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Tuesday, March 29, 2016

TexTile arTisTs from israel and japan

last tuesday i went to the textile Museum Augsburg with 3 ex-colleagues.
the Museum has a wonderful Restaurant on the ground floor, so we decided to take lunch before visiting the Exhibition.
here you see what i had with one of my colleagues:
before - after;) with pils and Espresso...
a wonderful vegetarian plate with baba ghanoush, Rice, noodles, lots of vegetables, Chutney...

then we went upstairs...
the current exhibition in the textile museum is called "remembering textiles" and shows the work of two artists - Gali Cnaani (from Israel) and Kaoru Hirano (from Japan).
[never heard of both]
Though the art of these artists has different approaches, there are common elements and so the exhibition has four sections: deconstruction - structures - reconstruction - remembrance.
die aktuelle ausstellung im textilmuseum heißt "textile erinnerungen" und zeigt die arbeiten von zwei Künstlerinnen - Gali Cnaani (aus Israel) and Kaoru Hirano (aus Japan).
[von keiner der beiden je zuvor gehört]
obwohl beide unterschiedliche ansätze haben, gibt es doch gemeinsamkeiten und so wurde die ausstellung unterteilt in vier abschnitte: dekonstruktion - strukturen - rekonstruktion - erinnerungen.
when i entered the exhibition, the first work i saw was this one from Hirano:
gleich wenn man die ausstellung betritt, sieht man dieses werk von Hirano:
??? aaah, the clothes were ripped and formed to balls / spheres...
aufgetrennte kleidung, zu kugeln aufgewickelt...
that leads to the way Hirano works: she creates associations to the former wearers of the things - dresses, but also umbrellas, or sneakers:
das führt zur arbeitsweise von Hirano: sie schafft assoziationen zu den früheren trägern dieser dinge - kleidung, aber auch regenschirme oder sneakers:
she "reconstructs" (in the meaning of "forming new") dresses sometimes in a concentrated way as with the ball-like spheres, or in a spatially expansive way like these:
sie "rekonstruiert" (im sinn von: etwas neues aus dem alten machen) kleidung entweder in konzentrierter art wie bei den kugeln, oder in einer raumgreifenden weise wie hier:


    for the japanese artist the worn articles do not merely represent objects, but are indeed manifestations of smouldering memories.
sometimes her textile sculptures adhere to a regular principle of order - but in other cases they dissolve into am mazy spatial network (there is always the danger of the confusion of daily life).
für die japanische künstlerin sind die getragenen kleidungsstücke nicht nur bloße objekte, sondern manifestationen schwelender erinnerung.
manchmal gehorchen ihre stoffskulpturen einem regelmäßigen ordnungsprinzip - ein andermal lösen sie sich in ein wirres raumnetz auf (es besteht immer die gefahr, in den wirren des alltags unterzugehen):
like Hirano, Cnaani also starts working with deconstructing existant cloth in a very time consuming way: she removes the weft threads from sleeves or shirts, leaving behind only the warp threads.
(while Hirano immediately reuses the dissolved textile material, Cnaani presents the dissolution itself in a number of works.)
wie Hirano beginnt auch Cnaani mit dem zerlegen bestehender Kleidung in einer zeitraubenden weise: sie zerlegt sie säuberlich in kett- oder schussfäden. (während Hirano das aufgelöste material sofort weiterverarbeitet, stellt Cnaani in manchen arbeiten die auflösung selbst dar.)

[the objects are layered on wool to have a base]

the dissolution is very controlled here - Cnaani primarily explores the formal principles of the garments. she decodes the logics of patterning and weaving - searching for the respective "textile DNA".
die auflösung finded hier sehr kontrolliert statt - Cnaani erkundet v. a. die formalen prinzipien der kleidungsstücke. sie entschlüsselt die logik von musterung und bindung - auf der suche nach der jeweiligen "textilen DNA".



later on ("reconstruction") Cnaani artfully weaves together the jackets she took apart with a new warp. Thus she creates clear linearity and concentrated patterning - getting the effect of an abstract painting. so she playfully explores the possibilities and limits of textiles.
in der Abteilung "rekonstruktion" finden sich stücke, bei denen Cnaani die aufgetrennten Jacken wieder neu webt mit einer neuen webkette. die so entstandenen werke wirken in ihrer klaren linearität und konzentrierten musterung wie abstrakte gemälde. so lotet die experimentierfreudige künstlerin spielerisch die möglichkeiten und grenzen des textilen aus.


    (actually i looked at this for a long time and still have no idea how she made this...)
(ich hab das hier ziemlich lange angeschaut, aber ehrlich gesagt könnte ich nicht sagen, wie das gemacht wird...)
well, this is a very shortened attempt to sum up the work of these artists... and i´m happy there were english descriptions which i pared down and which gave me the right textile terms...   
 and finally back to my own work...
i finished the moose in the birch forest:

for the sky i patched a six-Point star from 3 yellow fabrics
(i don´t like the tricky Points sewing by Hand, so i suppose that won´t happen often)
feather stitch embroidery of some herbs or such...
and i will link it to ajj´s forest theme, as i didn´t make a single contribution so far in march, which is almost over...

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

moose in the birch foresT

i´m starting (and closing;)) this post with a tuesday-drink:
it has been a while since i worked in my art Journal,
but this week i did:
gelli printed Background, napkin, bits and pieces, stamping.
and i love quotes.
Progress on the fabric Collage:
i googled for a moose Silhouette and copied it onto a transparency.
cut it out with the scalpel and looked where to place the moose.
first i thought to put him behind the trees, but too less would be visible this way, not looking well really.
so i decided to stencil the Silhouette on top, in front of the birches.
i mixed brown acrylic Color with some fabric medium (thanks for the tip, sheila - this way i can at least use the Colors i do not Need so often and don´t have to buy so many of the fabric Colors, which are quite expensive).
well, i must remember next time to use a bit more of the medium, i just eyeballed it and it could be even less stiff... but it worked.
tricky part: to hold down the Little Piece between the legs with my tweezers, as it had no Connection to the rest of the Silhouette.

below you can see the Collage Piece is quite large,
and the moose is not as orange as the pics above turned out.
next: embroidery started...
(with 2 strands of floss)

more of it next week i suppose...
on thursday i was in munich for our monthly stampers´ group Meeting.
 because our Meetings are in the evening, i always try to Combine it with some Museum visit or photo Shooting before.
for this day i had envisaged to go to an Exhibition of paintings of Joaquín Sorolla, but then the weather was so beautifully spring-like i did not want to spend my time inside.
changed plans and went to the Ostfriedhof (engl / dt), munich´s largest graveyard.
a good decision: the birds were singing, the woodpeckers hammering and the ravens had a good time also. squirrels having a ball.
lots of crocuses, cowslips and daffodils between the graves.
of course i only concentrated on a very small part of the approximately 34,700 burial plots, so there will be days to come back.
here are some of the photos i shot:

there are many graves showing Christian symbols...
but also a variety of other People from around the world are buried here:
(jewish / african, croatia, Turkey, russia, asia...)
some Stones are telling stories...
(this man with the edelweiss, pick and rope clearly was an Alpinist...
regrettably many Stones don´t tell any stories nowadays and are very uniform)
exeptions often are graves of artists (german) like here...
oh, may one drink of the week be a watering place for the animals of the graveyard?
a fallen Stone which has collected the rain... sorry, the raven was too fast for my camera to be photographed drinking...

Tuesday, March 15, 2016

fabric collage - in the birch foresT (w.i.p.)

this week i thought i should cut patches of White fabric to make them drip mats for my coffee;)
instant dyeing along the way...
i was in the mood for a fabric Collage and started going through my stashes...
there is a bunch of old washed out boxer Shorts of my sons´ youth, i like their thin Cotton and worn look - the best is the part where the rubber band was, as there occured a Kind of shibori by it self. so i unraveled the seams there thoroughly.
then there are boxes with old Cloth (trousers from childhood, Shirts with flaws or just unwanted after a while...)
and of Course new fabrics i bought years ago mostly at
here there is one of these new Pieces with birches as a pattern - i cut out three parts to create space between the trees.

patched and hand sewed this Background...
Detail below:
(the White Background base of the Piece is a tea dyed Cotton sheet)
... and i think maybe a moose could feel comfortable in this scenery.
and i see a big star rising in the sky... maybe a 6-point-patchworked one?
stay tuned.
all your good vibrations for timmy worked (and the antibiotics, too;))
he is back to normal, what a relief! though there are days i wish him to the moon, if the pets suffer it is hard to look on helplessly.

Tuesday, March 08, 2016

Tuesday already?

time for my weekly Invitation to join me for a Cup of coffee to Review the past days...
just in time for the meteorologic spring (march 1st) winter came back.
not too cold, but snow (for a short time) anyway.
this week i decided it was time for a Long overdue small repair work in the bathroom.
each time when the mirror must be removed because of damage in that dangling string to lighten the spots, the mirror gets cracked at a Corner. seems to be a principle here. so meanwhile both lower Corners are damaged.
the mirror is quite large, so i´m not willing to buy a new one (which for guarantee would be damaged soon, too).

lower right Corner
i decided to create two laminated pieces to cover the Corners:
took a spray painted Background and printed quotes (found in the net) on it.
double sided tape. done!

the quotes translate:
"today i´m gonna live, tomorrow í will clean. maybe."
"a short while ago everything was tidy and clean here. what a pity you missed out on this." 

back in September i made a few patches for a fabric photo book.
now i thought to make some more, just free embroidery.
the logo stamp is a place holder for photos to be added...

and i collected all of them in the fabric booklet i made in November:

just basted them loosely there until i will sew them together to form a book...

now i only have to look for good photos of the Family...
poor timmy is ill... no eating and drinking since friday... laying around in different places...
i thought i would wait over the Weekend and as things did not improve our first way on monday morning was to the vet. fever, x-ray (as i was not sure if he had something in his throat, as he sat in front of the water bowl, wanted to drink but couldn´t... he had swallowed a bird before [found some tiny feathers on friday morning]... meanwhile i was afraid of Dehydration), a lot of air in the stomach which obviously hurt him...
anyway, there were about 6 injections for the poor Boy.
we have to return to the vet today in the afternoon and i hope he will soon be back to normal.