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Tuesday, October 25, 2016

brown october

Ulrike brought my attention to this monthly Color challenge -
i thought if i really can do it in 5 minutes, i will take part...
(i was sceptical, because i´m not a big fan of Brown - except rusty things)
but i actually could find these things within very short time:
the Background (1) is a tote bag i rusted last year, (2) some hazelnuts, (3) sunprints of this year´s experiments, (4) hot water bottle, laying around as i have a Lumbago, (5) a gemstone, (6) Shell of a razor clam, found in denmark, (7) matchbox (with muybridge mini flip-book inside) - a gift from dymphie meeuwissen from one of her advent-calendars and (8) three sticks of cinnamon (from a whole bundle i bought in egypt - more than 30 years ago - for decoration purpose, and actually i still love them [i think they would no longer be good for cooking use after all that time])

(find more Brown collages here)
the garden is full of mushrooms (esp at the Areas where cherry trees had been; i think they are coming along their old roots) 


if i googled right, these should be Armillaria mellea (engl, dt) - edible, but i do not dare to eat them anyway, as they sometimes cause stomach upsets. i won´t try (i´m a faintheart when it comes to mushrooms...).
does the snake (clay) have a stranglehold over the mushrooms
or have they captured the snake?

and as the temperatures are low meanwhile, i thought a hot chocolate would lift my mood:

rather boring to Show, but meditative to do (best when watching tv...):
unseaming old Jeans
(with some boro sewing in my mind)
i will be away next week, meeting with stamp pals in the Harz mountains.
weather forecast could be better, but we surely will have fun.
so "see" you again in two weeks.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

autumn is in full swing

not much going on here... Grey and sunny days alternating...
we have a lot of tasty sweet Grapes in our garden (i don´t mind the pips;))

last week a swarm of song thrushes [drosseln] parked in our apple tree -
but i couldn´t get a photo from behind the window (otherwise i would have disturbed and expelled them)
left overs from some Ikea Cloth... stitching for the basket of fabric scraps

on sunday i went to a textile flea market with a friend.
most interesting would have been lots and lots of older magazines,
but somehow i did not have the Patience to flip through...

i liked These charms, which are meant to decorate traditional bavarian garb -
though i do not wear this, i think they could be great for decoration pupose on fabric books etc.
(some nifty styles of closure)
i especially loved the cow,
so this one found its way onto the mug of the week:

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

free embroidery & the pergamon museum in berlin

my second circle with free embroidery on woven fabric is finished meanwhile...

now i have two of them and no final idea what i will use them for...
actually they are pinned on my "work in Progress" sheet...

i spent the last days (rainy and dreary, with Little bits of sun rays in between) finishing my photo book of my Berlin week in August (time flies!!)
the mugs Show the former-east-german traffic lights´ figures
(they became sort of cult after the fall of the wall)
the next Pictures are directly taken from my photo book
(i do prepare my pages in photoshop and load them as "full size Pictures" into the "online designer", which means i´m more free in creating my layouts)
i have been in the Pergamon Museum about 30 years ago, when it was in the east part of Berlin - and always remembered how impressed i was especially by the ishtar gate (dt/ engl)
so i had to see it again:

but more assyrian treasures are displayed in this Museum:

it also Hosts the Museum of islamic art:

and Roman architecture of the first centuries AD

i really love to investigate lots of additional informations,
so making my photo books takes quite some time.
but this one i should hold in my Hands next week.

Tuesday, October 04, 2016

wonderful autumn

what happened in the course of the last week?
we had/have a wonderful late summer this year. i remember moaning about the weather in june/july, but then it changed into lots of sunny days. even at the end of September we had up to 24°c; but now the forecast is slowly sinking temperatures.
(a Bouquet my husband brought me two or three weeks ago)
and spontaneously made a hybrid page:
i photographed a colorful branch placed on a stencilled spray painted Background...
then digitally added a Quote i found in the net
(and which especially fits in these sometimes rude and intolerant days we find recently...)
(textures: two Little owls + ztampf; font: pea sean)
looking what i did last week i only have to ask my camera;) ...
cloud watching - i especially loved this "feathered" sky:

i started another free stitching woven Piece...
... but actually now is the time to concentrate on other things:
the year brought LOTS of plums. we do not have a plum tree ourselves, but got oodles of these from friends. friday i got a large bucket (10kg), which were just in perfect ripeness, so i had to preserve them immediately. means baking (the cakes are better when baked with the fruit before freezing, rather than taking frozen fruit for baking - these are quite wet...).
but of course i couldn´t bake pastries from 10kg!! so some of them went into the freezer (after pitting them!!) for later cooking of jam, compote, plum crumble etc. ... this will become the year of plums;)
actually i was too busy to photograph this, but most of the plum recipes
you can make with apples, too - so i show you some buns i made a few days before...
i LOVE yeast dough...

( can help you out with Translation, or just ask me...)
just substitute plums for apples...
another Thing i did was looking through my Berlin photos...
we had one day at the Museum Island and here are some photos of the New Museum (engl, dt),
which houses the egyptian Museum and artifacts from the Stone Age, bronze Age and other prehistoric and antic collections.
in the first room you can find this beautiful painting at the ceiling:

Sphinx of Shepenupet II, god´s wife of Amon
~ 660 bC, Karnak

Pictures and writings on the walls of the tombs of Methen and Nefer-au-Ptah
~2500 bC

necklace with lotus blossoms (Fayence)
~1400 bC

reliefwall of a chapel: king Amanitenmomide protected by the goddess Isis
1st century AD 

wine vessel in the shape of the god Bes
~1360 bC

Cup in the shape of a Lotus blossom
1540-1290 bC
four canopic jars (for entrails) with lids in the shape of the heads of the four sons of Horus (protective deities)
10.-8. century bC

and then, the most famous exhibit of the egyptian collection:
the bust of nefertiti:

her Name translates: "the Beauty has come" - and actually i felt like mesmerized when standing in front of this face. i hardly could stop looking at her... perfect Beauty, everybody seems to be captivated by her Aura...
it was really good it was not allowed to photograph in this room (the pic above is taken from Wikipedia), as this would have destroyed the atmosphere immensely
from other departments of the new Museum only two exhibits here:

famous find of the bronze Age:
the Berlin Gold hut (engl / dt)


after that we decided to have a break at the Café in the Museum:
"egyptian Mocca" (Espresso with cardamom and chocolate topping with whipped cream) and yoghurt passionfruit cake. yes, yumm!!
then we went on to the Pergamon Museum, but that is another Picture Story to be told...