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Tuesday, July 26, 2016

88 + ...

my Cup for this week´s post is made with a shibori sun printing,
because this is what i did most over the last days.
i think i have found "my" Color - one that is Close to indigo
(i´m not willing to make the "real" Indigo dyeing, at least not at this Point of my life).
so i´m using the silk paint from javana - navy blue no 8110 instead.
i wanted to make some "faux" shibori squares for some Patchwork to come (one day...).
i cut the White Cotton sheet first in squares of about 8,2 cm [3,25 Inch] (= 6cm plus seam allowance)
because it is easier to get good Patterns on smaller pieces - and they dry faster.
i dipped the squares into water first, squeezed them, soaked them in the diluted paint,
fished them out with tweezers and squeezed them again.
forming Little Cloth balls i let them dry for a few hours.

all in all it were 88 balls in the end, many of them here on the chair.
you might notice they became of lighter Color in the process of production, as the paint was thinned more and more by the water of my first soaking step...
(i started left upper side and layered them ClockWise...)
i should have added more paint along the making, but i like the graduation anyway.
it was fun ironing them...
like with cloud watching... you are seeking Pictures
finally i added a bit more of paint and made some other sun printing like last week, this time on Patchwork squares

now i have to iron them around my 6cm - cardbord square and baste them to make them ready for Patchwork.
and i will think about other Cloth to go along with them...

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

sun OR patience

this is one of my favorite summer quotes -
i took it for a digital page for ajj, though the photo actually is from last year,
as the current summer Looks like this:

my intentions had been to go on with my sun printing experiments,
because (as i already wrote in my last post) this technique functions on this theory:
Water evaporates from the exposed (uncovered) surface of the fabric faster than from the covered Areas. Water diffuses from the covered fabric (under the stencil) to the dryer (air exposed) fabric and is pulling the paint pigments along with it.
so i thought: this process should function without sunshine, too - but of course more slowly.
and i tried.
(this post is primarily for my own reference - so you Need not care about every Detail...
but i will forget if i don´t describe it exactly...)
last monday was the last sunny day i could work in the garden,
so here i took one of my michelle ward (green pepper press) stencils, the thistles:
above: the thistles turned out not so crisp (which i like anyway),
because i had not payed Attention and the wind had blown everything to the lawn (for a short time, i suppose)
below: i have the thistles in positive and negative (stencil and mask) form

i just love the pomegranate stencil from balzer design;
the deep pink is pebeo setacolor "oriental red" (looking more burgundy in the jar)
the skull is from Andy skinner,
 the stars are part of a carabelle stencil (cut and shared with Ulrike;))

i had a Little green diluted paint left which i soaked up with little (dampened) fabric pieces (pinched with the Hands to form a ball)
the small ones dryed quite quickly (outside), but the bigger blue ones took about three days (inside the house).
they tended to fall apart with time, so i will try it outside (in hot weather) again and maybe take a rubber band to hold it together. maybe thus some more whitish Areas can be produced?
the look has a bit of an irregular shibori technique.
on tuesday (a rain period with less than 15°C started...) i thought:
i will try the process inside
and: i might also use my old leftover silk paints (20+ years old) and try if i get good results...
they are more fluid than the (expensive) pebeo setacolor, which i could save for dabbing (as they are less fluid)

 i put the next pieces on the window sill in the kitchen
and let them dry over night (so you see: no sun is needed...)

the result was fine,
and i even liked the moons with the light halo around them better than the crisp ones of last week.
i had taken a very washed out bed sheet from my grandma-in-law (with some damask-like pattern)

meanwhile i had experienced that it was only a question of Patience: you can Substitute the sun/heat for time.
best is to leave the Piece laying unattended for half a day anywhere in the house.
the stencil has to lay really flat on the paint-soaked fabric.
here i took two Colors (blue and a light Brown) to blend into each other.
the stencil on the left is from carabelle, the Chevron pattern from Donna downey.

next step: i have a lot of plastic stencils ... but what if i use cardbord dye cuts instead?
increases the choice of motifs significantly...

i think the Windrose turned out fine...
(not very crisp - but that has its own charm)

on my next Trial i used cardboard/paper dye cuts, which were laminated on one side.
that should be good for spray painting, but here you see they tend to roll themselves up with drying time (by some reason the left one faster than the right part). i think i won´t go on with this variation very much...
(but i could try cut outs which are laminated on both sides)

here a stencil from dina wakley (left) and the spiral is from Andy skinner.
...then no time for further experiments on the Weekend...
summary so far:
  • dampen the fabric, then paint it with diluted fabric paint: you can use any transparent fabric paint, silk paints are also fine
  • always work with a foil/ plastic tablecloth underneath the painted fabric
  • to create a crisp pattern the stencil must lay on the fabric really flat (you can use natural objects, too... leaves e.g., but it should be more complicated to lay them flat (maybe press them for a day before?)
  • to make them washable: iron them
and finally i found a perfect summer drink:
  tea-bags to put into cold water and make a Kind of ice tea without calories (well, artificial flavours and stevia involved, but i am bored with only blank water all the time... so i think this will increase my consumption of liquids, which should be good)
and summer is supposed to come this week...

Tuesday, July 12, 2016

sun prinTing

for a Long time on my to-do-list,
and now as the sun was spoiling us over the Weekend...
i put my Hands on sun printing.
i was in the Need for "Indigo moons", so i made some faux ones,
using my pebeo setacolor fabric paints i recently bought.
for the "moons" i took some foam circles...
... which i spread on the blue painted fabric
(the White Cotton was dampened and then painted with a 1:2 paint:water Dilution)

i always thought it was a matter of uv-light to make this technique,
but investigating i found out it actually is because of the fact that in the heat/warmth the uncovered spots dry faster than the covered Areas, and the paint from underneath is drawn to the outer area, so the covered places stay lighter.
(gute deutsche Beschreibung: hier)
i was really pleased with my "moons" and thought i might try this technique with stencils, too.

as you see, it worked fine.
it takes about half an hour on a hot day.
the plastic part becomes light, the Image turns out crisp.
on a larger sheet i placed some stencils...
... and then i made some green ones, too.
addictive! if the weather will be my friend, i will make some more, with other motifs and Colors...
this year i have more raspberries in my garden (>ajj) than ever before
(These - and cherries - are my favorite fruit)
so i had to take photos and made this digital Collage
(the graphic is from an old biology book, texture: Nancy Donaldson, font: Wanderlust)
and the matching summer drink:

very refreshing : water, lemons and herbs
(you could take this any time at our Hotel reception in copenhagen)

Tuesday, July 05, 2016

leTTing dangle The soul ...

well, i know this is not an english Expression, but i like the metaphor - so i just translated it literally...
we had some "soul-dangling" at the Weekend when we visited friends from munich, who rented an apartment in the alpine upland, very Close to the schliersee.

we walked down to the lake...

it was not overcrowded - it was warm, but rain forecasted.
the graveyard around the church showes quite some of the wrought-iron crosses, which are typical for the Region.
i love tombstones that are telling stories.
i photographed this one to investigate back home about the Facts of the writing on the Stone: "after accomplished world record flight"
the buried man here (Horst Pulkowski) had taken a flight in dec 1938 in a two-seated airplane Arado Ar 79 and has beaten a former record (with a plus of about 2000 km), flying 6303 km non-stop from libya to india.
on the flight back in Madras (india) a collision with a bird of pray caused a Crash in which he died.
now, is this tragedy or what?
 (his companion survived).
in the afternoon the clouds were concentrating to bring rain...

so we looked for shelter in a café

in my greed i had eaten half of the huge cake (covered with Marzipan and lots of cream... about two Billion calories, enough for the whole day) before it came to my mind i could photograph it with the Cappuccino for t/tuesday
now, quite some time at These weeks is occupied with the european Soccer Championship.
(in the two-years rhythm of world- or european games i mutate into a fan. most of the time in between i decide to ignore this Sport, as i think the income and Transfer fees are unethic in their dimensions meanwhile. but then i can´t escape the maelstrom of this competition anyway.)
this time when i watched the first game i always thought: what is that small patch on the arms of their Shirts...
Looks like the grateful dead logo "steal your face"...
then i learned it was the official logo of the competition.
they look similar if you only see them in a very small size...
a good omen?
i´m afraid: not. the missing german Players for the next game are too many...
but i enjoyed (well, the result of) the Penalty Thriller on saturday.
and of course the Team of iceland. great sympathy from everywhere for this Little Country.

for weeks now the weather changes almost daily...
i won´t complain about lacking heat (as i actually can´t stand it so well), but it is raining very often. hard to make plans for outdoor activities.
so i went through some bookmarked links and came across this one:
making t-shirt yarn by alma stoller and decided to give it a go.
i have a few old T-Shirts of son#1 laying around, which are damaged and no longer good for anything but Recycling.

the process in the video is very easy to understand...

... but in the end i obviously made a wrong cut, so i have a mother and child ball.
doesn´t matter. the big one is about 3,5 Inch in Diameter.
i think i will use this yarn for couching on quilts. my vague plan at the Moment.