all, especially the signs above the doors that let you know the owners trade. Happy T Day!

  11. What a fun idea for your fabric! I enjoyed the photos of the architectural detail. So much intricate design. Happy T Tuesday :)

  12. Very smart to use the fabric in that way. Looking forward to seeing what becomes of the pieces. Loved the photos too...

  13. Johanna ever since i started drawing again in my old age i have fallen in love with architecture so i have loved this post... thank you so much for posting all those pictures..just fascinating! Love the fabric printing you achieved too.. i hate to see things go down the drain when they could be used. Happy happy tday! Hugs! deb

  14. First, I am in love with your idea to get the paint OFF the stencils and onto your fabric....very clever and beautiful too!
    Second, thank you for all the lovely "detail" photos I enjoyed them very much. I absolutely LOVE the OLD hanging signs!
    Happy T-day

  15. What a clever thing to do with the fabric! I love those photos! There really are some fabulous architectural features and buildings! Happy T Day, Chrisx

  16. Good work with the stencils, especially the no-work piece, all useful to add to the fabric stash.
    I am overcome with the architectural and ironwork details, and the buildings look like drawings from a child's fairytale book. There is something magical about these doorways and windows. Nice of the raven to pose for us.

  17. Using the paint that was already on the stencils was a great way to "recycle". I'm sure you will find a creative way to use the fabric. In general, we lack buildings with beautiful details here in the United States. The country is not old enough, or often, old buildings are replaced with newer ones.
    When I have had the opportunity to visit European cities, I am always amazed by the ornate details everywhere.

  18. Oh what a clever Idea to use your white fabric. The results are fun and can be used for ´whatever´.
    I looooved your photos of architectural details. It's something I look at and photograph when I go somewhere. I really like old and interesting doors and you have shown me a few. But I also like the hanging signs and the jugenstil metal work. The Rolands are interesting and I didn't know what they meant, so thank you for that snippet of information. Very interesting.
    Thank you so much for sharing your photos. It made my day!
    Happy T-Day,
    Thank you for your kind comment,

  19. You were very creative with those stencils on the white fabric. Good "save". I certainly enjoyed the photo's of the details on the buildings.

  20. Thanks for sharing all the "details" I love seeing that kind of thing ♥ Heads up on the fabric painting! you'll have fun working with those some day :)

  21. I love seeing photos of your visits, Johanna. They are really interesting and I love the wonderful architectural features.
    Your stencil stamp cloths look really good!

  22. Wonderful playtime. They'll show up stitched somewhere soon. Beautiful city views. Lve all the details n the buildings. Xox


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