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Tuesday, December 13, 2016

the elephants are marching in...

of course i had to Experiment with my new woodblock stamps.
cleaning the stamps immediately after using them is important,
otherwise Color would stay and harden in the crevices.
i stamped this row of elephants on one of the Cloth i recently dyed with onion Skin.
meanwhile i tried out some other dyeing materials,
but the onion Skin was by far the best.
the two beetroot strips would have been nice,
but as you see on the lower Picture, the Color was gone after putting it into the washing machine
tried acorns, too - almost no result - a bit offwhite
(maybe too late in the year? not sure if fresh acorns would do better?)
i´m eating quite some Kaki recently and saved the Skin in the freezer until i had a bigger amount.
but as i actually supposed: no coloring at all.
anyway, dyeing with natural materials will be continued next year
i wanted to do some more fabric stamping -
unsewed an old blue blouse...
... and cut larger and smaller squares for patchworking.
(6cm and 4cm pieces) 

the White opaque setacolor fabric paint works fine and the
prints turned out crisp.

maybe the Impression of the peacock tail was a bit weak.
 so i decided to stitch along...
this mug is created with a photo shot through the kaleidoscope...
 imagine some mullet wine (*Glühwein*) in it;)
i played a bit with my kaleidoscopes at the Weekend...
i have two with glass marbles...
and one with two Rotary disks:
one disk with textured glass and one with Color areas

you can handle them quite controlled.
photographing through the lens gives a Picture where you can see the inner construction of the kaleidoscope a bit: you always get these bars on the margins (you don´t recognize them when looking through with the eyes)
(the small detail photo is a screenshot from the Video mentioned in my previous post)
i made some clippings of my shots in PS -
the next one is typical for the "drop texture" on the Rotary wheel:
on the next one (made through a marble) you can see tree structures from the garden in the light areas if you look closely:
then i thought i might make some star shaped ones,
apt to the season:
(on the blue one the Color was intensified a bit in PS)


ad infinitum...


  1. I'm not a very good stamper, so I was really, really impressed with your stamping those woodblock stamps. I had NO idea you had to clean them so quickly, but it makes sense, since it's paint, not dye you typically use for them.

    I love your dyeing enthusiasm. I'm trying to save enough avocado seeds and skins to dye fabric. Looks like we will both keep trying until we find something we really like and can replicate.

    I adore your mug. It's the perfect addition to advent. And you are SO clever with your photo manipulations, too.

    Thanks for sharing your dyeing and stamping efforts, as well as your gorgeous mug made from your kaleidoscopes with us for T this Tuesday.

  2. Oh Du meine Güte... fabelhafte Experimente mit den Naturfärbemitteln und Deine Stickerei und die Holzstempeldrucke sind ja auch toll!
    Viel Spaß weiterhin auch mit Deinem faszinierenden Kaleidoskop!
    Happy T-Day Johanna! Eine schöne restliche Adventzeit wünsch ich Dir!
    Liebe Grüße

  3. Cool fabric play Johanna. I love the elephant stamp. Looks like you've been having some fun! Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  4. Very interesting post Joanna with wonderful projects

    Happy T Day

    Love Chrissie xx

  5. Oh ja, das Färben mit Naturmaterialen ist ganz schön aufwändig und bringt oft auch enttäuschende Ergebnisse, aber Zwiebelschalen funktionieren zuverlässig. Der Ockergelbton ist richtig schön und perfekt für den Elefanten.
    Ich staune, wie intensiv der Weißdruck wird mit dieser Setacolor-Farbe, muss ich mir merken, denn Weiß auf Jeans sieht super aus!
    Fantastisch auch die Kaleidoskop-Bilder, da hast du ja noch ganz schön herumgespielt und wahrscheinlich gar nicht aufhören können.
    In deinen Nahaufnahmen kann man die Glasperlen nun richtig gut sehen und sich viel besser vorstellen, wie's funktioniert.
    Liebe Grüße - Ulrike

  6. Your printed fabric work is fantastic and so are all your other art projects. I really enjoyed reading your post today.
    Happy T day
    Yvonne xx

  7. super fabric stamping Joanna, and I love that elephant! Thanks for sharing all your dyeing experiments too. Love your fabulous kaleidoscope images too-so colorful and fun. Happy T day!

  8. I don't think I've ever seen a mug specifically celebrating Advent. I'm impressed! I'd definitely use a mug like that one. Beautiful! Happy T Tuesday!

  9. I've never had much success with these sorts of stamps but now I know what to use - Setacolour, great. You've certainly got clear images with this method.
    I was quite happily admiring the printing on the materials and then came the kaleidoscope experiments - oh my! I enjoyed the round ones but the stars! oh too fantastic, love them. Wouldn't they make great Christmas cards. As you say we could play with Kaleidoscopes for ever, it's magic.

  10. Of all your stamping on fabric I LOVE the white on the blue the best, but it is all beautifully done. Natural dyes can be frustrating, but so gorgeous when they DO turn out.
    Happy T-day

  11. Love your fabrics, you always create such wonderful pieces! The elephant stamp is lovely and the peacock looks fabulous with all your hand stitching :-). The kaleidoscope stars are magical. Wishing you a Happy T Day! J :-)

  12. Ich bewundere Euch Kreative, die mit Naturmitteln färben und das dann verarbeiten. Mixed Media ist schon irre. Aber wirklich faszinierend finde ich ja Deine Bilder durchs Kaleidoscope, da muss ich doch fast mal schauen, ob ich so etwas hier auch finde und versuchen kann.
    Happy T-Day in die alte Heimat, Johanna!

  13. You are so creative in your ongoing experimentation with art materials. It's always interesting to see the results of the different dyes that you try. And now experimenting with the kaleidoscopes. My favorites are the first blue star and the red star. Looks like lots of fun.

  14. I played with natural dyes for Easter eggs a couple of times. Just leaves and such from our yard. It was very hit & miss, but some of the results were quite striking.

    Your white prints on dark blue panels are stunning!

    Happy T Day!

  15. Lots of colorful fun in your world. I like your blues and whatever you do with them always! xox

  16. OMG you are a busy bee :) I totally adore the printing on the blue fabric! Looks amazing! and then to make a patchwork out of it, wow! Wish you a lovely holiday ♥ Conny

  17. I just love those elephants! Your fabric stamping looks wonderful - I particularly like the white on the dark blue material.
    Wishing you a very happy Christmas, Johanna, and lots of happy creating in 2017. Jx


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