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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

free embroidery and onion dyeing

this week i continued with my free embroidery on woven fabric pieces...
i trace the shapes freehand with a self-eliminating pen, just to have a certain Feeling for the space while stitching. i love doing this when watching tv etc...

so meanwhile i have finished three of these pieces -
my "work in Progress" wall is filling up...
i finally got some onion skins from a friend (People always forget to save them for me, because this is such an ordinary thing... and i can´t collect some myself, as because of my colitis this vegetable is not part of my eating habits)

so i boiled some onion skins and added a piece of a white bed sheet,
let it soak for some hours and hang it outside to dry.
i love the mottled look (actually intended it).
added some vinegar to hopefully fix the Color (was suggested on some Websites i investigated; they also say, onion is not very stable to light over longer time - will see...)
i will iron the Piece and then rip a stripe of it apart and wash one Piece only, to compare how much the color will loosen.

i also put one of my sunprints into the leftover brew -
makes a good sun or moon i think.

now that the season brings colder temperatures, i drink some tea during the day.
i´m sure you also bought some already just because of its look;)
it is from sweden and meanwhile has another Label (i liked the older better - the one you see here, if i remember right it even won a prize)

Tuesday, November 22, 2016

color wheel and an exhibition

i found no time for more travel photos, 
so maybe they come at a later Point.
but i continued with my Color wheel...
first i filled up the empty segments,
then i did more embroidery on them:

some details:

currently the days are alternating between sunny
(as the current week is forecasted)
with morning photos like these...

but on the other side there were some really dreary "November rain" days like on saturday, so the best solution was to go to an exhibiton/market with a friend:
 we had been there last year and liked it. it is very versatile in its products and you could spend some Money there, if you want to spoil yourself;)
i met Petra hassan again, from whom i bought some wonderful Indigo dyed pieces last year

and couldn´t resist this awesome Little pocket (about tablet size)...
well, actually i could buy the whole booth, all of her fabrics are just gorgeous!
another Thing i bought was this Screen printed kitchen towel (large) from orike muth
some "different" bags and purses, i like their special shapes,
but actually there are no occasions in my life where i could use them...

(same to say about most of the Fashion Outfits there: extraordinary, beautiful, pricey and i´m not attending any Events where i could wear them.)
quite some felted Things,
as this "coral scarf" from

or These cute critters from

also familiar from last year: ruth feile´s children books -
the exhibited originals are sewn with lots of Details.
so charming! if i will ever have a grandchild...

i especially loved the work of rita zepf, who is "painting" or drawing with her sewing machine...

... and the strips from sabine kinder:
and finally a funny booth with paper maché creations from Dorothea Siegert-Binder

(somehow the cake always lands "on" my hips in a different way;))

the figure above is named "coffee to go"
but we finished our trip with a Snack in the Restaurant on the ground floor
salad with various seeds and a pils

Tuesday, November 15, 2016

it´s all in the details...

before i continue with my photos from the harz mountains,
i´m going to Show what i made one evening, when our Group was having a Workshop.
let me commit, i´m not a Workshop Person (looking, yes - but i have to work in my own pace...).
so i watched the others spraying a black tote with fabric paints and stencils.
suddenly the idea stroke me: i had White fabric with me and i could save the paint on the stencils before all of it was washed into the sink...
so i did - just laid the fabric onto the wet stencils and got some beautiful results - with no "work" at all:
same stencil sprayed successively with various Colors...

i´m sure they will be good for whatever;)
now to my travel photos:
i shot so many, it is hard to make a choice.
for today i thought i might concentrate on DETAILS.
above a view that Shows three typical facades of buildings in this region:
here slate (front one), roof tile and timber-framed (you can find many of these samples at ulrike´s blog, so i leave them out here, except some details)
here and there you can find some art nouveau style,
as on this one in bad sachsa:
or here in Quedlinburg,
with beautiful old balconies:

with a snake or roses...

and other floral design at the fence

next: some doors in quedlinburg

above and below: in wernigerode

Lion on a fence of the walkenried abbey:

i always love to see the signs of old craftsmen...

this sign with the pyramid cake led us into a Café
on this one you see a "Roland" (engl/dt), which was a statue of a knight with a drawn sword, signifying the town privileges of a medieval City.
another Roland statue i saw in the town of Nordhausen/Thuringia, located at the town hall:
i also love weather vanes, here one on a pigeonry in Quedlinburg...
and this raven was posing for us on the statue of Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor (Friedrich barbarossa) in front of the Mediaeval Imperial Palace (Kaiserpfalz)
ubiquitous the woodcarvings on the facades (Ulrike already showed some beautiful ones),
sometimes very colorful,
repetitive ornaments (often circles with 5-point or 6-point stars),
sometimes carved sayings below the Patterns.

above and below: Goslar

and even similar ornaments made of slate:
(in Nordhausen)

sculptures from houses in wernigerode,
... and i´m finishing my post for this week with a capstone (1616) of a jutty at the townhall of wernigerode, showing the Emblem of the Family of Storkau)
so far i left out the numerous photos of churches and domes,
suppose some of them will follow in my next post.