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Monday, March 20, 2017

11th blog anniversary

have you had your caffeine today ;) ?
not so much to Show here this week...
i started going through old photos in boxes on the attic (oh my!! some back from Student times... and i really want to get them sorted well, after years of only planning this). i didn´t think this would become such a big affair...
but now i´m into it and want to make it through,
 then i realized i had my Blogging anniversary on sunday:
11 years of making wonderful Connections and
friendships all over the planet!
and though i always say i would write here even it was for me only
 (as kind of an artistic diary),
i truly appreciate all the comments of you,
my valued Readers!! ♥♥♥
until today i think a Connection via Blogging is another one like via Facebook etc.
  time for Little prizes ...
so i made three collages ca 5,5 Inch square = 14 cm):
(in real the Background is a bit more into orange,
onion Skin dyed glass wipes,
which i stabilized with freezer paper for stamping and stitching)

if you would like to win one of them,
just leave a comment (you can specify your favorite,
but i can´t give you a guarantee, of course...)
i will draw the winner on sunday, march 26th.
(international welcome!)
good luck!
on thursday we had a fabulous spring day,
and as in the evening our monthly stampers´ Meeting was scheduled
i took the Train to munich a few hours earlier.
i spent 3 hours in the eastern cemetery of munich.
it is the largest one in munich and holds almost 35 thousand graves.
 so i only visited a part of it.
due to lack of time i won´t Show pics of the Stones and statues in this post, hopefully next week.

among the graves oodles of crocuses,
and i always enjoy the squirrels there.
this one seemed to teach me: "life is fleeting";)
i couldn´t catch it...
... until a man sat down on a bench and offered him a peanut;)
later i visited MUCA, the first Museum of urban and contemporary art in Germany.
more about this in another post, too.
just a Little teaser for now:


  1. Happy 11th Anniversary! Your collages are amazing especially the one you created with the beautiful fabric circle and the bird stamp. It's so kind of you to be giving them away to your readers as part of your anniversary celebrations too :-) . Your spring flowers are lovely and the squirrel is adorable, your photo is stunning ... glad he got that peanut to keep him still ... lol :-) . I'm looking forward to seeing more in later posts. Wishing you a Happy T Day! J :-)

  2. wow-11years-happy anniversary Joanna! I was in Munich once and feel I saw so little of its charm...thanks for sharing. Love all three of your collages and would appreciate any one of them. Thank you for your generous giveaway, and happy T day!

  3. Good for you getting into that big photo project. I have a similar project to do-One of these day! :) Love the mug too. And I wouldn't mind winning one of your little squares. I enjoy seeing your work.Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  4. First, I want that coffee mug!! I don't care if it's digital, I still want it (GRIN). Caffeine is the one thing I'm addicted to!

    I just found some old photos in my basement. I was sure they would be ruined, but they are all still intact and in good shape. They are even sorted and marked in order. I surprise myself on occasion. I hope your journey is as fun as mine has been.

    Surprisingly, I have had my blog for 12 years. Of course, the first two, were really quite inactive, unlike yours.

    I love those collages. My onion skins don't dye that well, but I'm using fabric, which may be the reason. I love the one with the "e"s on it. It spoke to me.

    Had a laugh at poor you and the squirrel. It was a fine chase, with victory in the end.

    Thanks for sharing your blogoversary, your incredible giveaway, your photos from Munich, and that incredible caffeine mug with us for T this Tuesday. Here's to 111 more years, too!

  5. Fantastic coffee mug and Happy Blog Anniversary.

    I am sure you will have a great time sorting out the photographs. We have been doing the same thing and now they are all scanned and on DVDs so we can see them on the big television screen.

    Have a Happy T Day

    Love Chrissie xx

  6. Happy Blog Anniversary Your collages all look lovely and it would be hard to pick a favourite, you are very generous offering them to your readers.
    I loved the photos especially the squirrels.
    Happy T day.
    Yvonne xx

  7. Happy Blogaversary liebe Johanna! Eleven years is fabulous WOWEE. I would be tickled to have any of your lovely creations. Thank you for the chance to be a lucky winner.
    Your Bavarian squirrels are SO cute and very different from the squirrels we have here in the US. Nature is indeed a good teacher when we stop and ponder ;-)
    Good luck on your photo sorting...a BIG job for sure.
    Happy T Day too oxo

  8. du bloggst wirklich schon 11 jahre? wahnsinn!! herzlichen glückwunschzu diesem durchhaltevermögen!! ich bin seit 8 jahren dabei und finde das schon so viel!! es ist wirklich toll, so viele gleichgesinnte kontakte zu haben und besonders schön, wenn man sich persönlich kennenlernt und sich in den meisten fällen gleich gut versteht! wenn ich ein bisschen mehr zeit habe, stöbere ich mal ein bisschen mehr bei dir.
    deine drei collagen finde ich wieder genial und würde sehr gern eine davon gewinnen (am liebsten die in der mitte). eichhörnchen mag ich total gern, leider lassen sie sich hier nicht so oft blicken, wie ich es gern hätte!
    liebe grüße

  9. Happy Blogiversary!!!

    I have never seen that many crocuses together, ever. Beautiful :)

    Happy T Tuesday

  10. Happy blog anniversary!! my blogging experience has evolved over the years andI have so enjoyed and am thankful for all the wonderful friends I have met over the years.
    what a beautiful place you shared with us and the was fun someone feeding the squirrels peanuts. they are one of my favorite visitors to watch-so funny sometimes
    Happy T Day

  11. Well i have to say from what you've promised i look forward to your next I would love to see the cemetery and the art museum.. :) What great collages! I'am partial to circles i must say although they are all lovely... love the colors too and if the orange is more bright than the photo i bet that looks even more incredible.. Just love squirrels... as long as i can keep them out of the bird seed.... lol My squirrels are differnt than yours so nice to see yours! Happy happy T day!! Hugs! deb

  12. well, Streetopoly looks fascinating...I spotted Banksy on the board! Love your little collages, I am partial to the top one with the blue that contrast of blue and rusty orange. Happy Blog-aversary and Happy T day!

  13. Happy T-Day und herzlichen Glückwunsch zum Blogjubiläum! Wow - sogar eine Verlosung! Na da will ich gern dabei sein!
    Tolle Aufnahmen - das Museum ist sicher interessant - super!
    oxo Susi

  14. Congratulations! Eleven years is a long time. I love to watch squirrels. They are so animated. They love to tease my dogs, and the dogs love to bark at them.

  15. Heute bin ich erst ganz spät bei dir, dabei gibt es so viel Tolles zu sehen wieder einmal!
    Das Spiel sieht ja schon mal ziemlich genial aus, ein modernes MonopolY?
    Wow, und wie toll du das Eichhörnchen dann doch noch erwischt hast - wie süß - aber das Schwanzfoto hat mir auch gut gefallen!
    Unglaublich, wie lang du schon Bloggerin bist, warst wohl mit eine der ersten... da stecke ich ja noch in den Kinderschuhen. Aber es ist wirklich toll, welch interessante Kontakte sich dadurch doch ergeben und so viel Inspiration von allen Seiten.
    Sei ganz lieb gegrüßt

  16. What a fabulous post! I love your little collages, they are all so beautiful but the one at the top is my very favourite! I love seeing the beautiful carpet of flowers and the wonderful little red squirrel - they are quite rare in our part of the UK! Happy T Day! Chrisx

  17. Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu Deinem Blogiversary, liebe Johanna! Den Winter über habe ich mehr Tee getrunken, aber jetzt ist Kaffee wieder mein bevorzugter Muntermacher.
    Wie geht es Timmy? Wir waren an demselben Sonntag aus quasi demselben Grund nachmittags mit unsrerem Neuzugang Izzie in der Tierklinik. Sie kam auch auf drei Beinen nach Hause gehumpelt und hatte eine blutende Wunde oberhalb der Pfote. Das Bein war auf's Doppelte angeschwollen und wir befürchteten auch, es könnte gebrochen sein. Zum Glück war das nicht der Fall. Als der TA die Wunde saubermachte, hat er Kratzspuren festgestellt. Wahrscheinlich hatte Izzie einen kleinen Fight mit einer der Nachbarskatzen. Inzwischen ist aber alles wieder o.k. Ich hoffe, Timmy ist auch wieder auf 4 Beinen unterwegs.
    Deine Collagen sind sehr schön. Slowstitiching, Yeah! :)
    Eichhörnchen finde ich ja zu süß. Leider habe ich hier noch kein Einziges gesehen.
    Viele liebe Grüße

  18. Happy Blogaversary, Johanna! By coincidence, I started blogging just a couple of months after you in July 2006. I agree, blogging is a fun way to connect and get to know like-minded people all over the globe. So glad to have made your acquaintance ;-)

    I would be delighted to win any one of your lovely inchies. Than you for the chance.

    I look foward to seeing the rest of the photos you promised. The sneak peeks are very interesting.

    Happy T-Day! Hugs, Eileen

  19. 11 years is a long time. Wow. Wonderful tiny pieces with stitch and would have loved to have seen the cemetary. Been in Munich just once a long time ago...never got there. The ground flowers look spectacular. xox

  20. Well done for 11 years of blogging. Our art Blogland is an amazing place where we meet artists we would never otherwise have met, and also sometimes then meet in Real Life too (two lovely times so far).
    I like your square glass-wipes collages, so original.
    Looking forward to hearing and seeing more about MUCA.
    Meanwhile Happy Art-Making and Happy blogging for many year ahead.

    1. "many years" - saw it flash by as I pressed "Publish". I hope you have many years ahead.

  21. Eleven years; congratulations! Your collage squares look really good (the second is my favourite, but i like them all).
    Spring has reached here too - it is so good to see the crocuses adn daffodils. We see lots of grey squirrels in our local park but, sadly, red squirrels are very rare now in G.B., so it is lovely to see your photo of one.


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