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Monday, August 29, 2016

back to normal - a food-heavy post

mid August i was at a sewing retreat, where i finally could finish the Patchwork blanket i started in winter.
enough space to spread all the pieces i had prepared. i numbered them and sewed them together Piece by Piece.
the backing is a dark blue bedsheet,
 size is 135 x 200 cm.

at home i asked my son to hold it up to photograph it;
the three yellow signs on the photo below point at the pockets i embedded (taken from Shirts and an Overall), so i can hide secrets in the blanket;)

our annual retreat always is at the Schmelmer Hof in the alpine upland,
where we also are spoilt with wonderful meals...
here Gnocchi with oyster mushrooms (and a pils)

and Crème brûlée with Physalis for dessert

now, the week after the retreat
i had a lot of good Food in Berlin also
(theme for further posts, i haven´t sorted my photos yet)

honeyroasted goatcheese with walnuts, one of the Tapas we had at la orilla

of course max (son #2, who lives in Berlin) knew where to get "the best" ice cream

very good noodle soup with pork: "shoyu"
eaten in the japanese Restaurant cocolo ramen
i think i never ate so many different and tasty dish in such a short time period as i did in the last two weeks
so why not continue at home?
(well, with something traditional this time...)
i thought a yummy plum cake (with crumble) would be good for the Weekend and so i baked a tray (part of it went into the freezer of course...)
if you don´t understand any of the Terms, will help you...
(or just ask and i will answer in the comment section).

Tuesday, August 09, 2016

building patchwork stash

suppose i am providing for autumn... 
so this post is about sun printing again, of which i did MUCH in the last two weeks.
the Cup Shows a number stencil print, which Comes from the sampler below.
i had started to Experiment with the leftover silk paints i had in my cellar.
after some Trials i fell in love with the navy blue, which i decided to take as a Substitute for Indigo.
as i had only Little of it left, i had to buy some new
(that is always how it ends up...! when i go to the flea market for selling [i only did it once!] i come home with more stuff than i had before - and i spend all the earned Money - and more...)
i had to make an online purchase.
and guess what?
50 ml cost  3,11€ 

275 ml   9,31€

1 liter  25,95 €   (100 ml = 2,60 €)
so, of course... my rudimentary maths said: don´t be a fool...
well, i´m sure i will use it up, one day.
and i had ordered these along with the blue (saves shipping costs;))
i might make a blanket with blue and Brown tones. 
cognac, amber and rust
(well, i suppose i could have achieved the amber tone also by diluting the cognac a bit more, but anyway... - it is a bit more yellowish)
i thought i might lay a soaked Piece of fabric onto the metal garden chair.
the pattern turned out well after drying.

then lots of stencil printing...
even cardbord die cuts work quite well 

i used old bed Sheets, here one with traces of mending...
and i had started to make some 6x12 (and other matching formats), too
with time i had amassed quite a stash of Patchwork pieces...
here some of them, already ironed and basted:

and i made some tinted strips (i can use them to even out unmatching parts of the quilt maybe, or Frame the edge, or...):

then i thought: it would be nice to have yarn in the same Color...
found this in my stash:
i soaked one strand in water first and then in diluted paint.
hung it to a branch over the glass to drip down the excess Color. 

i really like the variegated way it turned out...

working in the garden i had a Little buddy:
i just love him (he resides under a table in a sheltering nook of our garden),
especially because he eats the slugs!
and the cat´s Food of course.

there will be a Little blog break now.
next week i´m away on a sewing retreat for a few days.
when back i plan to go with son #1 to visit son #2 for a few days in Berlin.
the man will care for house and cat, as he can´t get off from work.
if all goes fine i will be back at the end of the month.
see you then! happy summer!

Tuesday, August 02, 2016

shostir chino

shostir chino
(i can see the question marks in your eyes;))
here you see a shostir chino on my mug of the week:
last week i did a lot of researches about kantha, the "original" Thing, beyond the well-known running stitch blankets (or whatevers);
you can get a lot of Information if you ask mr Google: "Kantha; the Embroidered Quilts of Bengal"
i repeatedly came across this Symbol in the samples i found:

it Looks like a pinwheel, and it is referring to the movement of the universe
(actually it is also seen in Hindu, Buddhist, Native American and other indigenous cultures throughout the world.)
it looked sort of happy to me (i thought of Christmas-time scandinavian peppermint lollies... what does this tell about me??)
and i looked for a pattern to stitch some myself:

on the blog of Judy Martin i found two Posts about it, too
here and here
 she does not pre-sketch it on the fabric, but i did.
it was stitching just for fun... maybe it will end up on a Holiday Cloth or something, who knows...
and if you have the time, you can watch a Video from an Exhibition in Philadelphia 2010   
unfortunately the catalogue is sold out and i can´t afford the Amazon sellers...
i Need a Sponsor;)