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Tuesday, January 17, 2017


(from the early 20th century - moscow)
that is the Situation...
the herbs and the ginkgos in the pots are covered,
and the snow Looks good as Long as it is fresh...

i wanted to go to munich at the Weekend for having a brunch meeting with my stamppals,
but the weather was not on my side. winter storm and snow,
so i thought i better would stay at home.
and go on with my reorganization of stuff here.
it seems endless...  ;)
i came across a box of these old Video tapes... good for nothing anymore, as we don´t even have a player left.
so i decided to throw out the tapes and considered the Containers could get a second life...
i searched for my gesso. it was dried in the bottle. (if i only had half the Money back of all the paints i bought and which dried before i could use them up... sigh.)
so i took the White acrylic paint.
i started to cover one front with a napkin and postal stamps -
then i thought i might glue some of These wrappers together
and take this for a mail collector.

if the size fits, i can also use it as a depository for journals
(here my capolan altered book, fits perfectly).

at this Point the Containers were not yet glued together.
i decided to make 4 equal looking sides, as this was the perfect using up of a napkin.
working on the sides of course is easier before glueing them together -
and for working on the box itself it is better to Keep a Video tape inside for Stabilisation.
i measured the size the sides would have when taking 5 wrappers in a row.
not much hustle, just a few postal related stamps and neocolor II.
next step was to fix the Containers with double sided tape.
you better have 2 Video tapes left for this step,
as again this is better for the Stabilisation of the boxes.

glueing on the side Panels...

and done!

maybe i will make more of These, as my napkin box is quite well-stocked;)

and that is my mug of the week.
enough snow for now;)


  1. OMGosh, Johanna. I have so many old video tapes. I still tape all my shows since I don't have a DVR. But I think I threw away most of my old boxes because they just take up room. I may have saved a few, and if I did, I may have to create one of these boxes. I would use them for my index cards I make every summer. Thanks for the inspiration.

    I SO love the snow you shared. We got ice, so I much prefer seeing the snow to ice. It's beautiful, even if it forced you to stay at home and organize your stash.

    BTW, I have considered using broken VCR tapes to weave baskets. I figure it can be done by decreasing and increasing weaves. Possibly I'm wrong (I have been before), so I may have to try that.

    I adore your little snow people mug. I laughed and laughed at the hair dryer and mugger! SO CUTE. Thanks for sharing your recycled VCR boxes, your snow shots, and your really cute mug with us for T this Tuesday. Still laughing at that mug!

  2. I wish I had thought of that! We threw out all our videos a while ago and recycled the boxes - I didn't think of gluing them together! You have made something really useful and it also looks so good.
    I love the mug! We had a little snow in London but, fortunately, it didn't lay. It was quite disruptive in other parts of the country, though.

  3. Dein "Pott der Woche" hat mich zum Lachen gebracht...Danke!

  4. Dein "Pott der Woche" hat mich zum Lachen gebracht...Danke!

  5. Happy T Day

    Sorry the snow stopped your visit to see your pals.

    Your project is fantastic with fab ideas as inspiration

    Love Chrissie xx

  6. Will ja nicht meckern, aber es ist wirklich "enough snow!!!" ;-)
    Wie toll Deine Boxen geworden sind. Es ist zwar immer viel Arbeit und man würde ja lieber..., ABER das Ergebnis ist mehr als supi :)
    LG Conny

  7. Ein tolles Projekt Johanna!
    Sieht spitze aus Dein Postaufbewahrungsteil!
    Mir geht's wie Dir..bin grad mal wieder am Umorganisieren, nachdem ich ein paar schöne brauchbare Schränkchen und Vitrinen geschenkt bekommen habe.
    Ich ziehe auch schon zweimal von einem Raum in den nächsten mit meinem Bastelkram und jedem Mal wird es schwieriger für mich irgendwas zu finden.. inzwischen hab ich mir einen General-Lageplan ertsellt( In welcher Schublade was zu sein HÄTTE- Betonung auf HÄTTE), wobei ich fürchte, wenn ich nicht immer alles dahin zurückschlichte wo es hingehört, was leider eine schlechte Angewohnheit von mir ist...hilft mir mein ach so cleverer Lageplan auf Dauer auch nicht weiter!
    Wetter ist hier auch so wie bei Euch .. aber irgendwie schön ist das - ich genieße es..
    schade dass Du Deinen Stempeltreff in München verpasst hast!
    Aber der nächste kommt bestimmt!


  8. Super ist diese Box geworden, vor allen Dingen durch deine MailArt-Ausgestaltung! Der Hahn ist natürlich toll - wo gibt es solche schönen Servietten? Ha, und die Capolan-Briefmarke erinnert mich an den großartigen Bantock-Tausch vor Jahren...
    Wie ich sehe, habt ihr doch eine ganze Menge mehr an Schnee, als wir hier, aber immerhin ist es jetzt auch weiß und dadurch viel heller. Aber schade natürlich, dass du wetterbedingt nicht nach München konntest.
    Dir ne schöne Woche noch! Grüße von Ulrike

  9. Clever way to use those old VHS tapes. Technology comes and goes so quickly, doesn't it? I have a bunch of purging to do myself,but I figure its going to take quite awhile so as long as I finish by fall all will be well. :) That's a really cute little cup, and maybe you can reschedule your weekend plans? Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  10. wow with a snow storm like that I'd stay in too.And yes, it does look pretty. I too have been going through and tossing out tapes.And I have to say-your new box is pure genius and just gorgeous!! I love that napkin too. Fun snowman mug:) Happy T day and stay warm.

  11. This is such an amazing idea - how marvelous :-)
    I really don't like snow so I am glad we don't get it here ! :-D

    IKE in Greece xx

  12. Love what you did with the video tape boxes! I still have a bunch left, though I threw out a lot just a few months ago ;-( The roosters are wonderful. Happy T Day,Johanna!

  13. I have a lot of old tapes and I feel I will have to throw them out some day. I love your new box.Gorgeous!I see your snow and I wish I could be there because it is very hot here. But we all have to adapt to what global warmth has been doing around our planet.It didn't use to be so hot like it is now.It is the price we pay to piss off Mother Earth.Happy T Day! J :-)

  14. Oh my having old video tapes must be wonderful, would it be possible for them to be made into something more user friendly for now, A friend had her old videos . put on a disc she can view on her TV.
    Your recycled boxes look fantastic.
    Happy T day
    Yvonne xx

  15. Love how you've recycled the video tape containers! That rooster is amazing! So clever! Happy happy T day!! Hugs! deb

  16. Well Done!! These are now beautiful places to store what you really want and need.
    Happy T-day

  17. Ginkgos will live in pots?! I got that far and stopped, because if I could grow a ginkgo tree in a pot my patio would be a prettier place :)

    Happy T Tuesday

  18. My goodness, your recycled napkin box is fantastic - thanks for the showing how you made it and the inspiration! I love love love your mug, it really made me smile:-). Happy T Day! J :-)

  19. Wish we had some of your pretty "fresh" snow but it is less fun when it interrupts our plans for sure.
    Super Moscow clip with the troikas!
    Same lament here about dried up art supplies. Some need to be made better or offered in much smaller containers OR maybe I have learned my lesson and can now resist some *gg*
    Brilliant use of napkins for your cool new storage. Recycling always makes me happy.
    Happy T Day liebe Johanna oxo

  20. Clever, pretty and useful - that's your revamped tape box. Thanks for the detailed instructions.
    The mug is fun, although not for the poor snowman.

    1. Meant to also say I loved the moving picture at the top.

  21. Hallo Johanna, ihr habt ja echt viel Schnee. Dagegen haben wir sehr wenig.
    Dein Postbox ist genial und so schön gestaltet. Eine super tolle Idee, muss ich mir mal merken.
    LG Carola

  22. What a great idea to stick those video boxes together! Could you turn them into little drawers? I suppose you could.
    I love your snowy mug, with the hairdryer mugger! It made me smile.
    Happy T-Day
    Have a good week,

  23. Oh Wow! Your containers are great! Doesn't it feel good to recycle stuff? Love your fun mug! Happy T Day! Chrisx

  24. Ihr habt ja eine Menge Schnee abbekommen. Wie schade, dass Du nicht zum Stempeltreffen fahren konntest, liebe Johanna. Deine Box ist toll geworden und praktisch ist sie auch. Ich glaube, ich habe alle Videokassetten schon vor vielen Jahren entsorgt, inklusive der Verpackung. Das würde mir wohl heute nicht mehr passieren. Jede Box und anderes Verpackungsmaterial wird auf sein upcycle-Potential überprüft bevor es in der Mülltonne landet. :)
    Herzliche Grüße

  25. Brrr, looks pretty cold. I love the cup. A clever idea for the video containers, and great way to recycle. There are so many things we could use in ways other than their original purpose. So often it doesn't occur to us, or we don't have the time.


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