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Tuesday, September 27, 2016


last week i had guests (back from old School days in my youth, so lots to chatter;))
and after they left i had a dentist´s appointment, which turned out to become a surgery (i look like i got punched on the chin), so i had some dull days following with no desire to be creative...
so all i can Show today are some photos from our "Girls" trip to Ulm,
a beautiful City in the S/W of Germany
ulm is not only famous for being the birth town of albert Einstein, but also for having the
the world's highest church steeple (161.53 m - 529.95 ft)
at the Ulm Minster
(you can climb up until the height of 143m, that means 768 steps - no, thank you;))
above: side view of the minster (the high Tower is left side, not to be seen here);
i really love gothic buildings!
st george with the Dragon, beautiful glass window
wonderful gargoyles outside:
the town hall
built in 1370

featuring some brilliantly coloured murals (fresco-secco)
 dating from the mid-16th century

On the gable is an astronomical clock dating from 1520.
Restored after serious damage in 1944.

the town is not too big, so you can visit most of the important sights within about half a day.

The old Fischerviertel (fishermen's quarter) on the River Blau

can you see the sagged joists on the second floor:
a rooftop sight:
even a modern sculpture in between...
and not to forget: this is a Region of wonderful eat & drink...

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

ancient hieroglyphs

(a short, scheduled post, as i have visitors at home and no time to care for a blog post)
in Berlin i visited two Museums:
the one with the egyptian Exhibition and the Pergamon Museum with ancient middle east art.
(if i find time, photos will follow soon) 
of course i was tremendously fascinated to see the nefertiti bust,
here a Picture of it on a coffee mug:
and the Shops also provided stencils of the hieroglyphs of both cultures:
of course i had to buy them and make sun prints instantly
(no idea for further use so far, but time will show).
see you next week

Tuesday, September 13, 2016

embroidery on the fabric weavings - and berlin XHAIN

today i´m showing what went on with the fabric weavings...
i started "free embroidery" (also inspired by jude hill)
i sketched a circle with a bowl first (Diameter 8,5 Inch = 21,5 cm) 
and chose to stay within a certain Palette of Colors: 
just working free on the space...
a few days later it was filled:
so the first of the fabric weavings is done...
they might become pieces of another blanket -
together with the sun prints of this summer.
well, i do not know all about Berlin, but i think the quarters kreuzberg and friedrichshain (short form: XHAIN) should be among the ones with the most Graffiti.
my son max lives in Xberg and that is where i will start my tour
not before having had a wonderful breakfast
in the "jenseits" Café at the heinrichsplatz

yummy, yummy berry müsli with fruits,
then, a Little "tour de kreuzberg"
below: starting just outside my son´s apartment
Close to the "Guerilla garden" or "treehouse at the wall" (german Wikipedia only):
living and working in kreuzberg seems to start not before 11 o´clock...
until then most of the shutters are down.
many of them are sprayed or painted beautifully.

we all know the face engravings by Piero Fornasetti:

the next one Shows a whole Comic Strip
(bar ohne namen = bar without a Name):

"rootz" is a veg(etari)an fast Food Restaurant
(good Rating in the Internet, did not try myself)

the next two ones are parts of the east side Gallery [engl], [dt]
the wall which formerly separated west and east Berlin:

we went further along the holzmarktstraße...

this face was in a backyard, to which we went...

... because i had spied this sign along the street:

we went further and came to a large factory building

and our flea market hearts (glad my son Simon has my genes in this respect) 
started oooh-ing and aaah-ing...
there was a HUGE collection of items from wound up companies, Schools etc...
old stools, wooden benches from ancient Trains...
many large clocks from Train stations etc...
lamps, lamps, lamps...

old leather mats - formerly used at Schools or
for Coaching wrestlers, like with this leather figure:

a merry-go-round for Little ones...
a stand with legs and arms for dolls...

and lots of metal lockers in various sizes and conditions...

apothecary bottles (a weak spot of me)

drawer cabinets in all variations...
(another weak spot;))

ok, i will stop here. i was flashed.
thanks god i had no opportunity to take something with me,
but it was just fun to inquire all the stuff.
if i find time i will make another Berlin post - a tour de Museums...