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Tuesday, June 28, 2016

unseaming is the new mediTaTion;)

much happened in the course of last week,
but not much to Show (as always People were involved, whom i don´t want to make public here)
we had a 40-years-anniversary of our Abitur (which is the german University entrance qualification).
our class from back then meets every 5 years; not everybody has always time to join, but the meeting is great each time.
lots of chatter and good meals. i had a wonderful mushrooms salad and a pils.

i also celebrated a fine birthday (the last one with no six at the beginning... but i won´t mind...).
so some preparations and chatter again;) but no photos.
when i had time i did some unseaming. of old Shirts.
did i ever confess i buy the Shirts of my husband (yes, he is too lazy) and i choose them according to further use of the Cloth. haha!! no joke!
then i start waiting until some holes etc come up. of course this sometimes takes years.
you can believe me i´m looking carefully and when i finally spy a flaw... it lands in a box at the attic which i could Name "treasures for later use".
so this week i unseamed (for Extended stuff; cutting is wasting lots of centimeters, you see?)
three Shirts. some which i love very much:

i thought maybe i could use the wristband directly as a cuff.
adding something...?
maybe. a Little loose possibly...
did i mention unseaming is very meditative?
i love to do it in front of the tv (to prevent falling asleep Close to the end of the Thriller and miss the murderer).

and finally a Little embroidery (Ivan semesyuk-style).
i made it a while ago, but i think i didn´t Show it on the blog before.

Tuesday, June 21, 2016

solstice - and the master of light

last thursday i went to an Exhibition with ex-colleagues.
we had a marvellous day and explored a painter, who was unfamiliar to us,
but we were quite impressed with the way he painted.
there truly is an appropriate Expression for his work:
he is spain´s master of light!
(link to the Exhibition: engl / dt)
of course the photos can never do the originals justice, but i took some just for the sake of remembering...
(Detail of a Frame)
  he often made oil sketches preparing his big paintings -
here two small samples on cardbord:
Lakeside (1907)

street in moraira (1905)
2,22 m x 3 m

mending the sail (1896) / + Detail
the White sail is dominating the central part of the composition
the sewing is in the Background (literally)
Return from fishing (1894) 4,03 x 2,65 m
+ Details
sorolla painted this work en plain air:
fishermen used oxen to pull their boats ashore every evening.

fishermen from Valencia (1995)
    65 x 85 cm

after the big success he had achieved with "return from fishing" sorolla worked on further Scenes depicting the life of fishermen on the seashore of Valencia. here two men cleaning their fish traps.
A Grey day at the beach of Valencia (1901)
having bad weather conditions, he nevertheless painted beach Scenes with a stormy atmosphere. parallel, coarsely applied brushstrokes convey the appearance of rain. despite the prominent role played by the atmosphere in the Picture, sorolla´s inclusion of a man and animal characterizes the sea as a workplace, whose natural Forces fundamentally define the life of the local Population.

Detail from Maria painting in el pardo (1907)
his daughter maría sitting with her paintbox outdoors, after having recovered from a tuberculosis - the bright Colors correspond to her regained health.
lots of his paintings are made by the beach, work related or showing children at Play...
some sociocritical pieces... (Young women brought - like luggage, by Train - to a town to become prostitutes)...
and everywhere: light in the painting which i never saw in the work of other painters before.
the brightest one though is this one, spectacular...
125 x 169 cm

mother (1895 - 1900) + detail
prompted by the birth of his youngest daughter Elena.
the monochrome White, from which solely the heads of the mother and child stand out, lends the Image a high atmospheric density. turned toward one another, the figures´ faces, delicately cloaked in light-colored Sheets, convey a Feeling of security and tranquility.
(found These mugs in copenhagen)
can you believe our solar System says "summer solstice" already?
makes me a Little sad every year knowing the Countdown to dark already starts...
(and we only had few summery days so far)
well, last week i had decided to start re-decorating my walls.
i thought i might make one section with a blank fabric, where i can needle pin some "works in Progress" (stencilled and stitched a Little fabric Piece accordingly)
maybe it is helpful to have them in sight to get some Inspiration how to go on.
you wonder what is in the drawers here?
stamps. and more stamps. most of my mounted ones.

 and i already started pinning on the sheet...

Tuesday, June 14, 2016

copenhagen - the last one / a wall hanging

my Photo book is finished now
and i can show you some final pics of the trip:
do you want to brew 2, 3 or 6 Cups of coffee?

i liked the way this Cloth is sewn: double fabric with cuts in the upper layer.
an idea to keep in mind...

denmark also is a country famous for design.

isn´t this a stylish bell for bicycles?
the rest of design ideas of this Company is awesome, too!

i´m always interested in old history,
so i visited this section of the national Museum:

the following pics are pages i made for the photo book -
a mix of my own photos and some postcards i bought in the Museum, as many of the exhibited pieces were behind glass and thus not good to photograph.
a Skeleton of an aurochs, amber:

the famous Trundholm sun chariot /

rock carvings and runes:

bronze Age: helmets and lures, ancient wind instruments:

the silver cauldron from Gundestrup (engl /dt)

the cauldron of rynkeby; ritual shields:

how does the garden grow?
fine, quite some rain...

i had onion dyed some Cotton last week -
this was the second boiling
i thought i finally (after more than one year) should start making wall hangings from my cumulating stuff
first i thought to take a branch from the garden for the hanging, but it was too complicated for my Patience to Balance this out...;)

... and so i took a bamboo stick and painted it blue
[yes, the branch would have looked better...]
sewed on These strips of old Jeans with simple running stitches;
i like the frayed look

(you can see the Details of These strips here, here, here and here)

the wall hanging replaced an old Collage i had made years ago and which had faded in the sunlight over time.
maybe it is time for more make-overs...
there is enough stuff laying around here.

Tuesday, June 07, 2016

copenhagen (2)

still working on my photo book about our copenhagen trip...
today i will Show some impressions from

above: entrance from the Corner across the saviour church

the last two Pictures are from the outer fence of christiania, as taking photos inside is strictly forbidden (i read about destroyed cameras...).
i regret that we only made it to pusher street, where many drug People are,
but then we witnessed about twenty helmeted policemen storming the area and decided we did not Need this Razzia adventure and left asap. you never know what could happen. a big bang gave us the rest. 
(i think i would return to christiania for exploring the area beyond "downtown", along the canal... i saw photos of it which made me curious - well, next time...)
we found a beautiful Little Café nearby to calm down;)
and we went on to the next Location,
where we had lots of good Food...
actually the best place for eating was on Papirøen ("paper Island"),
where you get all variations of international street food in a former Depot,
presented by about 40 "street Cooks".
it opened about 2 years ago and is a "must visit" in my opinion.

of course it was an Advantage that we were four,
so we could choose different dishes, taking a morsel of each one...
(here potatoes with Parmesan, Falafel with hummus...)
and some Tiramisu for Dessert
(i had not asked my friend for being published on the blog, thus the blackened face)

you can also sit outside at the waterfront,
the opera house nearby
(where we had visited a ballet from twyla tharp
 based on frank Sinatra Songs on tuesday evening)

now, my stitching in the evenings of last week...

base is a Piece of woven fabric strips

first i stitched a "wishing star" with the split backstitch
and gave him a face 

then i embroidered a waning moon with orange yarn.
all techniques learnt by watching jude hill´s blog,
which i love to visit frequently (as you might know meanwhile;))
on saturday i made some vegetables for a bbq at a friend, and the red onion Skins were perfect leftovers to boil a sheet of Cotton in - i let it soak for two days and will iron it after drying, hoping to fix the Color, as i like the blotchy outcome.