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Monday, July 03, 2017


summer brought us a wonderful week with reduced temperatures,
good to take a deep breath...
letzte Woche war es richtig schön... kühlere Temperaturen zum durchatmen...
 Melanargia galathea, the marbled White
is a common Butterfly at this month
der schachbrettfalter ist ein typischer Schmetterling
um diese Jahreszeit
almost last Minute i remembered to take my view of june...
kurz vor knapp ist mir eingefallen, dass ich ja das juni-Foto
für den 12tel blick noch machen muss...
my pils here tasted fine, but together with the shrimps Pizza i payed 30 $...
"normal" norwegian prizes, you can triple them compared with here.
das pils war durchaus gut, aber mehr als 10€ für 0,4l - und nochmal 20€ für die Pizza...
"normale" norwegische preise sind etwa das dreifache von hier.

and because i have quite some photos i took in the national gallery of oslo,
i chose to Show some FACES (most of them are Details from larger paintings/pieces).
the names of the artists are below the Pictures:
und weil ich ordentlich fotografiert habe in der Nationalgalerie von oslo,
hier ein paar GESICHTER (die meisten sind ausschnitte von größeren Kunstwerken/ Gemälden).
die namen der Künstler stehen jeweils drunter:
Rolf Nesch (material Picture)

Erich Heckel
Christian Krohg - Jossa;
below he painted Oda Krohg, his wife 
(she also was a painter)

Jean Heiberg
Gustav Vigeland - the sleepwalker
Edvard Munch - the scream

Edvard Munch - madonna

Edvard Munch - melancholy
Hanna Pauli

Hanna Pauli "Princess" + Theodor Kittelsen "Monster of the lake"
the last two samples hung in a darkroom... a Group of kindergarten children with their teachers were there and they were told the Story of a princess... very atmospheric, they always mimiced the words... i would have loved to watch them for a longer time, they were so excited...
 die letzten zwei Beispiele hingen in einem dunkelraum... eine gruppe kindergartenkinder war dort mit ihren Erziehern und bekamen eine prinzessinnengeschichte so atmosphärisch erzählt, dass ich mich am liebsten dazugesetzt hätte... sie gingen so richtig aufgeregt mit...


  1. What a wonderful post, beginning with your photos of the beautiful butterfly and your monthly photo at the same spot.

    I really enjoyed all the different artists' faces you shared because they were all so very, very different. It's not often you see such diversity in a single post. I was truly impressed. You must have been taken with that museum.

    I can't imagine paying that much for a pizza, even if it WAS shrimp (which is always expensive in the U.S.. I'm glad you shared it, though, along with your Pils. And thanks for taking us back to Oslo and the beautiful faces for T this soon to be Tuesday.

  2. Shrimps pizza - yum! - especially at such a good price. The pictures from the Oslo National Gallery are wonderful, Johanna. I wasn't familiar with Christian Krohg - Jossa. I love his portraits. They're so expressive. Munch's "The Scream" always makes me want to. It's very haunting.

    Happy T-Day! Hugs, Eileen

  3. a wonderful post. that butterfly is spectacular looking! Thanks also for sharing those artistic face paintings-love them. And wow- talk about expensive pizza-it really looks good and well, I have heard of the expenses in the Norwegian countries. Thanks for sharing and happy T day!

  4. danke für deine interessanten berichte aus oslo! die norwegischen preise haben uns bisher davon abgehalten, in diesem so schönen land urlaub zu machen. die oper würde ich zu gerne einmal in natura betrachten!
    dein schachbrettfalter ist ganz wunderhübsch, ich hab dieses jahr erst einmal einen entdeckt!
    liebe grüße

  5. Puh, das sind wirklich heftige Preise in Norwegen. Ich hoffe, die Pizza war wenigstens lecker.
    In der Galerie gab es ja viele unterschiedliche Stilrichtungen zu sehen. Finde ich nicht schlecht. Da müsste dann für fast jeden was dabei sein. In Deiner Zusammenstellung gefallen mir die Werke von Heckel und Nesch am besten.
    Herzliche Grüße

  6. Ich mag deinen Birkenblick sehr, jetzt ist die Wiese schon richtig hoch gewachsen... vielleicht wird ja bald gemäht, dann ändert sich doch wieder etwas!
    Wie gut du den Distelfalter erwischt hast - ich sollte hier auch mal wieder die Wiese besuchen, wo sich diese hübschen Falter tummeln.
    Klasse ist auch die Gesichter-Galerie, ganz schön viele Berühmte Maler sind dort vertreten. Aber ich glaub, Norwegen kann ich mir wirklich nicht leisten, denn ich würde dort verhungern! Im Leben würde ich keine 20€ für eine Pizza ausgeben...
    Liebe Grüße Ulrike

  7. Terrific post. I really enjoyed all of it

    Happy T Day

    Love Chrissie xx

  8. What a wonderful post! I love the butterfly you started with! I do so love seeing your changing view too! What great choice of faces you made - I loved seeing them all and love the idea of telling stories to children about the paintings! Wow! That was an expensive pizza - although I must say it looks appetising! Happy T day! Chrisx

  9. A lovely post and fantastic photos, the butterflies looked beautiful. the pictures in the gallery must have been good to see close up.
    I hope the food tasted good, it was quite a price to pay.
    Happy T day
    Yvonne xx

  10. I've never seen a Marble White butterfly before and the patterns on its wings are beautiful and intricate ��. Hasn't the view changed over the months, this is a fantastic way to see how nature changes with the seasons! I enjoyed visiting the museum with you and seeing all the faces, I love the Rolf Nesch and the magical look of the last two paintings, it must have been so atmospheric to hear the story - I would have been mesmerised too! Happy T Day! J ��

  11. You saw some wonderful faces in the gallery, and even the famous Munch I see. I believe he was Norwegian? And a shrimp pizza sounds interesting, but I've never had one. I know Scandinavia as a whole is really pricey. When I went to Iceland last year it sure was. Loving the butterfly too. What a gorgeous photo. Nice post today:) Happy T day. Hugs-Erika

  12. Johanna loved the picture of of The Princess..I think she could mesmerize me too... Beautiful. What a pretty butterfly.. here its the blue swallowtail i think.. they are everywhere in my yard...they love that bush i showed a picture of last week..
    Yep expensive I think i need not to go Hugs! deb

  13. Norway sounds more expensive than here. Loved the faces.

  14. I've never been to Norway, but I have Heard it is very expensive.
    I enjoyed all the faces. They are so divers. I knew several of them, but most were new to me so that was very interesting.
    Happy T-Day,

  15. That's a good way to look at the paintings, concentrating on the faces, always in galleries there is too much to take in. My favourites were the Nesch and the Heckel, I prefer the modern.
    It's fascinating to see the same view over the months, sometimes just a little change, but gradually becoming different.
    And interesting to see the butterfly, good photos. I don't know if we have that one here, I've never seen it, but we don't see many butterflies here.

  16. trees, wildflowers, butterflies and pizza-- what's not to love!!? i think my favorite face is the Modigliani ;) happy belated T day!!

  17. Was für ein traumhafter post Johanna - wow..teuer ..da muss man dreimal so langsam kauen und!
    Einen schönen verspäteten T-Day!
    Öiebe Grüße

  18. Hi Johanna, I have thoroughly enjoyed my visit to your blog and seeing the pictures of your trip to Oslo. It looks an amazing place. I love the picture by Christian Krohg of his wife, Oda Krohg. It is so full of life.
    I really like your June picture and the comparison with the other months - so beautiful. It reminds me of some of David Hockney's works. :-)

  19. I like the idea of taking regular photos from the same spot...Oslo sure has some wonderful faces there, but the simple black and white butterfly, ahhh. xox


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