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Monday, December 26, 2016


rummaging in my stuff i recently came across this big (19cm / 7,5 Inch) stamp
and as i had good results with the White setacolor fabric paint i played around
(and found this old red opaque fabric paint in the cellar)...

for my first pieces i cut out "Windows" and laid the contrasting fabrics behind them,
basted and then stitched
(thus i could use the leftover cutouts for another Piece...)
but then i thought this is too much work and simply started to sew on the stamped pieces...
of course all Hand sewn... "slow stitching";)
(did i ever mention my sewing machine died in spring? short circuit, stinky smoke... that was it...) 

now i think, this could become a Project of 2017.
alternating with "empty" patches...
sometimes i consider to revitalize my
maybe not necessarily as a strong daily Project, no pressure.
but i think it could be fun again ...
too many scraps  and too many stamps laying around here.
i´m thinking about that.
as this is my last post for 2016, let´s raise our glasses to a 
happy new year.
may it be a healthy one...
and hopefully we will be protected from catastrophies of all kind.
thinking brexit and trump 2016 was a tough one, politically
 (and we don´t even know the consequences yet...)
let us be grateful and humble...
most of us (art-bloggers) are fortunate to live quite a good life so far.
and heaven must be full of good musicians meanwhile,
it would be good to keep some on earth:)

Monday, December 19, 2016

whatever you celebrate...

... be it solstice (tomorrow)...
i can´t wait the days becoming longer again
this sun is embroidered on an old worn-out kitchen towel,
which has major holes meanwhile (bigger than the one shown;)
... but:
There is a crack in everything
That's how the light gets in.
(Leonard cohen, RIP)
... or be it Christmas...
i wish all my blogfriends
and as every week the mug leads you over to elizabeth´s blog...
thanks to all People who take the time to comment on my postings.
see you again after the Holidays :)

Tuesday, December 13, 2016

the elephants are marching in...

of course i had to Experiment with my new woodblock stamps.
cleaning the stamps immediately after using them is important,
otherwise Color would stay and harden in the crevices.
i stamped this row of elephants on one of the Cloth i recently dyed with onion Skin.
meanwhile i tried out some other dyeing materials,
but the onion Skin was by far the best.
the two beetroot strips would have been nice,
but as you see on the lower Picture, the Color was gone after putting it into the washing machine
tried acorns, too - almost no result - a bit offwhite
(maybe too late in the year? not sure if fresh acorns would do better?)
i´m eating quite some Kaki recently and saved the Skin in the freezer until i had a bigger amount.
but as i actually supposed: no coloring at all.
anyway, dyeing with natural materials will be continued next year
i wanted to do some more fabric stamping -
unsewed an old blue blouse...
... and cut larger and smaller squares for patchworking.
(6cm and 4cm pieces) 

the White opaque setacolor fabric paint works fine and the
prints turned out crisp.

maybe the Impression of the peacock tail was a bit weak.
 so i decided to stitch along...
this mug is created with a photo shot through the kaleidoscope...
 imagine some mullet wine (*Glühwein*) in it;)
i played a bit with my kaleidoscopes at the Weekend...
i have two with glass marbles...
and one with two Rotary disks:
one disk with textured glass and one with Color areas

you can handle them quite controlled.
photographing through the lens gives a Picture where you can see the inner construction of the kaleidoscope a bit: you always get these bars on the margins (you don´t recognize them when looking through with the eyes)
(the small detail photo is a screenshot from the Video mentioned in my previous post)
i made some clippings of my shots in PS -
the next one is typical for the "drop texture" on the Rotary wheel:
on the next one (made through a marble) you can see tree structures from the garden in the light areas if you look closely:
then i thought i might make some star shaped ones,
apt to the season:
(on the blue one the Color was intensified a bit in PS)


ad infinitum...

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

"mixed cake" and christmas markets

 i stitched one more patched circle and decided to call these "mixed cakes"
(as "Color wheels" normally follow certain rules - and these do not;))

it is a fun leisure time play and meanwhile on my "WIP" Cloth are two of them:

on thursday i was in munich and the weather was chilly cold, but dry and so i went to two markets.
i thought i would only walk around (because most of the booth are there every year),
but then i bought some little things anyway,
as these canoinha pods (colored in)
... maybe good for presenting some nuts etc ...

and i couldn´t resist these fabric stamps:
very tasty: various (organic) spice - some apt to mix with creme fraiche for yummy Dips:
funny: old Vinyl Albums with matching laser cuts,
provided with clockwork (not bought)

this Festival always gives a lot of impulse for recycling -
and so does some artwork here and there...

i had time enough to also attend the Christmas market in Schwabing,
which is an art fair actually - People are only allowed to offer handmade things.
lots of ceramics, glass, Wood, felted things, toys, jewelry and much more.
the next pic Shows some "Paravents"/ garden fences, optical dividers - made of various materials held together with wire. i really regret i do not have space for them;)

this year is the 40th anniversary of this market,
and each year they bring out a new motif mug.
i collected them for quite some years (but missed the last few)
and this is the new one:
and finally one of my absolute favorite booth there,
the man who is selling copper kaleidoscopes
on his Website i found a Little Video (2 min - highly recommended).
i did not know that this year was the 200th anniversary of the kaleidoscope
(well, forerunners were known to the ancient Greeks
[thus the word, which translates "look to beautiful shapes"])
over the years i spoilt myself with three of them:
now i thought i could try to photograph through the lenses...

and making a clipping of one of the views i got this "icy" Piece:
i played with this one, added a layer from holliewood, a Silhouette from my collection and a final framing layer from shadowhouse
(and i learned a new Feature in PS this week... - but don´t yet have a perfect command of it)
so i created These two pics...
you know that game - i loved to play it in my childhood:
and played with another one... inverting it...
and then added filters: liquify and ripple
then stopped playing,
because this could become endless;))