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Monday, April 24, 2017

april weaving

end of march we had weather to sit outside for lunch:

here i had salad with cubed Beef - yes, and my pils of course...
meanwhile the weather was a mix of cherry petals and snow flakes -
on some days it was hard to tell what was falling down 
jaaa, der April macht was er will...
konnten wir ende märz noch zum Mittagessen draußen sitzen,
schneite es mittlerweile einen mix aus kirschblütenblättern und realem Schnee.
(leider aber immer noch alles viel zu trocken.)
aber in diesem fall beschäftigt man sich halt im haus:
so time to spend my time inside.
i came across this old Shirt with holes on the elbows -
good for deconstruction...
(it has a very soft flannel touch, a really nice haptic feeling)
dieses alte flannelhemd (fühlt sich so schön weich an) hatte löcher an den Ellbogen, lag also ideal zum recyceln bereit
i thought it would go well together with the onion dyed stripes.

ich fand, es passte gut zu den zwiebelschalen-gefärbten streifen.
da die ziemlich lang sind, war ich froh ein 50cm lineal zu haben...
und begann mit dem weben von stoffstreifen:
as the yellow stripes were quite Long, i was happy to own a 50cm ruler...
and started Cloth weaving:

first i wove 5 x 6 blocks - fixed everything with Pins and then secured the squares with the "invisible stitch" (everything learned from jude hill).
erstmal hab ich 5 streifen gelb auf 6 streifen blau gewebt und alles mit Stecknadeln gesichert, damit mir nichts verrutscht. dann fixiert mit dem "unsichtbaren stich", den ich (wie all mein nähzeugs) von jude hill gelernt habe.

then i doubled it to 6 x 10 blocks... the previously sewn blocks were secured with safety Pins to be out of the way, so i could handle it better.
and now???
i have no idea. or many.
(and i could  even enlarge it further...)
dann hab ich weitere blaue streifen in die langen gelben stücke eingewebt, so dass ich jetzt ein stück mit 6 x 10 blöcken habe... die vorherigen blöcke wurden eingeschlagen und mit Sicherheitsnadeln fixiert, damit mir nicht alles im weg war. lässt sich so besser arbeiten.
und nun???
keine Idee. oder viele.
(und ich könnte es ja noch größer weben...)
fehlt noch das monatsbild vom April für den 12tel blick...
ich habe diesen montag genutzt (einziger Sonnentag lt. prognose für diese Woche)
and finally the April photo for the 12-months challenge...
the birch is coming to life now...

Monday, April 17, 2017

happy easter!!

ich hoffe ihr habt/hattet frohe Ostertage!
hope you have/had wonderful easter days!

Osterzeit ist - v.a. wenn das Fest so spät ist wie dieses jahr - bei uns spargelzeit!
wir leben in einer spargelanbauregion (nicht dass er deshalb auch nur einen Cent billiger wäre, im Gegenteil: preise wie auf dem münchner Viktualienmarkt! aber hier kenne ich meine Bezugsquelle und bin sicher, dass ich einen ohne-folienabdeckung gezogenen kriege, was inzwischen sehr selten ist!)
neues Rezept ausprobiert: grüner Spargel mit quinoa und Garnelen
(von hier)
und mein lieblingsgetränk, ein pils (zu hause immer ein alkoholfreies)
living in a landscape where Asparagus is cultivated, i love to eat this vegetable, as the season is short... i tried a new recipe (sorry, german link only) with green Asparagus, quinoa and shrimps.
yummy! (my mandatory pils, alc-free)
endlich hab ich mir zeit genommen, die Fotos durchzugehen, die ich vor einem Monat im münchner MUCA geknipst habe.
dort war gerade eine Ausstellung diverser streetartisten, die in form eines "streetopoly" vorgestellt wurden.
(bei Interesse text lesen)
finally i took time to go through the photos i took at the MUCA last month.
the Installation was "streetopoly", a game created in dependence on Monopoly:
in this layout the streets (as in german Editions - i have no idea about international variations) are replaced by street artists... arranged by their value on the market
Spielfiguren waren natürlich passenderweise Spraydosen und malkübel
the pegs/ Counters (?) are fittingly spray cans and paint buckets

so konnte man sich also über 22 Künstler informieren.
es würde zu weit führen, hier alle vorzustellen, ich greife einfach meine "Lieblinge" heraus:
es gab zu jedem eine info-karte mit dt/engl text, sehr praktisch; anhand dieser karte wurde man herumgeschickt und konnte jeweils den nächsten Künstler suchen.
 es war ein superschöner sonnentag, ich war zeitweise die einzige, die bei diesem wetter im Museum war, und ich gebe zu, ich hab die Künstler einfach der reihe nach angeschaut, ohne mich treppauf/treppab schicken zu lassen. war auch so interessant und ging natürlich deutlich schneller;)
so you could find Information of 22 artists, conveniently presented on german/englisch Cards.
(by These Cards you were sent around the room to find the next Artist...)
here i just grab some of my faborites:

zu meinen Favoriten gehören herakut, die es wert sind,
auch im Internet noch weiter zu forschen...
Herakut are a duo i really like very much...
worth to look for further info in the net
die im Museum gezeigten Beispiele:
their samples shown in the Museum:

and what now?

(2014, Sprühfarbe, Acryl und kohle auf Leinwand; 180 x 140 cm)
it was the booze that turned granny into this hideous beast

hoher Bekanntheitsgrad bei den nächsten Beispielen, die ich auch sehr mag und die natürlich im streetopoly auf den teuersten plätzen zu finden sind:
quite famous the next samples, which i also like very much and they are of course the highest rated ones:


that´s for today, see you next week:)

Monday, April 10, 2017

... try and catch the sun ♫

remember donovan, try and catch the wind ♪♫ ?
(god, how old am i??)
well, now this Weekend i tried and caught the sun!!
the week was busy with visits here and there and for the Weekend the sons came home, so not much time for artsy stuff...
but: saturday and sunday were super sunny again (with temperatures around 20°c),
so i HAD to do a Little something -
especially because i got a bag of onion Skins from a friend...
[onions are not part of my Food because of my colitis, so i´m always asking friends to collect the Skins]
on saturday i simmered an old bed sheet from grandma in law and let it soak over night.
now is that sunny or what??

sunday morning i took it out for letting it dry in the garden.

timmy soon recognized he was not safe here;)
watering the daisies...

i get such a warm Feeling seing how People mended the holes - not throwing everthing out...
and i think the strip with the buttons could do some good purpose in hanging something ... or so...
i also cut some lace parts from grandma´s Cloth and dyed them, too
i thought some Brown stains could look good there also...
but: the warmest Brown Comes from walnuts, and i hadn´t got some Shells last year.
i remembered i had bought walnut ink crystals in my early stamping days (that means in the mid-1990ies!)... would i find These?
yepp, they were in the organized part of the attic and the shelf was labeled:)
i thought i would try them out:
they are very fine powdered
(consistency of brushos or bistre Color pigments,
if you are familiar with these)

sprinkled onto the wet Cloth they are spreading

but on some places they did not fast enough, so i sprayed some water on... which caused sharp edges. as the Cloth was almost dry there (see upper photo below). but that will be useful anyway...

i also love to dye ripped strips - they do fray a Little bit in the washer (i put them in a separate washing net), but i hope that makes them better useable for fabric weaving)

above: a third cooking with the same brew - now the Cloth really turned out MUCH lighter,
only a Little tanning...
below: the three brews in comparison

i was a Little afraid the walnut stain could vanish in the washer...
but it didn´t
(which means it should be REAL walnut stuff)
btw: the woodgrain look only is made by the camera, not there in real...

and (like cloud watching) i had some Cloth watching;)
i clearly see a feather and a skull...
on tuesday i was invited for dinner - an ex-collegue with a dream of a garden - the japanese cherry tree in full Bloom...

i forgot to photograph the coffee we had with the Dessert, so please take my grounds instead;))
to be honest, the weather was too cold on tuesday to sit outside,
but we enjoyed it anyway.
actually we had only few short showers, so the soil is much too dry meanwhile.
but cooler weather is forecasted for tomorrow...

Monday, April 03, 2017

tribute to the SUN

i HAD to stitch a Tribute to the sun this week.
we had the sunniest march-week you can imagine - 
temperatures up to 20°+
(the highest ones since weather is recorded)
which means: i was outside as much as possible.
luckily on saturday we had our monthly flea market.
i had not planned to buy really,
just wanted to stroll around in the sun...
but a few things i couldn´t pass anyway.
some washed out Cloth, which is nice to handle
in hand stitching because of its softness,
for Little Money
a weak spot: old children´s books
with awesome writing and illustrations
and These enamel mugs,
reminding me of my childhood
(we always had our cocoa in such mugs)
the garden is a pleasure These days...
(ask timmy;)) 
he has fully recovered from his injure of a bite from another cat
just a Little part of the oodles of scilla
some wild tulips in between

and not to forget the Forget-me-nots

nature is exploding!!!