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Monday, January 09, 2017

winter is here

it was really cold here the last days (down to -16°celsius)
and we have snow now.
good for winter sports enthusiasts, but i prefer non slippery roads;)
not really arrived in the new year yet...
going through my stashes (trying to get a bit organized) and through my WIP pieces i found this one (i don´t even remember when i started it...) and thought it was high time to "Frame" it.
the Little bits and pieces already were sewn on, just the blue border to make. 
i have some some more Votive hearts (bought in an antique shop; they are from the first half of the 20th century) - so i´m planning to make a series.
this heart measures 10 cm (4 Inch), the whole square is about 20 cm (8 Inch).

i love blue, and i love These selvedges on some fabrics,
so this one was perfect for me. Little wooden beads going with the Colors of the rest of the piece...


sewed my monogram onto the backside and called it done. 

as we had celebrated Christmas with the "nuclear familiy" (the 4 of us),
we decided to meet with some of the "in-laws" on sunday. we enjoyed lunch in a Restaurant (with my mandatory pils;)). the fried sweet potatoes were a nice decoration.


  1. Good for you, Johanna, finishing up some of those WIPs. I'm trying to do the same. Blue is one of my colors too, so I love what you did on this one.

    It's cold here too - about 40 F outside, but colder inside because of concrete construction. At least we don't have ice and snow!

    Happy T Day!

  2. It does feel good when the wips get completed but I'm not so good as I'd like about it. LOVE your beautiful fabric piece with that vintage heart! It's been darn COLD here too so best to stay in. Lovely lunch plate. I actually have switched my hubby now to sweet potato fries which I grill with some onion and red pepper-yum. Happy T day!

  3. Your meal looks YUMMY!. And I must say I am loving all the blue today! :) We're cold right now too-too cold in my place space to ever work very long. Even though it is in the house in off in a corner. Guess its winter-happy T day Hugs-Erika

  4. Sorry I'm late visiting. My old computer had a major meltdown, and I had to reboot it twice in order for it to run again. I'll be glad when I get my new one back.

    I simply adore that beautiful piece you made with the heart. It looks like a Mexican sacred Milagros heart. And of course, I love blue, my favorite color, in fact. So this really spoke to me.

    Glad you had a wonderful time at Christmas, because the food and "Pils" look wonderful. In fact, I haven't eaten today because I've been so busy trying to get this computer running again, this wonderful meal has made me hungry, hungry hungry.
    Thanks for sharing your awesome fabric art and your Pils and food with us for T this Tuesday.

  5. Your meal looks good. It took me forever to have fried sweet potatoes, but they are so tasty! Happy T Tuesday :)

  6. Beautiful blue theme to the post and it fits in well with pour cold weather

    Happy T Day

    Love Chrissie xx

  7. Beautiful fabric projects the shades and details of the blues look great.
    It looks a delicious lunch.
    Happy T day.
    Yvonne xx

  8. Yes, finish up those projects. This one is particularly beautiful. The hearts were a great find.

  9. Your fabric creations are so beautiful! I love the blues you have chosen (my favourite colour too), the material edges and both you handsewn and beaded embellishments - stunning! Your lunch looks so delicious and I'd happily raise a glass of pils and wish you a very Happy T Day! J :-)

  10. Johanna i just love all the bits and bobs on your WIP piece. So glad you found it and finished it.The beads are so unique.... Its a windy fairly warm day here for a change... its been bitterly cold... that i can do without... Happy happy T day! Hugs! deb

  11. Was für ein toller blauer post - tolle Arbeit mit dem Herz- ein cooler fund allemal!! Happy T-Day liebe Johanna!
    oxo Susi

  12. Blue is always a favorite with me too!
    I have a few of that style flaming heart in different sizes.
    L💙VE how you've used yours in your beautiful

  13. Oops! Stitchery (using my new iPad and not sure what happened *gg*)
    Happy T Day liebe Johanna and Happy Winter days too which are great for staying inside oxo

  14. Beautiful heart piece. How nice to have some antique pieces to use in the work. Inclusion of the metal is quite striking. xox

  15. Die Metallherz-Stoffcollage gefällt mir total, ist eine ganz ungewöhnliche Zusammenstellung der Materialien. Super darin finde ich auch den Stoffstreifen mit den Farbzahlen, ein modernes Element. In jedem Fall ein wirklich toller Rahmen für das antike Herz.
    Wozu waren diese Herzen eigentlich gut?
    Kein Schnee bei uns.
    Es ist nur nasskalt ungemütlich, und ich würde mich am liebsten zum Winterschlaf verkriechen.
    Lieben Gruß von Ulrike

  16. It's good that you are doing some WIPs. It doesn't take that much, only some motivation. So good for you! I love the heart piece. Especially the colour. That particular blue is one of my fav colours.
    Your meal looks yummy and I think it's great they serve it with sweet potatoes.
    Belated happy T-day,

  17. This is wonderful- good that you found it and finished it so beautifully! Your meal look delicious! I do not like the sound of those low temperatures at all! Hugs, Chrisx

  18. Loving all the blues here, and yes, the selvedges can be very interesting. The little textile looks super with the blue frame, I love these little textiles.
    How nice to have such cold weather, I think we are promised some soon, I'm looking forward to it. It's fine so long as we don't have to travel.

  19. a happy surprise to find this gem in your studio--it is really beautiful! love all the bits and pieces and the blue tones!

  20. -16 sounds really cold! It gets to be 58 degrees fahrenheit here and we're freezing. The mix of embroidery and beads is very pretty, and that plate of food looks especially yummy.

  21. I always find myself oh-ing and ah-ing when I see your projects. Love your style!
    Happy T day!

  22. Generally, I'm more of a green than blue person. I think because blue it's a cold colour, but it is perfect for winter and I really like your snowflakes. (I'm so glad it's not -16 here!)
    Your votive heart square is stunning, Joanna. The new frame sets it off so well and I really like those beads. They are the perfect adornment.
    Stay warm!

  23. Oh wow, deine Collage mit Stoff und Metall ist ja mal wieder super. Gefällt mir sehr gut.
    LG Carola


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