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Tuesday, February 23, 2016

geTTing a face

good morning to my weekly Review,
right in time to grab a Cup of coffee or whatever...

i suppose for the time being this will be my last post about the winter blanket
(which i started in nov/dec).
i thought i might lay out all the elements i made so far on a duvet cover of regular size 135cm x 200cm
(and maybe use this one even as the backside of the blanket, as its blue Color fits perfectly)
it turned out i can completely fill the sheet meanwhile, so all should be prepared...
it is only laid loosely here (will become some puzzle work to find the final place for each Piece, but i also have some leftovers of single squares for filling up the gaps).
here are two more pockets (from old Shirts) i want to incorporate.
all in all the Patchwork pieces are filling a small parcel only...
(it will be lightweight, no batting)
... and it will rest now.
just in case i want to add something here or there (which is easier if the pieces are smaller).
and, maybe i will take it to our summer sewing retreat (in august) and finish it there.
more space there to spread things out for a few days, and Bonus: i can travel with lightweight package and a Thing to concentrate on.
another one became sewed together this week, so now it is completed:
the mitosis fabric book:

it is not really wintery here, actually some days feeling like spring and all my early bloomers are out...
 yesterday i went for a walk (the Thermometer said 18,5°c, but it was quite chilly because of the wind)
on my familiar route i was so dissappointed to see what the winter storms have wreaked...
my beloved beeches, the ones who looked so fairy-tale-like
(above a photo from last march)
are now:
cut back after some severe damages. so sad.

at home i found this fellow (about 2 cm Long) and my Internet Research told me it is a
Leptoglossus occidentalis, immigrated from the US in the last years.
not harmful, but not the Kind of pet i would choose...
i was in munich last week and thought i might look after some fabric Colors for printing and stencilling. so far i used acrylics, but they are not so smooth after drying...
i was recommended to take These:
i already made a test (my brayers are hiding somewhere, so i took a sponge)
and i´m satisfied:
stamp from stampers anonymous,
stitched with variegated yarn
might sew them onto Cards or covers of small journals.

Tuesday, February 16, 2016


i love how the days are becoming visibly longer meanwhile...
and i had another week of stitching.
in my enthusiasm of adding patches around this woven Piece, i did not realize that it... 

... well, lost its Image, its face, so to say...
i had sewn one row of squares around it (and even two rows on the right side),
then i noticed: the "Picture Scene" vanished...
too unresting surroundings...
i bent the squares backward... see the difference!

and i noticed there was no other help than deconstructing the patches and make a "quieter" Frame around the scene.
i Chose to use blue squares only.
that took me two evenings...
but there is no Deadline, so no Problem.
better, but the Frame was a bit too broad for my Feeling now,
so i considered to make some kantha stitches to connect the Scene with the Frame.

and from there on i started to add the other patches again...

i left the newspaper as a reference of size...
(there is an Exhibition about Hieronymus bosch announced at the title...
it is in the netherlands, so sad i can´t go there...)
 on thursday we had one of our Meetings of "the usual suspects" (three ex-collegues and me, the Group who also makes a City visit each year... we were in prag, Stockholm, Amsterdam, Edinburgh, dresden before, and in may we want to go to copenhagen)
there always is good Food and talk at our alternating Meetings:
cheese cake with cherries in the afternoon,
in the evening flatbread... and we tried the pale ale (had been a gift from somebody else),
but actually i don´t understand why These are all the rage everywhere, we all decided to prefer a good pils... (>t/tuesday)
the only really sunny day was friday, so out into the nature...
a jaybird fobbed me all the time, but i could not come Close enough to get a photo...
i enjoyed the walk anyway, as most days were rather dreary.

Tuesday, February 09, 2016

whaT´s brewing?

i suppose it is not so hard to guess where it Comes from...
yes, brewing my coffee... (>t/tuesday)
what else was brewing this past week?
the snowcat got some dyed cheese Cloth patches added for texture (to the Body; and as clouds, because i had to cover an unwanted pattern there).
though it is time consuming sewing this delicate stuff on, i love doing it.

and of course i added some snowflakes.

next step was "framing" it to match with the Patchwork squares...

and it is carnival!
not that this touches me much, but looking for winter-themed stuff for my blanket i thought this would be fine:
stamped this old motif from stampers anonymous with black ink (from my favorite things) and heat set it for being waterproof (yes, i tried it and it is ok)
started embroidery with 2 strands of floss.
the faces and arms were too delicate to stitch, so i colored them with inktense pens.
then i thought this might be a good patch to sew onto a pocket i had cut out from an old Overall (jumpsuit) of the 80ies;)
and here it is,
meanwhile framed with squares to become part of the winter blanket (or winter section of a four seasons blanket... still pondering...)
what else?
now and then still pre-washing fabrics i bought years ago...
here a basket of red tones...
and... every year i´m waiting for the book sale of TASCHEN at the end of january.
very tempting to get books for half the Price...
the three volumes of the national geographic weigh 7 Kilo (each one!).
 28 x 39 cm, 1404 pages
you may call me crazy.

Tuesday, February 02, 2016

sTory paTchwork

preface #1: first of all i want to thank you for the many wonderful comments on my last post...
well, actually... i was so impressed by that Exhibition of Gaultier´s creations that i went there for a second time last week. if i find time, i might make another post with more of the photos i took, but not in the Moment. will see...

preface #2: i noticed i´m losing followers, some days 4 or more a day. i was a bit irritated first, but then i came across this post (not sure i understood everything, but i´m not willing to deal with this stuff)... well, i don´t waste a single angry thought about it. i will not Switch to Google+, basta!
the start into February officially still means winter...
(though snow has gone here after only few days; we now have windy April weather here,
but a good Cup of tea is fine anyway... >t/tuesday)
and i worked on the snowcat. whose beginnings were two weeks ago...

i fixed the Body elements with split backstitch (all These sewing tricks learnt from jude hill).
stitched the face with two strands of embroidery floss.
ok, it took me three Trials to sketch, until i was halfway satisfied with the Expression of the face;)
when thinking of "arms" i noticed the base was too narrow, so i added two longish strips of fabric (plus additional Cotton voile underneath) with invisible baste;
the branches ("arms") fixed those sidebars well.
the face got some Whiskers and the left side some branches, too
(plus some snow lines at the bottom)
i do not think it is finished at this Point,
but next i turned my interest to the Patchwork pieces again...
while working on the 6cm squares there were leftovers of cloth, which were not big enough for this size (longish, but not broad enough), so i mixed some of These and wanted to sew squares with double length and width.
good i measured the sewn patches before, because obviously there is some "shrinking" by sewing them together, so my new template was 11,3 cm square and not 12 cm, as i had supposed it should be

i also basted some "un-mixed" pieces in this size from Cloth i have larger quantities...

... some might be embroidered...


... as this one with the spiral in 3 blue tones.

 now, if you look at the snow cat, you can see i stayed in the Color scheme of the Patchwork.
because at the back of my mind i thought i might bring them together.
a vague plan so far, but i could surround (with "fillers" to be adjusted) the cat
this way:
(only a loose layout so far)
and going even further - also add this Piece:
so all in all:

.... and making more "Picture pieces" (or "Story pieces", as jude would say)...
or just some more patches in various sizes.
will see.
so: this might become a winter blanket.
or: Part of a really large 4-seasons-blanket.
time will Show.
(and i must not Forget the pockets!!! somewhere in between)