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Monday, January 02, 2017

quiet transition

(brushes selfmade, font brush up too,
texture shadowhouse)
though we had a lot of fog the last days (with cold temperatures, thus the frozen crystals on the trees and shrubs), the new year´s day was very sunny.

the only sunny day last week was thursday,
and with the new moon it was perfect for trimming the apple tree
(which was the work of son#1 - i had to cut all the small branches to fit into the bio-waste Container... it took three days just for the small sprig...)
i found a fast and easy recipe for Kaki jam (Süddeutsche Zeitung).
enough for 4,5 glasses.
very very yummy!!
so no time for art making.
at the end of the year i machine washed all the Cloth i had eco-dyed over the last weeks:

new year´s eve we spent with friends.
it was such a freshness in the air, so five of us had planned to have a walk before eating.
the house of the friends where we gathered is near a forest.
it was really dark (we had to shine a torch to see the path).
it was almost impossible to get acceptable photos (flashlight was not an Option in this mood!),
but i tried... and used some of them for my digital contribution for ajj ("tell me a Story"):
on our path along the fields and through the forest...
(the framing snowflake texture is from siennaphotodesigns and stands for all the frozen trees, of which i could not get a good photo)
in the forest there is a small Votive chapel, which is frequented by People praying to holy Mary and thanking for her help... there must have been visitors this day, as quite some candles were burning, so you could see the chapel from afar. a somehow mysterious look.
along our way there also was a Wood shed (open on one side, depositary of firewood). we had planned to make a Little stop there and taken a thermos jug with us, filled with hot apricot liqueur (für meine deutschen leser: marillenlikör... aaaaahhh, soooo gut!).
with some whipped cream and cinnamon added it tasted soooo delicious!
(i know, you have to look very closely to see the Scene)
then we finished our walking round and enjoyed the rest of the evening inside.
the midnight fireworks around us were really hard to see because of all the fog, wasted Money.
now lets hope for a good 2017.
best wishes!!!


  1. oh wow- I would have LOVED that mysterious walk Joanna! Happy New Year!

  2. I was so glad to see the eco dyed fabric after it had been washed. Beautiful shades of beige and tans. I dyed some fabric using black beans several days ago. I was tickled with the results I got.

    That mysterious walk looks a bit scary, but exciting. And the apricot liqueur looks and sounds SO good, too.

    Welcome to 2017, and happy new year, Johanna. Thanks for sharing your recent projects and your liqueur with us for T this Tuesday.

  3. What a fun way to spend your New years Eve! I love the idea of a group walk through the forest...and I like the dark page because that makes it more like it was. Love it! Happy New Year! and Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  4. It looks like you had a wonderful time with friends over the New Year and I really enjoyed your artwork and how it depicts your lovely walk in the forest :-). I would love to try your apricot liqueur with whipped cream and cinnamon - it sounds delicious! Happy T Day! J :-)

  5. Ooooh
    thank you for taking us on your magical walk Johanna. The Mary Chapel out in the woods must have felt so special. It leaves me in awe.
    And a nip of your special Apricot drink sounds just right too.
    Happiest of New Years to you and yours ... let's hope it's a good one.
    Happy first T Day of 2017 oxo

  6. I would love to spend a quiet hour in the votive chapel. How inspiring the art looks! Happy T Tuesday :)

  7. Fun post. The photo of walking through the forest gave a good sense of the feel of it, the blackness and the cold. A real adventure topped off with the apricot liqueur. A great way to welcome the New Year. Best Wishes for a very good one.

  8. Oh my that looks a wonderful night walk, the photos were great, the darkness and quietness must have been quite magical.
    Happy T day
    Yvonne xx

  9. Ah kaki jam sounds good.(but actually I don't like ginger...) I still have four kakis on the fruit bowl, maturing. I make kaki bread with it.Which is my all time favorite fruit cake.
    I was fascinated by your night walk in the forest. And the photos you took are very atmospheric. Apricot liquor sounds yummy. I have never had it.
    Happy New Year and happy T-Day,

    Bin begeistert von den Fotos und
    danke für's Mitmachen bei Art Journal Journey! Deine Naturgefärbten Stoffe sehen auch richtig toll aus auf der Leine, da bist Du herrlich gerüstet für neue Projekte!
    Ein frohes Neues Jahr nochmals liebe Johanna!
    Liebe Grüße nach Bayern!

  11. Demnach bist du ja wunderbar atmosphärisch ins neue Jahr gestartet - auf dass es so weiter gehen mag mit schönen Erlebnissen, Begegnungen und tollen kreativen Ideen.
    Liebe Grüße von Ulrike

  12. What a wonderful new Year's Eve activity - a walk in the woods with interesting sites and stops along the way. How smart to plan out your stops. The hot apricot liqueur must have really hit the spot! Happy T Day, Johanna!

  13. Wishing you a wonderful 2017! Love all your photos... how wonderful that you have friends that will walk in the dark with you!! Hugs! deb

  14. Liebe Johanna, ich wünsche Dir ein gesundes und glückliches neues Jahr.

    Dieser Post ist total klasse, alles wunderbar

  15. A story with a dark foggy walk through the wood, passing a chapel and ending with apricot liqueur in a woodshed - fabulous. The dark walk looked very atmospheric and the dark photos turned out well (I enlarged them and could see details).
    The colour of the winter sky against the bare trees is so beautiful just now, as is your photo here.

  16. What a great adventure you had, your photos are brilliant! Happy T Day, Chrisx

  17. What a marvelous walk in the forest and way to spend New Year's EVe! Love the photo of the chapel~quite mysterious! Happy T Day, and Happy New Year!

  18. Happy New Year, Joanna!
    Your forest walk sounds lovely, and your photos are very atmospheric.
    The weather has been very mixed in London too. We've had thick fog once or twice, but now it seems to have turned cold. I'm hoping for sunny, crisp days!
    Best wishes for a creative 2017! Jx

  19. So wie es aussieht hattest du ja einen wunderbaren Start ins neue Jahr!
    Ich wünsche dir ein kreatives, glückliches, erfolgreiches und vor allen Dingen ein gesundes 2017!

    LG Gaby


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